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Honda Prelude 1997-2002



  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    congrats on your new car. Do yourself a favor and go thru previous posts - you'll find tons of useful stuff that you'd want to know. As for your questions of now, the "revving" sound as you start driving is the ABS self-test, so don't worry about it. About the streaks, talk to the dealer and try if they can take care of it. If not, try to describe them a little better (is the surface smooth or seems stretched or damaged, etc?) and maybe someone here can give you some ideas. Have fun!
  • Congrats on your new Prelude man. Hopefully things will go better with this one than the last one. I just picked mine up Friday. OH MY GOODNESS... what a car. Its fast, nimble, comfortable, beautiful, sharp... I could probably go on forever. I couldn't have chosen a better car.
  • kmaximkmaxim Posts: 6
    Thanks asethi, you eased my mind about the
    revving sound. Now that I think about it, my
    90 Prelude made a similar but louder sound
    but not all the time. 1990 was the first year
    for abs on Honda's. As for the gray streaks,
    after I washed it this past time, I took some
    car wax and with a little rubbing it came right
    off. I'm thinking they were maybe some water
    marks or something. Anyway, it was a relief to
    see them go. I'm enjoying the new one, but for
    some reason still miss the old. At least it's
    going to a good friend who will really appreciate
    it! Thanks again.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    jkidd2 - I see that you have good tastes as well :)

    1949 - songs, eh? "The Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor always tempt me to drive faster :)) Too bad Willie won't be doing a 4th celebration this year.... another Austin tradition on hold.
  • lberkoskilberkoski Posts: 5

    Has anybody had any problems involving the "Check Engine" light on their Prelude? I have a 99 Base with 40,000 miles on it, and it came on this morning. I read the manual and it gave some strange response about the gas cap, reduced emissions performance, and some other stuff, but made it sound fairly non-critical. I wanted to do some on-line research before making an appointment for this.


  • kmaximkmaxim Posts: 6
    There is a little sign on my gas cap thats says
    the engine light may come on if you do not turn
    the cap through 3 "clicks" after refueling.
    Could this be it?
  • lberkoskilberkoski Posts: 5
    Well, I needed gas and I did notice that the gas cap wasn't completly tightened, but the light hasn't gone off yet (the manual said it should after 3 trip or so). Hopefully that's it, but can anybody shed any light on what's going on here? Is there some pressurized state that the gas cap is compromising, and it takes a while for the fuel system to "rebalance" itself? Or is there moisture getting into the system?

    BTW, in reference to the earlier MX-3 V6 discussion, I had one, and liked it for the first 60,000 miles. It completely fell apart on the way to 100,000.
  • blacktalonblacktalon Posts: 203
    You can check the code yourself. This article gives detailed instructions and includes a list of what each of the codes mean:

    Basically, you have to short a connector, then the codes will flash on the check engine light.

    You can also reset the check engine light by removing the clock/radio fuse for 15 seconds or so, though you will need to reset the clock and any radio presets afterwards.

  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    Just got my new copy of Sport Compact Car. They have pics and review of Integra replacement. There's a Type S w/200hp, MacPherson Strut front end and smaller wishbone rear suspension. The new Integra is now called the RSX. I think it too, sits on a Civic platform. I wish Honda would do another radical restyling of the Prelude like they did to the previous gen with the high-tech dash and tweak the engine to gain some additional ponies. I love the performance/handling of my '98, but have never been "moved" by the 80s Accord-looking instrument panel.
  • ludedriverludedriver Posts: 2
    I am new here and just saw that someone was having problems with their Check engine light. My car is a '99 Prelude also, but my engine light came on at about 24,000 miles or less. My gas cap is always very tight also, and it has been to the dealership twice, so far, to have it checked. They tried to blame me at first saying i was not using Premium gas. they still don't know what is wrong.
  • ludedriverludedriver Posts: 2
    I am new here and just saw that someone was having problems with their Check engine light. My car is a '99 Prelude also, but my engine light came on at about 24,000 miles or less. My gas cap is always very tight also, and it has been to the dealership twice, so far, to have it checked. They tried to blame me at first saying i was not using Premium gas. they still don't know what is wrong.They did replace my injectors but it still comes on and off. If i am at a stop, my car acts as if it is not getting enough gas. Anyone have any idea of what's going on?
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    do what blacktalon has suggested. The check engine light on my 98 came on at around 60K miles and I used the same procedure to find out that it was the O2 sensor. Got it replaced under warranty (extented). It's better that you first check the code yourself so you don't have to buy the crap your honda dealer will give you.
  • lberkoskilberkoski Posts: 5
    Very helpful link. I followed the directions and confirmed it was a 90 code, which is consistent with the gas cap. I pulled the clock/radio fuse for 20 seconds, noticed the light went off, and the clock/radio didn't even need to be reset!

