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Honda Fit New Owner Reports



  • no strain and jump in rpm?
    u have auto? i struggle up sligh inclines..
    it revs up pretty bad..
    i try to get a running start at about 3k rpm 80 mph.. and after a few seconds.. it looses power.. mph drops to 70-65..60.. then it revsw up to 5-6k from 3k...
    pretty weak and annoying..
  • sakisaki Posts: 6
    Nope, we don't have the revving up problem you describe. Perhaps the AT deals with hills differently than an MT (the version we have).
  • I have no problems going up the hills in my area. There is a fairly steep one that I need to stay in 4th to get up without losing speed, but all the rest I can stay in 5th with no trouble.

    base 5MT
  • I have a Sport AT...just got back from the Poconos...lots of different hills there. I find sometimes my Fitty has trouble with inclines(goes up to 5000-6000 rpms and whines like a baby) and sometimes it passes everyone with ease. I think it depends on what speed/rpms you are already going at. Other then that i can't explain it.
    PS. Finally broke the 40mpg on this trip! Yeah!
  • Bluebell has a MT. I think I have to agree that a running start really surprises me when I look at the speedometer and the RPMs and see how easily I take the hills. Going up the big hill from a red light is also no problem. The RPMs are never above 3500. This is a very nice car. Just wish the "big guys" would stop thinking I'm about to hold them up when I am ahead of them and the light turns green at the bottom of the hill. Hasn't happened yet.
  • Have a black A/T sport. Had to have the auto keys, lol. Wanted another color but couldn't wait 2 months or so to get it. Still, it's growing on me. Am going to take her on a highway trip this afternoon and will find out about hills. So far, the only thing I don't like is the horn! It sounds like an anemic baby goose. It should sound more like my 2001 Ody's horn (may she RIP), which was a very loud, pretty obnoxious beep! Had a great experience w/ the dealership. Bought the cargo mat and floor mats. So far, it's been a blast to drive! I love it! :shades: :D
  • I have put 3,000 miles on my Sport Fit A/T since July and have no regrets with my purchase. 34-37 mpg, mixed driving, often w/AC on. Handles great, peppy, roomier than it looks from the outside. Low profile means being careful around high parking blocks and steep driveway ramps once in a while - though my last three vehicles were pickup trucks. Yeah, the horn could be a little louder, and a few very minor interior design changes might please the pickiest buyer. But for the price, performace & gas mileage, I think the Fit is an awesome vehicle. I looked at LOTS of other vehicles before deciding on the Fit, and in retrospect, there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision! :) :)
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I have an AT Sport. Work is at sea level (west LA) and home is near 6,000 feet (above the top of the I-5 Grapevine). We drive the Grapevine every day (well, as long as it's not closed due to brush fires!). On the steepest part it can do the Grapevine at 70 mph but will downshift to 3rd gear and run around 5,000 rpm. I'm more than willing to slow down to around 60-65 so it'll stay in 4th gear, with the rpms running at around 4,000 rpm. Much quieter, and much better gas mileage. For the uphill parts that aren't as steep, it won't drop below 4th gear.
  • 850 lbs., it's in owners manual

    850 lb weight capacity?
    Is that for real?

    Does that mean you cant or shouldnt have say 4 guys at 220 lbs in this car?

    (Perhaps I am not understanding but this seems silly to me. Thanks for taking the time to anyone who replies.)
  • Yep. That is correct. You also need to include any gear in it and/or accessories you have added to the car, in your weight calculation. So... 850lbs - your weight - weight of your "stuff" = weight remaining, to divide between passengers, and their "stuff"
  • Yep. That is correct. You also need to include any gear in it and/or accessories you have added to the car, in your weight calculation. So... 850lbs - your weight - weight of your "stuff" = weight remaining, to divide between passengers, and their "stuff"

    Hmmm....never in my years of owning a car have I been in a situation where we would have to do a weigh in so to speak.

    Maybe I just never thought about it till now.

    Is this typical of a small car?

    I rarely drive with multiple passengers.

    Hmm....guess I could leave my sister behind?
  • The 850 pound limit is actually quite reasonable. If you want to feel better about it, check out the weight limit on the Honda Insight - as I recall, it is in the vicinity of 350 pounds!
  • The 850 pound limit is actually quite reasonable. If you want to feel better about it, check out the weight limit on the Honda Insight - as I recall, it is in the vicinity of 350 pounds!

    Geez, you make me feel like I should go on a diet. (jk)
  • Immediately I noticed the absence of a map light. Why in the world would that not be on a car?

