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Honda Fit Accessories and Modifications



  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    I took delivery of my 2009 a couple of weeks ago and have been reading through the manual slowly. I noticed one little thing that bugs me. The 2009 Canadian Sport and LX come with heated mirrors but the US version does not.

    Does anyone know if that's something that could be retrofitted to a US Spec car? I live in MN and heated side mirrors would be dang handy
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Thanks for the additional info. I may go ahead and order for my wife as a suprise. There are several ways to pay according to the Woods Company quote that I received. Did you pay with paypal or some other one of the other options? Also, what model is your fit? I would think the armrest would fit in all models up to fy 08.
    Again, thanks for the info.
  • I have a 2008 Sports Fit. Is this armrest the one where you lose the use of the rear center cupholder because the armrest fits over it?
  • I have a 2007 Fit Sport with Auto Trans and no you do not lose the rear cupholder when installing the armrest.
  • Yes, the Canadian Sport 09 model has heated mirrors, but we don't get the Navigation system or VSA. Living in Vancouver, I don't really need the heated mirrors but would have liked the Navigation ;-(
  • ccaddyccaddy Posts: 1
    The center arm rest option is only for the auto tranny model only .
    It would interfere with the shifter (man) .
    I guess their way of making it up to you is putting the fold down arm
    rest on the side of the Sport's seat .
  • I bought the armrest based on one of the favorable postings and, although I'm satisfied with the fit, the 4 screws don't really anchor the armrest snugly because they screw into a soft base. I'm thinking of replacing the screws with longer ones but I'm not sure what's further below the surface, whether it's still more soft material. Maybe someone can suggest something better. Also, the posting I relied on said that the rear middle cup holder would still be usable. It's not, because the armrest's bottom fit into the cup holder.
  • gary80gary80 Posts: 4
    I installed a "Hidden Hitch" brand hitch on my 2007 Honda Fit. It took about 20 min, involved removing and replacing about 5 bolts. It could not have been easier. It comes with the incert to attach the ball and it has the correct rise to get the ball to a standard hight. I tow a 200 pound 8 foot trailer with 300 pounds of blacksmithing equipment on city streets without a problem. The wiring comes as a kit and took about an hour to snake all the wires to the right places. Everything just plugs in.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Sorry to hear that the screws may not hold. Did you get the one from the Wood Company in Italy or another one? The Wood Company armrest was the only one that I have found that will ratchet forward enough for my wife to be able to use it. I have not purchased yet, but was thinking about it.
  • I think it was a local company, not the one in Italy. It was sold on eBay for something like $86 or $89, with free delivery. But the fact remains that the screws are driven into the bottom of the old cup holder which is a bit soft. I'll see if a longer screw will do. I'll you all know.
  • I have bought 2009 Honda Base AT Model(silver strom) and I'm missing cruise control now. How much would it cost to add it? Who can do it? Want to avoid dealer $$$. I live in northen NJ - any indy who is good on Hondas?

    I also want to add Keyless entry and security system - can I do this on my own? Wondering!!!

    I like Base model since I'm not into sporty looking cars, I want vanila transportation car. I have 528i BMW for the luxury I need in my life and happy to own both the cars.
  • Do they have a cruise control for Honda Fit 2009? I want to add to my base model? Also do you think it impacts the warranty on the car?? Thanks
  • amadoaamadoa Posts: 1
    I just got my 2009 Fit Sport yesterday. I knew everything there was to know about this car because I was comparing it with another car (Aveo) I was thinking of buying. I payed for the car in full and $250 below invoice,so I guess the dealer was getting desperate and tried to convince me to buy an alarm system for $800. I told him the car is already equipped with a security system. He then tried to to explain that it did not include the "alarm." I told him no. After we finished the transaction, he made a point to tell an associate to make sure the alarm system in the car was disabled. What a bunch of nobs. I think the dealer will sometimes install additional security systems (maybe tracking systems) and then they try to get the consumer to buy it and continue service. But in this case, the dealer was trying to sell me something that was standard in the car. This is my first Honda; I'm not impressed with any of the dealers I spoke. I had a much better experience with the Chevy Fleet Manager.
  • The ONLY reason I bought a 2008 Fit sports is because the base didn't have cruise control, but it cost me another $1,100 for other options that came with the cruise. I think it's a worthwhile investment, though, rather than buying the base Fit and having someone put a cruise in. I don't think it voids the warranty, but you need to call a dealer for it to make sure. Anyway, the added cost included leather steering, MP3/iPod connection, alloy wheels, 2 more speakers, MP3 player, etc.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I didn't think you could disable the factory alarm system. Maybe disconnect the connection to the horn?

    For the record, I have generally never been impressed by any sales personnel in any Honda dealer. Generally very unprofessional, in the stereotypical "used car salesman" way.
  • wehnerwehner Posts: 4
    The 2009 Honda Fit has a fold up center armrest on the driver's seat only. It's small and too short IMHO. But there is a full (two person) center armrest as an accessory for $246. It is for auto xmsn only , folds back out of the way and is adjustable front to rear. Looks pretty nice and is wide so 2 people can use it OK.
  • wehnerwehner Posts: 4
    I just came from a Honda dealer asking about aftermarket cruise control for the 2009 Fit. The dealer said it did not affect warranty and even called a local shop (in Oklahoma) who does some work for them. The shop could install it and charges $500 installed price.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Pop the front wheel and put the bike inside.
  • The trailer hitch for the 2009 Fit is available at etrailer,cm
    Delivery is one to two weeks due to national back order of a new receiver.

    Installation instructions are available.
  • actually, i just bought an '09 fit sport manual trans and had the optional armrest installed. i don't think the transmission matter in this case. although, i should cation you, it's a decent upgrade, but it is NOT as large as you'd think it would be. the storage compartment is barely big enough for my garmin gps.

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