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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    That looks like what they are going for now. I just checked and that is about what they are asking. Usually they are hard to beat. I think the problem now is the Yarii have been out of stock for the last couple months which probably has caused a a large pent up demand (or at least the dealers think so) for the the 2010 Models that have just come on the market with additional standard safety features that the 2009 models didn't have as standard equipment. When they first came out in 2007, dealers wouldn't come off MSRP, much less approach invoice. If you can wait a few months and let the newness wear off and inventories build up, they may be more willing to deal.
  • I waited 3 months for a Yaris from Japan special order sport then learned there was no such thing, so I told another dealership to find me a Yaris as close to the Sport as possible and put everything and then some on it...The price was around 17,300 then I added a back up camera that worked with the Nuvi permanently installed Nuvi 5000 and a Toyota Tip for the exhaust as well as rubber stick ons for the doors and trunk. I then applied for my License Plate.. CIPNGAS and I love my Meteorite Matallic 3 door hatchback Yaris. I sold a new ES330 Lexus and the only thing I miss are the cornering lights....
  • jetfirek, what state did you purchase from if you don't mind?

    I'd love to wait a few months... in fact, I can wait until February. But February is a terrible, frigid month in PA, but my inspection is due in March and my current car will NOT pass.

    How much do you think the price might fluxuate? I wish there was a graph for previous years to compare.

    Is there an ideal month to buy a new car, before the next model year rolls out?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I have always heard that the best time to buy is the last week in December, after Chistmas, before New Years Day. Sales are supposed to be way off now that Cash for Clunkers is over, but the Yaris inventory has not had time to build yet. It should be built up enough by the end of the year.
  • I agree that the 2010 Yari (plural? lol) are more expensive because they have just arrived, and the dealers are not paying interest yet on their 120 day interest-free loan from Toyota to acquire the cars for their lots. Any cars left on the lots after 120 days will start to cost them money, and that's when the discounts come.

    I was able to get my 2009 Yaris 4-door auto with power package, etc for so cheap ($11,666) because I am convinced that it had sat unsold on their lot for perhaps six months before I came along and offered about 200 less then their advertised price of $11,888 for a new 4-door with automatic, power package (steel wheels), keyless entry, floor mats, and fog lights. I got it way below invoice and that's the only way I can figure it happened. At the time (late May) Toyota was also giving 1,000 rebate to dealers, and so since I paid $599 title fee, plus 600 bucks for their ding/stain removal package, the dealer made $2,200 on those 3 items . . . but I still figure I got it for a few grand under invoice, so maybe some additional holdback money or volume incentive also figured into the deal for them. I dont know. Also, consumer confdidence was at an all-time low back in May . . . sales of new cars were REALLY bad at the time.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,351
    That's a great deal. Well done...
  • fitdpfitdp Posts: 1
    I'm finally getting a new car and was hoping for OTD for 2010 Yaris 4 dr sedan, Mazda3 4 dr sedan, any other compact 4 dr a/t power package deals?
    thanks and happy holidays
  • I live in Bay Area and looking for Toyota Yaris 4 Dr Sedan Black Sand Pearl with weather, keyless & cruise. Any advise on what's going to be expected price range? Any dealers here better than others in beating the prices?
  • I am looking at a 2010 yaris basic, 3dr LB Auto. What kind of price should I expect? including everything. Has anyone got a yaris recently??
  • arora2arora2 Posts: 2

    I am looking to buy a new Toyota Yaris 4dr Sedan,Automatic Transmission, with Power Package in New Jersey . What would be an appropriate price (base price +taxes+registration)for the same ?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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  • nkaufman1nkaufman1 Posts: 6
    edited December 2010
    Got a 2010 Yaris, 4 door sedan in Northern Virginia, Power Package, Cruise Control, All weather guard package, Carpeted floor mats for $12,857 + $1643 for (Delivery Fee $760 + Processing Fee $389 + Tax $450 + Tags $44) for OTD of $14,500.

    Also got 2 year/25K mile service package which will include 5 oil changes and a 15K mile service. Approx value could be around $200-$250

    List price incl delivery was $16,978
  • List price incl delivery was $16,978 + 389 + 450 + 44 = 17861
  • when I first starting looking at a 2007 Toyota Yaris 4-dr. sedan with the 5-speed manual tranny in the spring of '06 I seem to remember a list price of around $14,995. That was before license, taxes, delivery, etc. I would've been very comfortable with that price in the spring of '06.

    So you did great in your deal, IMO.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    I'm just curious - did they actually tell you the 25K service package includes 5 oil changes plus the little 15K service, or did you assume it? I'm looking into getting a Yaris, so I'm very interested in knowing exactly what is covered under this program.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • Toyota is offering a 2 year/25K mile free maintenance. After getting the car, I looked at the maintenance plan and it seems that Toyota recommends only regular oil changes/tire rotations at 6K/6 months for this car till about 90K miles. So basically, Toyota is offering only 4-5 oil changes. i.e a value of only $100 instead of what I'd initially thought of to be around $200-$250.
  • Well if you use dealer oil change prices you are looking at 150 - 200 dollars worth of oil changes. They are $40 a pop at the dealer where I live. So that is good.
  • I think you got a very good deal for a 2010 Yaris with those options. Difficult to get them for much less, especially now with gas prices creeping up, I should think that the demand will follow . . . the Yaris sedan seems to have almost as much functional space as the Corolla yet costs a few grand less. I recently flew up north to a wedding and rented a Corolla SE and compared again the two cars . . .while the Corolla was a bit more refined and certainly provided more pep and a firmer handling package, for a daily commute warrior you cannot beat the Yaris for the extra gas savings and the reliability and refinement that it offers at such a low price point. I have owned my 2009 Yaris Sedan for 18 months now . . it has 41,000 miles and all it does is run flawlessly and gives me 34 mpp in mixed city/hwy driving. Since I drive over 2,000 miles a month, saving money on gas was a real premium for me, and with gas now at 3 bucks a gallon I am saving mucho denaro and the Yaris provides just enough creature comforts (AT, power locks and windows, keyless entry, a decent CD system, cruise control) to keep me happy until I get to work. Congrats on your new purchase and I i hope you enjoy your Yaris as much as I do my own . . . I even still have the original tires at 41,000 miles! . . .but they are real close to replacement time. O well, factory rubber is factory rubber, and frankly I am surprised that they have lasted as long as they have lasted. Take care and enjoy your new car.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Oil changes are $34.95 + tax at my Toyota store in Buffalo-Niagara region.

  • Yes, i do think that I got a very good price.

    The couple of things that I didn't like were - gauges in the middle and no remote trunk opener.

    But hopefully like you said, it would give me years of solid performance. So that would work.
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