    A covered storage compartment in the back of the center console, instead of the third cupholder and open compartment would be appreciated.

    Ergonomics: I am 5'4", and the distance to the steering wheel is too far when seated back comfortably so my foot is resting properly on the accelerator. I end up sitting too close, so my arms are not fatigued.

    Yes, I agree about the seat adjustments. Was so surprised that it didn't have that jack lever as all the other new cars do.

    Because of the distance, it is more comfortable to hold on to the lower half of the steering wheel, but the angle is the opposite of the top and that is a strain on my wrists.

    Wish there were a foot rest for the left foot, like on my Legacy.

    Gas mileage is a steady 35-36, with about 18 mi one way to work a mix of limited access and city.

    Love the windshield and wipers, the radio controls, shift paddles for decceleration, the space for my golf clubs, and storage, the cool fold up seats, the color(blue.) Hope I get used to the ergonometrics, or that Honda calls with an offer for a new steering wheel, an adjustable seat, and a foot rest.
  • This driving position issue is something that my wife and I still need to resolve before we take the delivery of a Fit. I am 6'0" and my wife is 5'2". I drove a Fit for 10 hours when I rented one in Japan, and I was just fine with the driving position (didn't even realize that there was a seat lifter for the Fit I was in). I am curious, though, how the seat would work out for my wife. I had a commanding view of the road, but then again, I am 10" taller than my wife. Without the seat lifter, would my wife find the seat too low? What is frustrating is that there is no way to check this in advance, since no area dealer has a single Fit available to even see.

    When we test-drove a Versa SL, it had a seat lifter, and my wife liked the position that she could get. Right now we have a Fit on order, but the Versa still has a chance to sneak in. The gas mileage and space utility are better with the Fit, but if you are not comfortable in the driver's seat, that takes a lot away from owning that car.
  • I can only add my opinion. I am 5'2" also and have no problem with the seat or the view. I do have a small pillow behind my back to move me up just the slightest. At Target I bought a full cushion seat which was too much but my daughter loves it. She is 5'5". She doesn't need it but says it makes the seat more cushy for her. Hubby doesn't like the car at all but doesn't like any car I get for me. He does like the milage though as compared to his Tahoe.
  • I have had my Fit for over two months now and love it. I am 5'0 and have had no problem with the seating position in my car. I did adjust the steering wheel a little and this helped also. As for the foot rest, I have not found that to be a problem either. Usually just rest left foot by door ledge and this has also been comfortable. I think your wife will like the FIT. I have had no problems at all with mine and average around 36 mpg. Ziggy1 :)
  • meandmyfit,

    I solved the Map Light problem by installing a Sylvania DOT-IT Silver colored bright light that I bought for $9 at Linens and Things. It has a 3M adhesive backing that sticks very nicely to the gray plastic square located to the rear of where the view mirror interfaces with the roof.

    It has 3 AAA batteries and three LEDs. It supposed to last for 60 hours of continous use!

    Here's an example of the light: 802514?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&childASIN=B000CNB6VW


    PS If you're interested in stopping ALL dashboard reflections on the windshield go to:

    Camille Williams,


    Order the 'DASH Design' model (not the DASHMAT model) for the 2007 Fit. I received the black carpet model and it's terrific.
  • If you go for the "Dot", you may want to install velcro on the back, before you tack it up there on your mirror mount. In order to replace the batteries, you have to remove three screws from the back, to get to them. Just don't do what my wife did, and cover the screws with the velcro! ;)
  • Got my Fit back on the 12th and have just over 1000 miles on it to date. I've been quite impressed with the get up and go. I have the Sport with mt. Took a short road trip this pass weekend with the family. Two adults in front two kids in back with full load of luggage. Highway cruising was great. Was able to pass with no problem. My previous car was a Dodge Intrepid SXT with 3.5 high output V-6 and the Fit tacs a little higher but can still run 80 without a problem. Still waiting for the mpg to go up but I can seem to slow down.
  • I picked up two new fits last week. One for my wife and I and one for my 93 year old mother. One was a fit and the other was a fit sport. After driving both for about 340 miles, I filled them both up and got 42.6 MPG on the sport, and 44.1 on the fit. I am totally impressed with the car. The ride is quiet . The motor and transmission work smoothly and pickup is great even with 4 full size people . Handling packages and my mothers wheel chair is a dream with the variable folding seats. Seats are confortable. All controls are easy to access and simple to understand. I love em!!!!! I am 6"-5" tall and can get in and out of car with absolutely no problem. I couldnt say the same for my Mercury Sable. If fact my friend Rudy is 6-3 and weighs over 300 # and he had no trouble driving the car. I have been waiting for a car like this for years, and now I have two of them. Terrific vehicles. If you dont drive this car, you are missing the boat. Gene
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Did you get auto or manual transmission?

