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Honda Fit New Owner Reports



  • Thank you both so much for replying. I will be happy with and gas milage that's more then 12.5 mpg. That's what my '90 Ranger gets now. :cry:

    Anyone else have any grips, complaints, love-it's or hate-it's?????
  • nthomasnthomas Posts: 40
    #1 - Are you driving city, highway, lots of stop and go, etc.? There's so many variables that can have an effect on mpg.

    #2 - Yes, I can hear the gas sloshing around, but it's usually only when I first start moving. Then again, most of the time I turn the radio on right away, so then I don't hear it. And yes, it is because of the placement of the tank. In order to allow for flexibility with the back seats and so they can fold flat, the tank was moved forward, pretty much under the driver's seat. That's why you hear it. I know there have been posts about this before, but it was a while back.
  • stevecebustevecebu Posts: 493
    #1 - Are you driving city, highway, lots of stop and go, etc.? There's so many variables that can have an effect on mpg.

    Yes, how you drive can and does affect your economy to a point but there is so much overwhelming evidence that some Fit/Jazz cars get poor economy right out of the box no matter how they are driven that it's undeniable.
    But no one listens if they have a good one and they just say it's your driving habits.
    If it was just that, Honda never would have sent factory technicians to look at my car. Honda cannot fix the problem, probably because they don't know what's wrong.
    Toyota is denying lots of problems to it's customers and saying it's normal or blaming the customer, just read up on the Camry or RAV4, that many people can't be wrong!
    Sweeping the Good mpg Fit, Bad mpg Fit under the rug won't help. With mine no one could get better economy out of it not even the factory techs driving it! Somehow I don't think they were redlining it in every gear.
    I will say this tho, on my Jazz it rarely would drop below 10.5km/l no matter how hard I drove it. Also unless I had really long roads with no traffic I wouldn't get much above 12km/l and that's driving for hours, as close to a highway as there is in that part of the country but the roads were winding and usually busy except late at night.
    This is enough of an issue that even tho my wife wants a Fit, I'm very leery of buying another one because I'm afraid it will get worse economy than a V6 Accord! :sick:
  • nthomasnthomas Posts: 40
    I understand that you're saying there's differences in the cars, that some are good and some are bad when it comes to mileage. Still, I was replying to someone with only about 1000 miles on the car, and without knowing in what conditions the car is being driven, it's probably too soon to say that it's one of the ones that you think will get bad mpg.
  • stevecebustevecebu Posts: 493
    I understand that you're saying there's differences in the cars, that some are good and some are bad when it comes to mileage. Still, I was replying to someone with only about 1000 miles on the car, and without knowing in what conditions the car is being driven, it's probably too soon to say that it's one of the ones that you think will get bad mpg.

    Sure, I understand, :) I'm just saying that for me that would be 1,600km and the dealer kept saying it would get better and it never did. Keeping that in mind there is absolutely nothing a person can do if they got a low mpg model except try and drive it very slowly and see the economy versus driving it like they normally would there should be very little actual difference in the mileage between the two if it's a bad mpg Fit. I got 10.5km/l if I drove it gently and maybe 9.5km/l if I drove it like Mario Andretti. On what amounts to long roads it would get 12km/l at best. So not even close to what it should get.

    So the poster should drive a tank and baby the car. This is from from fillup til the fuel light comes on. Use the exact same gas station if possible if not at least the same brand.
    1) Fill Up tank til it either shuts off and we all added a few cents to round it up usually. But if you do that do the exact same thing the next Fill Up. Make certain that you write down the exact amount you put in the tank like this (example 8.63 gallons), or whatever it is but to 2 decimal places. Make sure that you zero out one of your trip meters. I zero out both of them just to be certain i don't make a mistake
    2) Now drive the car as someone posted a link to, shift at 2,000-3,000 rpms, coast a lot be gentle with the brakes etc...
    3) When the fuel light comes on do not wait, but Fill it up right away, hopefully this is possible. Then record what you put in for fuel (example 8.71 gallons) whatever it is. Then reset your trip meter and calculate your economy based on the amount of miles drive and divide by the amount of gallons to 2 decimal places. Write that down.
    4) Now drive the car like a teenager, by this I don't imply breaking the law, but give it an Italian tune-up. Have fun going up the highway ramps, drive at a fast pace on the highway, don't worry about shifting at low rpms or coasting or anything like that. Just have fun with the car and don't do any of the gas saving techniques.
    5) When the Fuel light comes on, try and Fill it up right away. Record the fuel you put in and then do the math and see if there is a big difference. If it's a fairly small difference then it's possible that you have a low economy car because driving fast etc... should really affect your economy and if it doesn't then you'll know about the car.
    Yes it will probably improve some over time, mine never did and I had the 1.3l.
    After you do all this post the difference in fuel economy and what the actual figure were in the forum and we all can debate it for a long time. :blush:
    If you drive one tank all city and another all highway of course it will be different. But your normal driving routine for 2 tanks should answer the Do I have a low mpg unit. This isn't a guarantee, but it was what I observed with my own car.
  • tguntgun Posts: 20

    I've had my Blaze Orange Metallic 5speed manual Fit Sport 11 months now and have driven it over 21,000 miles.

