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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    This weekend is advertising all in stock Yaris's at $1,500 off MSRP. Kind of a reverse auction I guess.
  • attherxattherx Posts: 2
    Today after an hour and a half sitting in a stuffy showroom, I finally got a quote. The quote is for a 07 LB auto with conv. and Sd airbags $13 510. Guy said it was invoice, but after hearing all that double talk and how these cars have "no mark up," I don't know what to believe.
  • rheidmanrheidman Posts: 2
    Went down to Toyota last Saturday to negotiate on a car for my daughter who will be returing from Okinawa in about ten days (she is a Marine). Got the Base Sedan (automatic), with power package, ABS, fog lamps, carpet mats, and Viper keyless entry/engine immobilizer for $16,597 OTD. They discounted the car $1330 off MSRP plus gave me (her) the $500 military rebate. They took my $500 earnest check to hold the car until May 14th, when she will walk in write them a check for the car (bank check, ie financing). They marked the car as sold and put in the back lot until she arrived.

    I emailed the dealership and did not get a good response, so I visited them. When I told the General Sales Manager I was not happy with the response from my emails, he dealt with me directly and I was in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. I walked in very upset, but out pretty happy, my daugher is and will be much happier when she sees the car. I now know she will have a safe, economical, and reliable car to drive across the country to her new duty station in California (we are in Georgia).
  • I went to my local Toyota dealer today, I want a liftback Manual with the all weather and convenience package, they had one in black. Of course they had a $300 dollar "inspection" fee on the sticker, and the price was 13,500. Carmax sells new Toyotas in Wisconsin, have the same car for $12,258. Its a bit of a hike for me, but I told the dealer he needs to beat that price, he of course said thier price wasn't real, etc. So if the dealer doesn't agree by tommorrow, I am off to Wisconsin for my car. listed the car at 12,500. Its a great negotiating tool even if you don't live near a Carmax, to say "Here is a guaranteed price" and they know that Carmax is notorious for high prices.
  • driver2007driver2007 Posts: 2
    we are getting ready to purchase a 2007automatic yaris liftback in our area, now I do have prices (be email) of some dealerships.

    I would like to know if somebody would recommend a special dealer to go to them because of their buying experience/service.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    A reporter from a large national newspaper is looking to speak to anyone who has purchased a small car in the past couple of months. If you purchased this car as an additional car for the family versus a replacement, please note that as well. Please provide your daytime contact info to no later than Thursday, May 10, 2007.

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  • newatlantanewatlanta Posts: 4
    Hi... I am looking at the same/similar option upgrade with your purchase.... I can't get the quote this low as yours.. I am in Atlanta... Would you mind to let me know which dealership that you got your car?
  • newatlantanewatlanta Posts: 4
    I got the internet quote for 2007 - 4dr Auto, with Power Package and Fog Lamps for OTD $16,479. Is this a good price?
  • roy32roy32 Posts: 23
    Had my 02 Toyota serviced yesterday at the dealers (5 speed, 21,000 miles, all maintenance papers..from now on I'll be doing my own oil changes, spark plugs, etc...anyway they gave me a new 07 Yaris sedan (red) as a loner...after driving the car for 5 hours I have to say I hate them. The exterior isn't too bad to look at for a car in this class but the interior is awful. For instance, the pillars around the windows are too low & when backing up I had blind spots all around, even with the steering wheel up my legs hit it every time I got out & I'm only 5'-10" 180lbs, I can't count how many times I hit my head on the handle above the drivers door, it was noisy, the automantic tranny was slugish, interior parts are even cheaper looking that the Echo's were, the seats have little support.

    Even for the price, it's too little, the crappy cup holders etc, it's not hard to see that Toyota is cutting corners on quality interior design & parts even for a car in this class. A big step back for Toyota, this car just isn't fun in any way.
    Two thumbs down.

