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Acura TL vs 2007 Toyota Camry



  • ctlctl Posts: 123
    TL vs Camry isn't that much diff from Accord vs Camry. Yes TL/Camry are in quite diff gift wrap, but not much diff underneath -> put in a stiffer suspension, diff sheet metal, bingo, here u go.
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    Sorry it took long to reply. YES I replied to another post and thats why my 'title' is misleading. I also know that the TL is an entry level Luxo sport car NOT the Camry. THAT is a family car. I am having issues that cant show up in a test drive unless I get a 30 day test drive like Saturn used to do, thats NOT gonna happen. I feel that the ddriver power seat is just way too soft, like sitting on a bean bag chair or that its stuffed with cotton balls{exaggeration but still, the idea is there}
    The Camry has tons of positives, quiet, great MPGs, roomy,
    the ENGINE is amazing BUT it is in direct contradiction to the suspension, its like they said "Lets stuff a fast, SPORTY engine but screw the suspension, it still needs to ride like a Buick or Bonneville} THe skid pad ratings on a regular Camry are .01 % better than a CR-V. WOW, thats scary ;)
    I know its "Buyer Beware" ANd I wish I didnt fall for the Motor Trends Car of the year BS and wish I read up HERE b4 purchase.
    At least I bought this and not leased so when a yr or 2 pass, I can get out of it and into a used HOPEFULY better TL.
  • justbassjustbass Posts: 11
    My misunderstanding on the title comment.

    I agree with you on the Camry front seats = uncomfortable.

    I also agree with the ride = soft, but as a family sedan, I don't think it was meant to throw around, and never was in prior model years(I had owned a 89 V6 5 speed Camry, and kept it for 10 years).

    Now, as for the engine and trany problems with the V6, it's very scary to drop that kind of money on a "reliable" vehicle and be disappointed; Toyota needed to step up to the plate very quickly and rectify the major troubles with their products.

    I have crossed off (at least for this model year) the Toyota and the Lexus products.

    I have yet to take an Acura out for a drive, but the Accord was quite a bit noisier than the Camry.
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    I test drove an 07 Accord LX maybe, special edition. It had very nice tight steering almost too tight{heavy} for city driving. The cloth seats also werent great BUT the leather package is much more padded. I read a few yrs ago, maybe here at Edmunds, that Honda {also most other manufacturers} add more padding to a leather seat than the cloth. I really wish I bookmarked that because Honda never admitted that when I had probloems with my CR-V or Accord.
    I can maybe just lose 30-40 pounds :P
  • zed421vzed421v Posts: 28
    I have a 2007 Camry V6. My wife has a 2007 Acura TL. They are both excellent cars. I find the biggest difference is in dealer service. I get sick to my stomach every time I take my Camry in for service. The dealers are arrogant, and the work never done correctly. The Acura dealers are courteous, and have fixed problems Toyota would just laugh off. I enjoy both cars but will stick with Acura for their fine service.
  • ctlctl Posts: 123
    Aren't you confusing the dealers with the cars? bring your Camry to lexus, then Camry becomes better than TL because of service?
  • zed421vzed421v Posts: 28
    Can I take my Camry to a Lexus dealer for service???????
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    ;) It'll cost you a bundle but why not? It's the same basic vehicle as an ES..
  • Camry is NOT in the same class as TL. You should compare Accord with Camary and compare TL with Lexus IS/ES. Dont compare apple to orange. It's wishful thinking.

    Well, ES is the same car as Camry but with more luxury features.

    TL and IS are sportier and are in the same class.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    TL and IS are sportier and are in the same class.

    I sorta disagree. At 6'4" the differences are REALLY apparent. The IS feels like a subcompact (I couldn't be comfortable in that car), while the TL is more the size of a 5-series BMW.
  • k_chuik_chui Posts: 20
    Camry and TL are designed with different goals, and different targeted buyers in mind.

    For me, TL is for someone who needs a 4-door sedan but wants more driving pleasures than the regular, run-of-the-mill family sedan, and who are willing to spend a bit more on it, but not to the point of true luxury sport sedan like a BMW 5-series.

    Camry SE V6 is for those TL-like drivers but who want or need to compromise on driveable for less $.

    Regular Camry is for, well, those who want reliability, comfort and geting from point A to point B without too much concern about the "process" of getting there.

    TL drives much better than a Camry. It may not be faster 0-60 on a straight away, but on corners and turns, it is more stable and has higher threshold of limit. This is evidence in the skidpad and salom #s. Camry is on par with the Accord in most respects.
  • We are all unique individuals with different needs in a car so it is natural that our comparisons vary. Sure there are direct comparisons... just look at any car magazine road tests. However, our unique situations may require a broader definition of what may meet our needs for a given price/value relationship.
    I'm actually looking at a TL-S vs. a Camry Hybrid. Do I think these two cars are equivalent? Of course not. In my case, I have a toddler in a car seat so a 4-door is a requirement. I commute 60 miles each way so reliability is critical as well as good gas mileage. I like somewhat "spirited" driving but am by no means a street racer. I like technical features like Bluetooth, XM radio and keyless start. I have no use for Nav as I only commute with this car. Winters are very bad here and even with snow tires, I would only drive FWD and actually would prefer AWD. I am in the car a lot and value comfort and quiet. Safety is critical as well.

    These are just some of my unique requirements and that is why the TL-S and Camry Hybrid ended up on the list. They both meet certain criteria in different ways. It is then a matter of prioritizing my needs and trying to place a dollar value on all this.

    I appreciate all the various comparisons as it helps to shed new light on differences and have learned a tremendous amount from the great folks on this forum. I'm test driving an Acura tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.
  • If you want a sports-sedan, the Camry isn't even on the map, no manual. The last test on the TL-S showed 14.1 and 101 MPH in the 1/4.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    60 miles each way?
    Sounds like my commute.

    60 miles makes me wonder though... is your commute like mine, where it's mostly all highway?
    If so, a Hybrid isn't your best option anyway. Hybrids shine where our conventional cars don't... on the back roads and city driving. Highway driving, you're not saving enough to justify the extra cost associated with the Hybrid purchase.

    And when I think "Spirited" driving, the Hybrid Camry is nowhere near my list of contenders.
    Get the TL.
    The 6-7 loaners I've had (including the Typs-S), I've averaged above 30 MPG on the highway, and it's 100% more fun to drive than any Camry ever made at any time. Period.
  • ooohhh..... bad winters, don't get me started. If that's the case you may want to look into an all-wheel-drive sedan. Infiniti G35x, Subaru Legacy GT or if you can wait the '09 TL will be out by next winter sporting SH-AWD. I had an '05 TL that was not good in the snow even w/ 4 snows. BTW, I kept the snows and rims when I traded in the TL and eventually sold them to a guy up the street who bought a new TL-S. Haven't heard from him since, but I haven't seen him stuck at the bottom of our hill either.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    If you want a sports-sedan, the Camry isn't even on the map, no manual.

    BTW, the Camry is available in the SE model, with a 5-Speed Manual transmission, but you have to opt for the 2.4 liter 4-banger.

    Eh... not my idea of a "Sports Sedan" either.
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