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Honda Fit Accessories and Modifications



  • jethadenjethaden Posts: 36
    Seat covers: Check out web page at to see what they have. I bought the CR-Grade Neoprene covers. I actually ordered from but you could easily order from any of the gold star distributors/resellers at dealers. Reseller price is substantially less than direct list price sale. The covers are made on a custom order basis and take several weeks to be shipped.
  • ehoward92ehoward92 Posts: 3
    Anyone out there get hitch and hitch bike rack for the FIT? My dealer said it can be done. He also said the roof rack could be done too but I haven't found a place online I can order either from. The honda website doesn't even seem to have bike racks - unless I am completely missing them!
  • havingafithavingafit Posts: 22
    YES!!!! Go to to order a reciever. Then just buy whatever type hitch rack you would like! I wouldn't go larger than a 3-bike rack due to the Fit's weight limitation for people/cargo. (Max is something like 800 lbs, so if you are carrying 4 bikes and 4 people, you're likely to be pushing the limits!)
  • foster39foster39 Posts: 4
    Hey Havingafit,

    I see that you have purchased the hitch for fit. Did you install this yourself or did you have someone install it for you? If you did install the hitch how easy was it? Easy to remove the udder?

    Looking forward to hearing about the installation experience.
  • havingafithavingafit Posts: 22
    Hi! I had the hitch installed for me. It took them about 10 minutes and cost like $20.00 if I remember correctly. I did keep the udder in case I need it when I eventually (can't imagine why!) trade the Fit in (no time soon!!!!)!
  • ehoward92ehoward92 Posts: 3
    For those of you with bike rack hitches on the FIT... how do you find ground clearance and usability with having the hitch rack? Are you happy with it?
  • havingafithavingafit Posts: 22
    I am very happy with mine. I have no problem with ground clearance, and I have the type of rack that you can tilt in order to open the hatch. Works great for me!
  • banachbanach Posts: 2
    I was about to install a Yakima Rack with Q5 clips on my Fit, but while under the car, changing the oil, I noticed no obvious spots to tie a rope from the bow of the canoe to the car. There was an obvious tie-down spot at the rear of the car, but not in the front. The owners manual says specifically not to use the screw-in tow ring as a tie-down point. My Honda dealer said to call customer service at Honda. I did so, and was told that Honda does not sell a rack for the Fit and the shop manual does not list any tie-down points on the car. In other words, I got no help. I asked if nothing is to be carried on the top of the car, why not say that in the owners manual at the spot where you are told not to tow anything with the Fit.

    I called Yakima and asked if they actually tied down a canoe on the Fit when they created a rack system for the car, and the person I spoke to said no, they don't. They could not suggest a point on the car to tie the bow of the canoe, but of course do say such a line is required.

    Where have you folks who have carried a canoe with the Fit tied down the bow of the canoe to the car ? I have seen some keyhole like slots on the bumper itself, but the Honda representative could not say what those slots were for, and a latching a hook in such a spot seems like a very weak link.

    Thanks !
  • masik03masik03 Posts: 10
    My two cents: I've used the screw-in tow ring to tie down a kayak, To me it seems like it would be the 'strongest' link in any rack system. I didn't like the look of the permanent tow ring though and found a place under the hood where I attached a thin rope loop protruding above the hood. One loop on each side to which I can tie down two kayaks. The loops come out midway on the headlight assembly. I have used this system for over a year with no bad effects.
  • I just put a Thule rack on our Fit and encountered the same lack of forward tie down point. I plan on using the hood latch bracket which seems quite stout - and run a line out the front of the hood. My concern is that all the upward force is carried by the hood latch. Not sure at all that I want to go out on the freeway and drive 75 mph with this arrangement - ie the hood flies open, the boat flies off the car, etc., etc.

    I know it's caveat emptor out there, but it sure would be nice if these rack manufacturers would think of these little details ahead of time.

  • masik03masik03 Posts: 10
    The upward forces on a canoe must be many times greater than on a kayak. 75MPH with a canoe and a center latch tie-down sounds risky to me too.
    Your best bet is to use the screw-in tow ring. If you can tow the car from this point why can't you tie down a canoe from the same point. Second choice would be an under hood tie-down on each side of the hood.
  • fitdcfitdc Posts: 9
    Use the tow point on the front left of the bumper. I have mounted a "permanent" hook in the metric screwpoint for tying down my lightweight single canoe and other big things. The roof is a little tinny so don't overload it. FitDC
  • jethadenjethaden Posts: 36
    I recently bought the Yakima Rack with Q5 clips. I used the screw in tow ring to tie down my 14' sea kayak with fine results. I would see no good reason for Honda to say not to use it as it is very strong. I generally am not too trusting of the Q5 clips and how well they clipped into the door. They do not seem that strong and stable, but are acceptable. I would not trust them without a strong bow and stern tie down. The Fit and kayak just completed a 1600 mile drive with absolutely no problems. Gas millage dropped at least 6-8 MPG thou (37 to 29-30).
  • I have the very same setup on my Fit, the yakima rack and Q clips. I used the tow ring and had no trouble driving 1700 miles with Kayak on top, through the Rocky Mountains even.
  • sccop5sccop5 Posts: 1
    Hi folks-
    Just bought a Fit. Where can I get a screw-in tow ring?
    MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!
  • under the tire I believe, with the tire wrench thingy. Whatever it is called. I don't know my tool names. Its in a little bag.
  • banachbanach Posts: 2
    You should be aware that Honda states in the owners manual not to use the tow ring as a tie-down point. That said, I am grateful to those who have shared their experiences in managing to carry a canoe (or Kayak) on the Fit despite what Honda says. Has anyone gotten an answer from Honda as to why there are no tie-down points on the front of the car and why they specifically state not to use the tow ring as a tie-down point ?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    A portable GPS is now available. However its a rebadged garmin nuvi with a honda logo.
  • There's a product called 'top ties' ( that might work for you. Also, I've been told by more than one canoe dealer that the front tie down rope is more of a backup in case the straps holding the canoe to the rack slip or break.
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