    Missed the bullet on that one ...
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I haven't had the "check engine" light problem on our Prelude, but it's a constant battle on our Grand Am. Except, its no longer the "check engine" light that comes on. Now, the gauge needle flys between "E" and "F" for about the first 150 miles of a fill up! People tell me to let the cap click three times, then I had someone else say, only one click. Doesn't seem to matter how I apply the cap...its never the "right" way! Now, I'm waiting for it to occur on the Lude!
  • tnguyen74tnguyen74 Posts: 65
    I have a 98 Prelude and the SRS light is staying on solid. The first place I checked was the fuse box and it was OK. I also noticed that the cruise control will not function as a result of it. I also checked the CC light. Has anyone ever encountered this? I hope it's something simple and doesn't require a visit to the dealer. I hate going b/c everytime I visit them they ding or scatch my car so i try to avoid them.
  • blazin2blazin2 Posts: 1
    I seem to have a problem with my 92 Prelude Si occasionaly. Once in a while, my car will not start RIGHT after I shut it off. Sometimes, I will have to wait 2 minutes for it to start again. The starter clicks and clicks, but the engine does not turn over. It only does this it seems when I drive the car a little faster than normal. I havent taken it to get looked at for this problem cuz it only happens about 4 times a year. ANY SIMILAR COMPLAINTS????
  • BlakJackBlakJack Posts: 18
    I was just curious. What happens when you put like 1 extra quart of oil in the engine? Will it burn off or just do absolulty nothing??
  • azpreludeazprelude Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Prelude w/2500 miles. I purchased it new from the dealer. About a week ago, the VTEC began behaving strangely. After hitting the 5000 rpm mark, the tach needle would began to flicker wildly back and forth and the VTEC would not smoothly increase rpms. It sounded and felt as if the VTEC was not firing correctly at all. I took it to the dealer and had a technician ride with me. He was definitely surprised when this occurred, remarking that the VTEC should smoothly increase rpms and something was obviously wrong here. I'm taking the car back tomorrow for warranty covered repairs. The tech said he had seen the VTEC malfunction in a civic before, but not a Prelude. Any thoughts on this subject?? At first I thought it was just a lack of oil pressure and heat, but after 20 minutes in 105 degree weather, it made no difference, as the revving continued to falter around 5000 rpm. Other than that it's been functioning well.

    Any advice or wisdom is much appreciated.
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    Wow....this is the FIRST incident I read of either here or at any other site regarding the issue you described. I went to NHTSA site to see if there were any factory bulletins there, but found none. I have a '98 Prelude (5spd) that I've thoroughly enjoyed for the past 45k miles. The engine has performed in Honda fashion.."flawlessly". For me, reaching the 5500rpm mark, where VTEC kicks in is very important, because it's the equivalent of reaching an orgasmic type thrill. Don't be discouraged by this, count your blessings that the technician was able to duplicate the issue and Honda will resolve it. This is an isolated problem, unless someone else has more info. Hope this experience won't cause you to be cautious in the future when approaching the VTEC threshold...because THAT's when the real fun begins and this engine comes to life!!
    Let us know what the problem was and how it worked out....thanks.
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