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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, it looks like the Honda Fit and Civic and the Toyota Corolla are the only high mpg economy cars readily available at dealers with ABS, side curtain airbags and cruise control and good crash ratings. The Corolla is a bit old a crude now, so I'd probably wait for the 2008 redesign.
    I can't even find a Versa with side curtain airbags and ABS anywhere and the styling is so unappealing to me that I might pass even if I did find one. The Hyundai accent and Kia Rio aren't available with cruise control.
    The Chevy Aveo has poor crash test results no matter how many airbags are in the car because it is an old design that was warmed over and restyled superfically for 2007.
    VW Rabbit has very poor mpg.
  • tbg1tbg1 Posts: 22
    ...well not really, as I haven't actually bought a Yaris yet. I've known this time was coming since my son got his drivers license last year and we've made him wait a year before turning him loose on society as an independent driver. So he gets the "hand-me-down" older car ('98 Mazda 626) - easier insurance rates - and I get a new commuter car to carry me to and from work. And I've decided that car will be a Yaris 2-door, automatic (I'm too old to put up with all that shifting in city traffic and a hot cup of morning coffee is just too important to me to risk!) so an automatic it will be.
    Last weekend, I began my search (here at Edmunds) and besides learning about the Yaris through various web links, I waded through all twenty pages of comments in this discussion group. So ultimately, I've decided on exactly what I want and what appears to me to be a reasonable profit for the dealer. I don't need any dealership salesman "expertise" (oxymoron, as you will see in a bit)... I just need an "order taker". And these are turning out to be hard to find.
    First, here's the email sent to approximately ten Toyota dealerships in North Texas (and one around Houston):
    I would like the following:
    2-Dr, Automatic
    With Option package: PQ and AB
    These are the only options I’m willing to pay for.
    I have no trade-in and I will be paying cash.
    Color choices are: 1) Meteorite Metallic, 2) Bayou Blue and a distance 3rd) Polar White.
    If you need to “preference” this car, please advise the wait time and how much deposit you require. I expect if the car is “preferenced” not to have any other options added at the last minute for which I’m expected to pay.
    Give me your best price up front. This same requirement has been sent to other local Toyota dealers (and I named about half a dozen locations).
    So far, over this holiday weekend, I've received two responses:
    1) Plano, TX: We treasure our customers and the relationship that are formed with these customers. If you are only interested in price then please take us off you list. (To which I replied: Done.) and
    2) The location in Spring, Tx (just north of Houston); they at least followed my instructions: they sent a quote. And while it appears to be about $155 OVER MSRP (at least according to Edmunds), they are at least "in the running" (i.e., within negotiating range).
    No deliver/possession time schedule has been address yet with any dealer (that should prove interesting).
    I'll post more results from Texas as I get them.
  • tbg1tbg1 Posts: 22
    Couple other points I failed to mention.
    A reasonable -to me- dealer profit (given the current demand for this vehicle and the MSRP deals mentioned in this forum) seems to be something on the order of $900 to $1000 over their invoice for the combination of options I want. In other words, something right at MSRP, without any additional dealer add-on "fluff" options (which I'm not willing to pay for - it's deal killer, period). Seems like dealerships would learn that lesson after awhile but I guess American consumers just keep paying for such things.

    My other comment about salesmen. My wife and I have ventured out this weekend to look at this vehicle and sit in it to "test fit" it, etc. And of course, I'm going out, already "armed for bear" even though I'm not really planning to start any kind of negotiations with salesmen. But, be that as it may, we're obliged to speak to this one fellow who tries his best to do battle with information gleaned from the internet (even his own dealer's website).
    I tell him we've come to look at this car and I wanted to see both the 4-dr model as well as the 2-dr hatchback (3-dr, liftback...whatever...I don't play these name games too well). We're seated inside at his table and he goes away, I suppose to "check inventory". He comes back and announces the dealership doesn't have any of the hatchback/liftback models to show me. I told him the web said you have a red one and a grey one...he says that's why you can't trust the internet! I didn't argue; perhaps they had sold them both and the internet info was out of date.... that is, until we spotted the grey one sitting alone in the front row of their rather large parking lot on our way out. It had not been sold - no indication whatsoever of having been sold recently. Now in light of "not trusting" {the Internet}...guess who's lost my trust completely? The salesman either: 1) lied to me or 2) is incompetent; in either case his credibility is in the toilet. Watch out McKinney, Texas!
  • You've only just begun! I also know exactly which options I want(side airbags) and was given a very good quote on what I wanted(Under MSRP!) last May. It's been games, lies and/or incompetence while they have my deposit. You may want to contact the Toyota customer line once you have a dealer that will actually work with you. Hope you have way better luck than me. (I'm still waiting, but the Versa is starting to look doable...if I can find one to look at!)
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Yes, but only aftermarket. I'd only reccomend going that route if you can't LIVE without it though...