    Overall, I have been very pleased with the car. For the price, you really can't go wrong.

    Specific likes: styling (kind of "gen x or y") gets looks from many bystanders and other drivers.

    Magic Seats (great flexibility for carrying cargo)

    Fuel Economy: Average 36-38 MPG, have had a all-time high of 45.32 on a trip back from Rockford IL to Minneapolis (drove at 70MPH the whole way with cruise on).

    Stereo: good factory system (supplement it with my XM Satellite radio receiver and ipod. Almost never listen to the commercial over-the-air local radio station crap anymore).

    Drivability: yes, it is fun to drive- but remember it is an economy car first. I have noticed it leans in the turns much more now and bottoms out the rear suspension as the macpherson struts wear).


    Drivers seat needs height adjustment
    Carpeting (is that what you call it?) is hard to vacuum, dog hair is especially hard to vacuum up easily even with a dyson vacuum).

    Body panels are very thin stamped steel. Easily dents (I made knuck impressions on my fender by simply applying downward pressure with my knuckles to better align the fender and hood after body shop repair due to an accidental collision with a divided highway sign which caused over $4000 of damage).

    Yes, the sloshing is there, however it is barely noticeable. Try an old pickup truck with the gas tank mounted behind the seat (early 70s vintage Dodge)!! It is so loud that you think the tank is going to wrench loose from the cab!

    The only other minor gripe is with the ABS... they activate when applying brakes while driving over bumps or railroad tracks on dry roads. Seem a little overly sensitive, could be the weight (lack thereof) of the car which may be causing the front wheel(s) to hop slightly which triggers the ABS. Not a big deal however.

    It is my daily driver and other than oil changes (usually at about 7000 miles or so per the Maintenance Minder) and 1 tire rotation, I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

    Would I buy another one? Yes, I would. Would I recommend it to a good friend or stranger? Yes, I would.

    Hope this helps you with your decision.
  • THOSE ARE THE ANSWERS I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!! Thank you so much!! One guy said the seats bother his thighs. so do they bother yours?? How about not haveing the deal pedal or the arm rest?? Other then the XM & Ipod have you added anything. Like ground effects stuff like that?? I know comming from a girl it sounds funny but i HAVE to pimp it out.. :shades: it's gotta look, HOT HOT HOT!!! :shades:
  • tguntgun Posts: 20
    Glad to help!

    I am 6'3" and no, my thighs are not bothered/uncomfortable while driving the Fit. I tend to rest my right leg against the console while driving, this seems to be the the most comfortable.

    Dead pedal... I haven't found myself missing it

    Armrest... would be nice, but again, I haven't found it to be a make or break item. Many times my right elbow is resting against the side of the passenger seat (when no one is riding with me) which provides some support.

    I used to drive a 1999 Ford F150 extended cab 4x4 pickup, so for me to find the Fit relatively comfortable is a great testament to the good design.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Good luck. :)
  • Hi all!

    I'll be commuting 55 miles one-way to work (35 miles of it highway driving on an Interstate from the Jersey Shore to just a little West of Trenton).

    My main concerns are: comfort of highway driving in the Fit, driving in less than ideal conditions (high winds, snow, heavy rains, etc.), and gas mileage at 65-70mph.

    I would love to hear from Fit owners about their experiences and their comments on these issues. Any feedback you could provide would be great!

    Jeannie :confuse:
  • nthomasnthomas Posts: 40
    I commute a little over 40 miles each way in Michigan. I've had my Fit since February, and overall it's been a good experience. I was a little uncomfortable at first (I had back problems to begin with), but I added a seat cushion for a little extra padding and that resolved the issue for me.

    I've driven in snow, rain, wind, etc. and have felt very comfortable. If it's a really windy day you can definitely feel it, but it's never been enough to make me feel unsafe or like I was going to lose control of the car. I also feel confident driving int he snow. It's like most cars - as long as you take it easy and drive based on the weather conditions, you'll be fine.

    I drive about 80% highway (70-75 mph) and 20% city. I usually average 34mpg in my automatic, with my best tank so far at almost 38mpg. I know a lot of people will say that the Fit is a better city car than a commuting car, but it's made my commute almost enjoyable ;)
  • You're making me feel better already. Being is that I have a '90 Ranger right now. It's got over 230,000 miles on it and my drive shaft/line just fell out a week ago. FUN TIMES!! ha haa not really but it's cool. I am going to go test drive another Fit today. I hope to test drive a M/T this time. I am also going to test drive the Civic SI. So I'll let you know how that goes.
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    I can hear the gas tank sloshing around.

