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2007 Toyota Avalon



  • collbcollb Posts: 2
    jrjhm - The 2007 Lexus I purchased does is not equipped with the Navigation system as the reports that I have been reading from owners of the system as installed in the Avalon was not described as being very easy to operated or very accurate. The optional equipment that was installed on my Lexus was Rear Seat Side Airbags/Bluetooth Audiio/ Premium Package which includes Leather Trim Interior with memory for Drivers Seat, Outside Mirrors and Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering Wheel/Wood and Leather Steering Wheel/and the preferred Accessory Package which includes the trunk mat, Cargo net and Wheel Locks. The preferred Accessory package was not charged to us at closing as we specified a color which was not available at our dealer and was already installed on the car of that color located at a Sarasota dealer. So we were not charged the $194.00 for those items . We had to make a trip north to Kentucky a week after delivery and have been very satisfied with the operation of the ES350 and appear to be getting excellent mileage although we are still trying to figure out all of the "bells and whistles" that are standard on this auto and different from the Avalon.
  • setter1setter1 Posts: 7
    Took delivery on my 2007 Avalon Limited. The car is awesome. Don't understand the gripes about the Nav. system. It has been a breeze to operate and has been very accurate so far. Maybe they changed something in it this year. My cousin has a new Audi and I would say the Nav systems are very similar as far as ease of use and accuracy. I road tested a number of cars, before settling on the Avalon, from the Benz to the Buick and most in between. Dollar for dollar the Avalon is the best of the lot ( in my opinion ). At first I was disappointed about not having bluetooth or mp3 but neither was a deal breaker. The XM radio meets my needs for music and I wear my bluetooth earpiece for the phone. One recommendation I would pass on is definitely get the side molding. I did and it doesn't affect the look of the car at all and will certainly protect it from the parking lot dings.
  • jrjhmjrjhm Posts: 26
    Okay, I'm sure you'll love it. I think the 350's nav is quite good and it comes with a back-up camera that's pretty cool. I really would like the steering wheel memory that the Avalon doesn't have but I'll probably end up with the Avalon anyway since the other half likes the size. Good luck with the 350.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    is a nice car for sure, but noticeably less spacious inside than the Avalon. You can't get something for nothing...take your pick between more luxury features or more room.
  • Setter1: Can you tell us about the antenna for the xm radio? How is it mounted?

  • setter1setter1 Posts: 7
    It's on the shelf behind the back seat. Virtually unnoticeable
  • I took the 2007 Avalon for a test drive over the weekend. I am in Phoenix and it seems that all the cars here now come with a dealer add on of the body side moldings (MSRP $160-170). Does anybody have the invoice price on these or an aftermarket site I can price compare it to? The dealer here is also adding $395 for the tint job they have done on the windows. What would be reasonable price for a good tint job? Last thing, it may be a little of subject for this area, but I may as well ask it while I am here. Has anyone installed the BlueConnect aftermarket bluetooth in their Avalon themselves? The installation video makes it look pretty simple and a local place wanted $200-300 just to install it.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    I can only comment on the window tinting. I had my '06 Limited tinted with the top-of-the-line Sun Gard tint (Diamond) in Quartz (non-metallic) for $235 (all windows except the windshield). This is higher than the other shops in town, however, this shop uses the best tint and does the best work. I'm in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Hello,

    I am in the process to purchase a 2007 Avalon Touring, and right now I am doing some research on the insurance. Can someone please tell me which "category" is Avalon's OEM anti-theft alram? Thank you for your help
  • Do a search in the Avalon 2005+ forum and you'll find plenty of info on side moldings.
  • I am shopping for the Limited in NYC area. Why is Laser Cruise Control not offered.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    limiteddriver----got mine installed $150 at the dealers! Best $150 I spent--they work!!
  • jrjhmjrjhm Posts: 26
    I just picked up my '07 Avalon on Sept 30th and I have Nav, Remote start and Laser Cruise, so it's available. By the way I heard so many negative comments on the Nav system that I almost didn't get it. Fortunately I did and I'm very happy with it. I don't know what all the fuss is about. While I was in the Atlantic City area I looked for a golf course on the Nav system, it gave me the phone number and took me right to the parking lot and I barely knew how to operate it.
  • rxdoc... maybe this will help.. I have an 07 avy and have been considering getting body side moldings as well as door edge guards...purely by chance I came across a toyota website out of dallas that deals in toyota parts so I emailed them and asked them if they had moldings and edge guards for my 07... below is an snippet of the return email I got from them:

    "The parts you are looking for PT29a-07060-08 the cost is $95.45 this is the body side moldings and the door edge guards are part #00012-40519-08 and the cost is $51.75"

    of course thats just for the parts, not sure what the dealership would charge to install them... speaking of, anyone out there have body moldings on their cars... I would like to know if they have an adverse effect on the overlook of the vehicle. Havent seen any avys with them but would hate to put them on my car and then be unhappy with the overall look.

  • I haven't seen any Avys with the body side moldings, but was wondering if other owners feels it's necessary. I have gotten door dings on prior cars that had them.
  • When you go to "build your own car" on and enter a New York zip code, Laser Cruise Control is not offered as an option!
  • jrjhmjrjhm Posts: 26
    I live in New York and I have a 2007 Avalon with laser Cruise (purchased in New York) sitting in my driveway.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Isn't it the Limited version of the Avalon that has the laser cruise as an option? Maybe that's the problem amc697 had?
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    I have the body side moldings on my 06 Avalon & think they improve the side view 100%. I'm on the only one, as I've had 5 other Avalon owners comment very favorably on the improved looks.
  • Had concerns when I ordered 07 Avalon about look of side moldings. Took a chance and ordered them. Mine is Blizzard Pearl Limited. Absolutely comliments the car. Visually gives it a lower sleeker look. Obviously thats just an optical illusion but if you see 2 together 1 with 1 without you will see what I mean. So glad I ordered them. Also just came back from a 2500 mile golf trip over a 3 week period in 4 different states. Thank God for the Nav System. I never fully read the instructions ( never do ) and it got me every place I wanted around detours and the fastest way. Adjusts itself immediately if you go off course. I think it is great. Actually it paid for itself in Wash. DC. If you ever got lost in DC you would know what I mean. I hit the home button and I was back on the highway in a flash.

    Hope this was helpful, I love this car.
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