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Honda Prelude 1997-2002



  • I had initially deposited and ordered a 325ci 5 sad, two weeks later I found myself inside a honda dealer and drove off in a prelude sh. I've had it for 1 month. Its a blast to drive compared to my 98 maxima se which the lease was coming to an end. I have 1700 miles and do not regret waitting 2 extra months for the 325.
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    "I have 1700 miles and do not regret waitting 2 extra months for the 325. "

    So, are you still getting a 325? or you just saying it is b/c of the waiting that you can make a better decision?
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    yep, actually looked into buying a rsx-s. But time frame didn't allow me to do it. I was impressed about the rsx tho. But as a daily driver, a 4wd vehicle is better suited for NJ winter weather for me.
  • Hi everyone out there...

    I'm looking for a good, reliable, and fast car. I've been looking into coupes for the past month, and I was wondering if a used 1997 Honda Prelude typeSH was a good car to buy/find. I know a used car wouldn't be over 20,000, or even 15,000 at that. So say if I found a 1997 Honda Prelude w/ a spoiler, sunroof, and ABS, with the rest only standard equipment(is the ATTS optional?), So I can put all of my own stuff into it. And the mileage was about 50000 or less. What would be a good price for the car? Can some litterate car people help me out with this question? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Very Kindly,
    The World Iz Myn
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    check out kelly blue book. ATTS is standard on Type SH. But standard Prelude does not have ATTS as an option.
  • trish17trish17 Posts: 3
    Is there anyway to take the stickers off the front visors? I asked Honda dealer and he was clueless in July.
  • softtowersofttower Posts: 10
    KBB is a crap. Their prices are extremely unrealistic, I suspect that used car dealers pay these guys to lie us about used car prices. The good formula will be: "KBB price minus $3K".

    I bought my 98 Prelude with all factory options + custom leather with 18K miles for 18K more than a year ago. KBB quoted something like $21K for a car like mine.

    I think you can get 1997 loaded Prelude for about 13-16K depending on milage. I've seen 97 Preludes with more than 80K miles on them. I wouldn't get one of those even for 12K. On the other hand, my car still has only 24K miles and I won't sell it even for 16. ;-)))
  • So let's say I found a 1997 Prelude with about 62000-80000 miles on it...what would be the price range for one of those w/ a Sunroof/Moonroof whichever one, ABS, and a spoiler. All the rest standard options?
  • ashenashen Posts: 3
    Try NADA Guide online for prices. That's what most banks use for figuring used prices, so it's probably pretty fair. In my experience most dealer use Black Book. It gives the lowest trade-in value, but the highest retail value.
  • what is the most inexpensive 1997 Type SH Prelude that anybody has ever heard of?
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    You mean a one that is drivable?

    It really depends on the mileage and condition. I heard of a re-build 97 SH with 120k miles on it for $3600 and Yes, it is drivable according to the seller.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    "You mean a one that is drivable?"

    Kbb is crap? I wouldn't know. Never bought a used car :P
  • gsu2035gsu2035 Posts: 8
    Is that a dicey choice? Car has some expected cosmetic damages (though minor). Only one test drive so far, engine was silent at idle and sounds normal as car is revved and the tranny seems smooth. It is being sold by a CarMax in my area. Does anybody have any positive or negative opinions of them? I want a Lude - I know they will become harder and harder to find.
    Any advice most appreciate!!!
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    It really depends on the condition of the car and how it's been treated. If they can provide you with a service record (specially for the major services done at 30/60 K miles) then it should be ok. My 74K miles old 98 has never given had any serious problems. It also helps to get a carfax report for a few $$.
  • gsu2035gsu2035 Posts: 8
    I ran a carfax (along with some for some other vehicles) and it came up clean ... but the car was originally registered in SC with no record of any odometer readings. I suppose SC doesn't do annual inspections? CarMax claims they don't sell cars that have "issues". But this car is a "ValuMax" which, according to their webiste - apparently isn't held to the same standards as their other used cars. I will have to pin them down on what they know about the maintenance history.
  • gsu2035gsu2035 Posts: 8
    I probably sound nuts - but I am considering the 2002 V6 Mustang as an alternative to a used Lude - does anyknow if the V6 will get a hp boost to make it's 0-60 more presentable? - I read that online but Edmunds still has it at 190 hp. I drive in heavy traffic and don't want to deal with the hassle of shifting constantly - I thought the Lude SS would be the best compromise because it can go 0-60 in around 8 seconds - if the 2002 Stang AT can do that it will be decently competitive (it has strong crash tests)
  • I am debating between a V6 accord coupe and a prelude. I like the prelude more, but is it true that the V6 coupe can outrun the prelude? Give me your opinions. Oh and the prices are similar too between an EX V6 and a Prelude. And has anyone had any major probs with their preludes? Thanks.
  • blacktalonblacktalon Posts: 203
    A 5-speed Prelude will be faster than a V6 Accord, but an automatic Prelude will be slower. Regardless of transmission, the Prelude will handle much better than the Accord.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    Accord has some nice interior features. Pretty much everything you will need with a v6 ex. Ac, power everything, temp controller, sun roof...etc. If you want an automatic car, you are better off with an accord. The accord might be a little more expensive tho, you can get a manual lude for around 21k or so now and days.

    With mustang V6, you will have to deal with heavy depreciation of the car value.. and possibility of quality issues. I think the v6 is also more expensive to insure as well. Mustangs are not exactly cheap to insure. A friend at work is paying 3200 a year for his GT, he is under 25, clean record but lives at New Jersey.
  • gsu2035gsu2035 Posts: 8
    Is that with a SS auto in drive versus "manual" mode? Is it faster than an accord in "manual" mode?
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