    I almost always play music when I'm in my car, and I've never heard the gas sloshing. Not even in rare moments when I drive without music. Hmmmmmm...

    I love my Fit - I've had it four months now, and I don't drive that much, just to work (12 miles each way, highway commute - 70 to 75mph), and some errands at lunch, and home, usually. I'm broke now that I have a car payment (my last car was paid for years ago, so paying a monthly payment is rough right now - I need to do a refi!), so I don't go driving all around if I don't have to, but my regular commute and errands running is still getting me 36 to 37 mpg consistently. I've got the manual transmission too.

    I notice when I get stuck in traffic, or have to accelerate to pass on the highway, or drive at all anything other than conservatively, I see the needle move faster toward empty. But if I do the coasting to a stop in neutral thing, and little to no a/c, and keep the windows up to eliminate drag (some say this really doesn't matter, but I notice a difference), and only drive around with me in the car, I get great mileage.

    Not to insinuate anything here, but maybe some people who are getting really low mileage might have more weight in the car than those who are getting the high numbers? I'm only 110 lbs after all, and I almost always drive alone in the car. Maybe that's a factor, I don't know. I know cargo weight, tire air pressure, low rpm's, and overall driving style can adversely affect mileage results.

    Honestly, I have no complaints about my Fit... yet. :)
  • gracie11gracie11 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am new to the site and I too am looking into buying a Fit. I haven't read too many negatives on the Fit. I will be trading in my '06 Civic SI if I decide to get one. I see that you will be test driving a Civic also. I REALLY like my car but it isn't very practical if you need to haul anything (like a bike) or if you try to get 2 11 year olds out of the backseat. It is a head turner and I have had a lot of compliments on it but I like the payments on a Fit alot better. If I would've listened to my husband, I would already be in one:) I really hate telling him he is right. Good luck on you decision and I hope I can decide what to do. :)
  • jethadenjethaden Posts: 36
    I have owned my FIT manual sport for 15 months and 15K miles. The seat position took getting used to. It is not really good. My calf muscle has hot hurt for a long time from the weird gas pedal position. The cruise control in the sport is essential IMHO. The steering wheel is slightly too long from me with the pedals in the right place, but it is acceptable. It is good when driving barefoot, when I can slide seat forward about 2 clicks. The red paint looks like new except that I have picked several (many) tiny paint chips (down to white primer) in the hood from gravel (I do not drive on dirt, probably from interstates). I do not know if bra would help for trips. It is happy up to 80 (I cruise at 75). I am up to 39 mpg on interstates at 75 and about 32 with in-town commute and somewhat aggressive driving. The engine is not powerful, but is peppy and quite happy cruising at 4000rpm or higher. I only sometimes hit the rev limiter at 6300 (like 4-5 times so far). I like the car and it so different that I now have a hard time taking out my older Jeep Cherokee.
  • ithantechithantech Posts: 2
    Has anyone else had trouble reclining the front seats all the way back until they are level with the back seat? The instruction manual makes it look so easy, but every time we try, the top of front seat hits the back seat before getting level. We've pulled the front seats all the way forward, but there must be something we're missing. :confuse:
  • nthomasnthomas Posts: 40
    Yes, I had a problem with this at first, and I know some others have, as well. There's a few posts about it here somewhere, but here's the deal:
    There's actually 2 positions for the back seats. Try lifting the lever for the back seat and pushing it back a little. It should go into a slightly reclined position, which will allow you to recline the front seats all the way. Worked perfectly for me.
  • scarmisscarmis Posts: 6
    The rear seats actually have two settings; in one of them the seat bottom is slightly further forward than the other. Use the seat back lever to adjust them so the bottoms are as far back as possible, then the front seats should recline all the way.
  • My new Fit (four days old to me) is a hit with family -- and they're picky. When we drove up to the dealership (we had to drive past three others, there are so few Fit in the DFW area right now) we saw the car and said (from our lofty seats in our trade, a tall and tricked-up F-150 4x4) "oH, that car's too small -- this won't work."

    But once we got in -- my husband, 6'2" and son, 6'4" in the BACK SEAT, we loved it.

    The drive is great. Also, my husband's back revolts against a lot of seats, but the Fit seats were great.

    We miss the arm rest a bit, and the steering wheel position took a bit of getting used to, but we love it and would happily add another to our stable of vehicles.
  • caldodgecaldodge Posts: 8
    and keep the windows up to eliminate drag (some say this really doesn't matter, but I notice a difference),

    IIRC, for a typical modern car driving at highway speed the A/C uses less power than the drag from an open window. So yes, an open window does increase drag by a significant amount.
  • ithantechithantech Posts: 2
    Thanks, we got it, although it's a really tight fit. The instruction manual makes it seem like after reclining the front seat, you'll need to move the front seat back until it reaches the back seat.

    But still, it is a nifty feature. And the seats are pretty comfy.

    Thanks to those who responded.
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