  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Yes, incompetence was the likely culprit (and I'm a salesman myself :) ).

    It's possible that vehicle was sold too (sometimes we still display stuff that's already sold just so people can actually see it... sometimes it's hard to get a deposit on a vehicle only seen in brochures).

    In the end, unless you plan on waiting 4-6 months, be sure thatyour desired options are offered by themselves (not part of a larger grouping) in your region by consulting the .pdf manual for your zip code at

    Your pricing seems reasonable by the way. Just keep in mind, there isn't much reason to discount a product even a hundred bucks if they all sell within 24 hours at MSRP. Don't pay for the fluff, but don't lose one over a hundred bucks either :) .

    I can run nationwide locates if anyone needs my help.

    Side SRS is available in 5% or so of the nationwide supply currently. It's my feeling that side bags really wouldn't help me much if I were broadsided by something much larger than me, but if people want to pay extra for that peace of mind... it's a free country.

    The number one safety feature is accident avoidance :) of which the Yaris has in loads (it's small, manuverable, and stops on a dime).

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    here in the S.F. Bay Area is now advertising savings off MSRP on Yaris, so don't fret people! Those prices are coming down!

    Latest ad was all Yaris S automatics in stock for $700+ off MSRP, three to choose from.

    They have started running ads every weekend for liftbacks with the stick and convenience package for $11,809 too, which by my calculation is almost $500 off sticker.

    If you want the savings, gun for them! But stick to the highest-volume dealerships if you want to pay less than MSRP, I think.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    If cruise is only available through the aftermarket, then it can't be a dealer installed option. A dealer installed option would be covered under the car's factory warranty whereas aftermarket parts aren't.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Right, aftermarket parts sometimes have a LONGER warranty.

    In the case of Cruise, the warranty we offer at my particular dealership is 5 years from the date of purchase, and for reference, our service director has installed over 100 (he said he does about 10 or so a year and has been here for 12 years) and has not had a reported problem.

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    That sounds like something a salesman tells you or you tell yourself to rationalize not having it.
    Of course it will not help you past a certain severity of impact, but it will be a help up to that point, so why not have the best protection available?

    You cannot do much to avoid people running red lights broadsiding you.

    There is 0%, not 5% availability in most areas, so there is no choice other than to just not buy a Yaris if you want a car with a good side impact rating.
  • Hi there all reading,

    I work in the fleet department at Toyota of Plano and had seen your request for a Yaris. The problem is that Toyota builds all of there vehicles in a certain fashion. At our dealership we have many extras that we offer customers. For the last 8 or so months we have been the # 1 Toyota dealership in the North Texas area. I am recently out of the Army after one year in Afghanistan and know all about taking orders. I would have to say that from watching those positioned over me at Toyota of Plano it is because of our customer service that we are in first place. Now I do not want to argue with you or leave an impression that may be negative. I want to have a relationship with my customers. I want my customers to purchase from me because they know that I will take care of them in more ways then price. I don't want to be just an order taker. I want to look you straight in the eye and know that if I sell you the car you are looking for, for the right price, that in two to three years you will not send out another request to 10 dealerships. If I am your salesman you will know my name in a few years and give me the opportunity to earn your business again. What is your last salesman's name? If you can't answer that then he/she has not done there job. Good luck to you and I hope that this comes through in an enlightening manner rather than a confrontational one.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Sorry, but I disagree. And it has NOTHING to do with rationalizing or being a salesperson.

    If you look at the pure numbers on cars with and without side airbags, there is only a minimal advantage in the vast majority of crashes, especially when it's in a small car to begin with.

    Remember, no matter how many airbags you have, the laws of physics don't magically change when you get creamed by a much larger vehicle.

    If it gives you peace of mind to have every ounce of protection you can then fine, it's certainly your money and not mine. Just don't kid yourself into thinking there's any significant advantage to side airbags in a vehicle this size.


