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Honda Fit Accessories and Modifications



  • Has anyone extensively researched which dealership/retailer offers the Honda accessories at the cheapest price? Shipping charges are also to be considered. I'd like to order floor mats, locking gas cap and lug nuts etc. all from one outlet to save money. Any knowledge/help would be appreciated.
  • I got my black Fit Sport with the 16" wheels and boy they look sharp! I also got the Music Link for my iPod, but I haven't had much chance to fully use it because only a month after I had my car it was broken into and they stole my iPod from the glovebox. :cry: The thief must've known to look there.

    Anyway, insurance won't cover the iPod (thru homeowners insurance, which has a $500 deductible on top of the $500 auto deductible for the car repairs). I'll probably wait until I can afford an iPhone. Does anyone know if the Music Link system is compatible with the iPhone and the newer releases of iTunes software?

    And while I'm talking about the wheels, are the 16" heavier than the factory 15" wheels by any significant margin? My mileage has been subpar (26-29mpg on average) and I'm wondering if the wheels might be a contributing factor, besides my heavy right foot. Just kidding, I'm not an aggressive driver and shift up at 2 to 3000 rpm.

    I noticed on the Honda site that both the 16" wheels and the Music Link are no longer listed as accessories. Are they still offered? It's curious that Honda would be taking accessory options AWAY as the Fit becomes more and more popular. In any case, I'm glad I got both... they really add to my feeling that I got a much more substantial car for the money. Guess I should feel lucky I got them while they were still available.
  • I have the 07 base auto model. I am looking for a new stereo. Is there an aux input in the back of the base model radio that i can't see? Also, what are other people putting in the fits, I want to be able to connect my IPOD.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    it may not be significant, but they DO add weight. The lower profile tires don't help you mileage either. If you got them straight from the factory, they proably are shod with bridgestone re70's the same type of tire that cars like the vw gti come with standard. not exactly a recepie for good mpg.

    the reason the music link is not on the website is because it got discontinued. the wheels are no longer there due to the new 08 fit having a tire pressure monitoring system.
  • There are lots of market where you can get Honda
    accessories but I suggest you look here first because they have nice deals and
    great quality.
  • unfitunfit Posts: 12
    Is this the armrest? 172920256

    Anyone have experience with this one from Armrest King? I am looking for one that is sturdy,equal in height with the door armrest, sticks out far enough so that I can put my elbow on it and still reach the wheel, and allows room for me to apply the brake. Thanks!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    go to and go under jdm accesories, and you will find the genuine japanese market armrest for the fit.

    the one you posted is an aftermarket one.
  • I'm looking to improve the radio reception by replacing the stubby roof antenna on the back of my Fit Sport (NOT Jazz, which has a different antenna entirely). Does anyone know the specification for the screw-mount connection used? Is it the same as that for flexible marine radio antennas? I figure that increasing its length to 1/8 wave (basically doubling its length) for FM would make a significant improvement in performance without significantly endangering it, but I don't find anyone selling longer replacement aftermarket antennas -- just shorter ones!
  • I purchased a cloth-covered arm rest from Quality Auto Interiors for about $130.

    link title

    It works great. I was concerned about it sticking out far enough also. It has a movable top and can slide forward. Got it in Black, and it matches very closely my black interior.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Honda now has an armrest kit coming soon.
  • please do tell more?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Ok it's an armrest that flips up to reveal a storage area. Similar to the ones on the civic, accord, and other honda models.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    it will probably look like the one thats on the website i posted earlier.
  • Hello! I just purchased a new Fit Sport with no options b/c they are so much cheaper online. I'm sure I want floormats, but what about wheel locks? The sport comes with alloy wheels, and I notice that many people seem to get the wheel locks when they buy a Sport. Are these alloy wheels big magnets for theft? If so, are the wheel locks an effective deterrent and worth paying for? Finally, how tough is it for an individual to install these locks on his/her own? Thanks in advance.
  • I have purchased a cruise control kit for a Base Model Honda Fit with manual transmission (see below) but need to locate the ECM. Does anyone knopw where this is located? al_transmission.html
  • I vaguely remember seeing a post some time ago where the ECU is located in the floor of the front passenger seat-well. It had 4 (?) screws and when panel lifted the ECU was attached. The wiring harness was quite tight.Might have been for a Jazz but Fit should be same? HTH.Please confirm as am interested for my Oz Jazz. Regards.
  • Thanks for the info. You are correct. It is located deep inside the kick panel on the passenger side. It is quite easy to get to once you know where it is.
  • bourne1bourne1 Posts: 20
    is it easy to install or is it better to get a mechanic install this :confuse:
    will that affect my warranty :confuse:
  • bourne1bourne1 Posts: 20
    got my fit yesterday. i feel very uncomfortable without a dead pedal (foot rest) for my left leg. now i'm looking for a dead pedal but i don't know where to look for. i searched ebay, but the results were disappointing. somebody please help.
  • I bought my dead pedal from Zeta Products.

    Easy to install, uses existing bolts, no drilling.
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