    By the way, I love Toyota, been a long time buyer, but never will buy a Yaris.
    Like I said, not bad to look at from the outside at certain angles but inside they're nasty.
  • roy32roy32 Posts: 23
    No, you're paying too much!!!!! Shave off $1,000 minimum. Also remember, it's June...these cars are not long from now going to be replaced by the 2008's....buying now without a great price & you not are only paying too much now but you're going to lose a lot on depreciation when the 08's come out & that's not too long away. This car no matter what the dealer says is almost a year old.
  • tinykingtinyking Posts: 1
    Just got a 4DR Yaris (2007 Base) from City Toyota in Daly City with $1000 discount, which I paid only $14,507 before tax. The price for this car was about $15.5k (sticker price: $15,507) and it came with the power package and 7 years/100,000 miles warranty. I just wanted to know is this a good deal?
  • valdo650valdo650 Posts: 1
    I'm trying to get a feel for the price range. I want to see what an out to door (after taxes, destination, registration, etc) price is going to be for:


    Yaris Sedan Base
    Yaris Liftback Hatchback


    Manual Tranny

    Dealer Extra Stuff (Extended warrarties blah blah):


    A VERY base set-up. I'll just set up a 3rd party alarm afterwards since you have to get the power package to get this and I'm not interested in power windows or locks.

    I actually thought of finding a used Yaris...but the prices for the used one are on par with a new one :surprise: .

    I live in Austin, Texas :D
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Go to, build the car the way you want it, subtract about $1,000 off the price (MSRP) that the website gave you and then go to your local dealer(s) and try to find one as close to the one that you want.
  • I'm shopping around for a 2007 Yaris LB, automatic, base model. So far I've gotten one internet quote back at $13185 plus sales tax, tag, title - this also includes the "convenience package". Edmunds is showing invoice price of $11,326 and MSRP of $12,050 for a base price.
    I'm spending tomorrow going around to different dealerships (I'm in southwest FL) and would like any feed back as to a reasonable figure I should be shooting for. It's my first time buying a car on my own.
    Thanks! - Jenny
  • Hello again. Found a 2007 Yaris sedan, base model, with 16K miles. Perfect condition. Dealer quoted me at $15,500. Got him down to $13,000. Is this a good price for a used one? What should I try to get him down to?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    What kind of options does it have?
  • biff9biff9 Posts: 6
    For what it's worth, I got a Bl. Blue, Hatchback, 5-spd, power package, ABS, Side AB, keyless entry (no I didn't really want this or the power pkg much. I can reach across, the Mrs. less-so, and then the back and forth mirror changes would be painful), Floor and Cargo mats, the ubiquitous "All Wx Guards" and destination charge.
    Oh, almost forgot, a DK (which I am told is a leather operators manual holder (I REALLY wanted that!).

    MSRP = $14,500,
    Invoice =(from Edmunds and such) ~ $13,350
    Cost $13,722 with $100/2 dealer some processing add-on or other. But there was another $400 off for military financing or (not and) if you are a recent graduate.

    So, all told, $13,322 (not counting taxes, or the $15 or so bucks for temp tags).

    I imagine one could do better with more effort. But I was already tired-out from deciding if I was going to get a new car at all, and if it would be a Corolla or Yaris (which had more character of course. I argued with myself that the Corolla was possibly the better buy, and there is certainly more fat to be pared off the invoice bone there, particularly since the 2008 (exactly the same except for 35hwy miles now (new math)) are now landing on the lots. I figured my sanity (between running from one dealer to another and finding all sorts of hidden this or that charges...) was worth the perhaps 200-400 I likely left on the table.

    Best of luck to all. It seemed like an obvious buy for the money. The dealer was pretty easy-going, compared with some I've seen, and they do give you a free this or that for the time you own it. Koons Annapolis, MD. Prices might have been a little less to the same, at Fitzgerald Auto Mall, or Miller Toyota...but I was getting weary and have only so many hours per week for such frivolity.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Actually, I think that you got an outstanding buy. I would have taken it in a heartbeat.
  • biff9biff9 Posts: 6
    When I picked mine up yesterday, they have the exact same car as the one I was picking up. I guess I'll be seeing my twin from time to time.

    I also sprang for the 7/75,00 extended warrantee. Paranoia will destroy-a.

    They were all rather nice there, if that helps.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I guess you felt guilty about how little they made on the actual sale so you let them make it up on the warranty. You shouldn't feel too bad when nothing goes wrong with the car from 36,000 to 75,000 miles.
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