    P.S. Just ran a locate (on the Toyota Dealer Network), and there is a Yaris (mostly sedans I'll grant you) with side SRS either on the ground or due in within 2 weeks, in every region of the country. There aren't hundreds... but I'd venture to say right around 1 in 20 (5%) :P
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Well, then Yaris drivers shouldn't bother with seatbelts or anything else since you are going to die in a Yaris crash anyway because of its size according to your line of thinking.
    I'll wait for crash tests with and without the side curtain airbags to decide for myself. Sometimes cars get poor or marginal side impact tests even with side curtain airbags, but I'll see how they turn out with the Yaris. If it doesn't do well, then I'll get something else anyway.
  • I put an order in for a sedan with basically no options exect side curtain air bags in the middle of July. Still no car yet. There is a dealer in Ohio that has basic sedans with side airbags.. they are used (fleet) vehicles and he wants 17k for them and said he wouldnt budge that much. But anyway, they do make them. I also found one with side curtains on a model with the power package but I dont want it. For Now its coming up on 2 months and the dealer only told me the hold up is the side airbags and konws nothing else. I am waiting for now.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You will probably will never find one with side airbags and no other options since it's near impossible to find with side airbags period . You will need to be more flexible or you are or you could be waiting until 2008 or whenever they might make side airbags standard,.
  • Can you find me a dealer with side curtains on a basic (no power) sedan with automatic? I could direct my dealer to them if you find something I would want. Thanks
  • Agree I probably won't find one today. I am sure my dealer has a list of what is out there at other dealers. They make trades if they can. Doing research I notice the dealers are starting to have a few on the lots lately. If the lines can keep up with demand they may start adding the side curtains on the lines. Like I said.. theres a dealer with 4 in ohio. they are fleets. He said they ordered them in January and got them in April. He just simply ordered them that way. My dealer put my order in to the factory in July. We shall see.
  • tjw, one thing to consider is that getting T-boned is not the only type of side collision a driver might encounter. When I was in my late teens a very good buddy had just gotten a VW "Super Bug." They had come out for the first time and it was really a nice little car. I forget all the details now (it's been quite a few years), but somehow he lost control on a wet city street and broadsided a telephone pole. It wasn't really that hard a collision as the car wasn't even totalled. However, he hit just so and in such a narrow car his head actually hit the pole. He survived, but received brain damage from the impact. I still see him around town. He was a bright, talented kid but was never the same after the accident and never came anywhere near to reaching his potential in life. I've never forgotten that and will never have a sub-compact without side airbags. Sure, what are the chances. But, whatever they are I'll pay the extra money for the side SRS. I've driven Volvo's for over 20 years, one of the safest cars on the road. But, with gas prices such that they could double if somebody in Pakistan has a heart attack I see another 15 mpg a necessity and I'm willing to take the chance. I NEED another car now and keep my cars a LONG time, so I hope the Yaris will eventually be worth the investment.

    I hope we can put to rest the myth that Toyota is not shipping ANY Yaris's with side SRS to the US. Obviously, they are. It may not be many, but there are some. I ordered mine on 7/20 and I sure hope it gets here soon, I just sold my great running Volvo (with 223,000 miles). :cry:
  • I'm so happy that I am not the only one insisting on this option. Let's hang in there for our "orders" and accept nothing less. Toyota needs to know what their customers want. If they put it on their website as an option, it needs to be available(wouldn't it be considered false advertising otherwise?) Whoever has success getting their order needs to post it loud and clear here so the rest of us can hope that ours will come too!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Are there any crash test ratings on the Yaris with side airbags? If the rating is still poor, then this is moot.
    Some cars don't have good side impact crash ratings even with the side airbags.

    The more I look at the subcompact cars, the more the Honda Fit seems to come out best on everything except exterior looks. I prefer the outside styling of the Yaris to the Fit.

    However, the Fit has:

    Standard ABS and side curtain airbags as well as cruise control
    5 star front and front side crash test results.
    5 speed automatic transmission
    Room for a mountain bike inside.
    More refined engine that revs very smoothly. Not so annoying at high RPM like many 4 cylinder cars (buzz bombs).

    Biggest disadvantage to the Fit seems to be ugly Eurocar rear styling, and low availability (have to wait to get one especially if you have a color preference).

    If the side impact rating rises to 5 stars with the optional airbags on the Yaris, I will more seriously consider the Yaris.
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