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Ford Expedition Rust and Paint Problems



  • cholbencholben Posts: 1
    Bought a 2012 Expedition, already has corrosion issues on back hatch and under hood. Unfortunately, assumed, being a new vehicle, would not have this type of issue so was not anal upon checking paint. Did not discover issue until 60,460 kms. Well, now over warranty. This issue did not develop within then last 460 kms. When contacting Ford, was told this is a common problem. (Well Fix It!). Spoke to a body shop, who also confirmed this is a common problem. Extremely irritating when a company knows of an issue for years, and yet continues to sell a vehicle ($$$$$$), knowing full well of problems. I am sure they are hoping no one discovers until after warranty. UGH!!!!!
  • The warranty wouldn't have helped you, it only covers rust through. It doesn't cover the crappy surface prep of the aluminum.
  • 2013 Texas Small Claims Court Victory – 2003 Pre-Owned Ford Expedition: A Texas Couple purchased a used 2003 Red Ford Expedition from a private owner in 2009. In 2012, the Expedition began showing signs of severe paint flaking on the roof and lift gate. They became aware from a 2011 NBC Chicago newscast that factory paint data existed on vehicles manufactured by Ford. They correlated the factory data with the paint issues. They found the issues were directly on the vehicle where the Expedition was painted below Ford’s minimum paint thickness specifications. They filed a claim in 2013 under specific elements under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. They won $5,000 from Ford for the repainting of the Expedition. They did not use a law firm, rather they did it themselves. However, law firms would be beneficial to contact for assistance.
  • aijl79aijl79 Posts: 1
    edited January 1
    My 2008 expedition is bubbling on tailgate and the hood , ( next to the grill). Both are really bad. Anything you can send to me , or direct me to would be great. The rust will be soon popping through.
    The brakes are giving trouble with the calipers, and I have replaced one window motor, and another is bad, and another is very very slow. Thanks a lot.

    [email address removed], any help would be great. Not familiar with doing this.
  • obusobus Posts: 6
    My 2008 started bubbling in same places as yours in 2011. You have to sue Ford to get relief. I chose not to go through the grief and cost. FYI repairs to the hood and tailgate will probably run you about $1200. There will be no rust popping through. The tailgate and hood are of sheet aluminum, thats why the paint is bubbling. Contaminants in the air when painted by the contractor at the Ford assembly plant (Louisville KY I think). It is a normal thing to have power window problems in the XP. I replaced both of mine at about 100K miles. I have 125K miles on it now and it is still going strong. Be sure to replace the spark plugs at 100K miles. If the shell type let the dealer do it. Depending on when engine was built will depend on which spark plugs you have; conventional or those cheapo shell types. I will still buy another one but I hope by then they have the paint contaminant issue under control. Dealer here in Green Bay says that he has to repaint EVERY trade in EXPY because of the paint bubbling issue.
  • kotcholiekotcholie Posts: 1

    I have same problem with paint bubbling in my 2010 Expedition. A known problem by Ford, but they will not cover under their corrosion warranty until a hole brakes thru. By this time you have a totally rusted out tailgate and likely the warranty is expired, hence their policy. Now no cost to them. Would love to hear if anyone has had success with Ford covering this before the rust holes appear.

  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 293

    You won't have a rusted tailgate or a hole, it is aluminum. You will just have a really bad paint job which doesn't bother Ford.

  • mtcarmelfoxmtcarmelfox Posts: 13

    Vehicle owners with issues pertaining to blistering/peeling paint on Ford vehicles have taken the automaker to small claims court. This has resulted in vehicle owners winning repaints (some $5K and above). Owners have taken action and have received repaints or payments in NJ, MI, OR, NY, ID, IL, IN, MA, MD, CA and TX. Most of the vehicles were out of warranty, many were pre-owned. However they still prevailed. Details presented on the Ford Mercury Paint Peeling Facebook Site.

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