    Also, not that anyone is exaggerating, but there seems like a lot of 6'5" people driving around in Fits. The average height of a man is about 5'10", so it just seems odd to me that so many tall people post on Edmunds and drive Fits.
  • So, did the wife get the Base, and your 93yo mother get the Sport, or the other way around? If "Mom" got the Sport... that's so cool! :shades:

    I can just see it now, some 20 year old is griping about how an old lady got the EXACT SAME CAR he's been saving up for! :P

    Please note: I use the term "old lady" only to make a point. It should not be interpreted to mean I think your mother is an old lady, or that I think she's not hip enough to deserve a Fit Sport.
  • It all started when my 2004 SuzukiAerio SX was murderd on the higway by an 18 wheeler (with me in it). Luckily I was able to walk away without a scratch, the car however did not. I was without a car for a few weeks and my bro mentioned something about a Honda Fit.. a Honda wha? I say.. a Fit! A Honda Fit?! What is that?! So I goto the Honda site and find the car and look at it and configure it and everything.. a few days later I say ok I want that.. but my bro is in NM, he was able to track down my exact car I wanted. After a few more weeks I was
    on a plane to NM to get my new 2007 Honda Fit teffta white 5spd with 12miles on it @ MSRP! The next two days we drove it back to Austin Texas and its been nothing but a blast since then!
  • Well, I'm finally in a Fit--literally. I began my interest in the car 9 months ago.Finally, put a deposit on one in June. It arrived Oct. 6. They can't get them in. Was told 30 people lined up for one FIT. "My" Fit came in. Test drove it and found it had power, style and WOW!--the handling. I'm a big guy and found I could enter and exit the car fine. So, I bought it! Great car--except....

    ..I went down the freeway about 30 miles and couldn't figure out why I was so uncomfortable. Came home with same angst but figured I was tired. Next day took a freeway drive for 40 minutes and it became unbearable. I figured it out--the driver seat steel frame tube was burrowing into my thigh. If you press it with your finger it has about 1/2 inch padding over it. Because I don't sport a 110lb asian derrier I take up more of the seat due to ABPS--American Big(ger)Person Syndrome. It wasn't apparent on the test drive. 10 minutes on a California freeway revealed it clearly, however, with the porous road and the firm suspension to the FIT>
    I had the car 23 hours and called my salesperson telling him I was in 'trouble'. Went in and the sales manager said sympathetically that there was nothing to do but get a cushion or sell the car on Craigslist. Their hands were tied. They were sorry I'd lose my taxes and fees ($1500). After all that's just what happens!!?? All my enquiries about the matter result in the same solution(s)..pad the seat or sell the car.
    I've placed two bought seat cushions on the seat and STILL feel the HARD knob-like pressure in my right thigh.
    The car is up for sale. Bought it Friday...Monday began efforts to sell it.
    I'm on a pension--worked up to make the plunge into a high mpg new car..and then this is how it's turned out. Oh, well.
    PLEASE really make SURE that seat will sustain you for more than 10 minutes! Test out the right seat bar effect on yourself, first. Move around in that seat first.
    Side note. THe car has 286 miles on it..about 200 of it from me TRYING to get past this problem--hoping My driving was 40%CITY/60%Highway resulting in 38.9 mpg. WOW. It is a GREAT CAR--but if you're stout--make sure the seat is right for you! PS. NO problem for me in Versa or Corolla. My other car is a small 88 Camry--no probllem. Sad. :sick:
  • I picked up my Fit on June 28th after my 89 Delta 88 AC crashed. Bought the Black Sport Automatic because it was the only one avalable; blue would have beeen better. The looks cool, Great AC and Sound System, majic seats are truly majical and roomy. The car "FIT's" into tiny parking spaces saving me many hours. Fun to Drive, Handles like a dream; I now like to accelerate on curves! The Fit has turned me into a cool dude! In Brooklyn, we have a saying, "you are what you drive". I am now Fit. In spite of the 20 to 25 mpg I am now getting after 6000 miles, THE FIT IS GO! Get one!
  • Because I don't sport a 110lb asian derrier I take up more of the seat due to ABPS--American Big(ger)Person Syndrome. It wasn't apparent on the test drive. 10 minutes on a California freeway revealed it clearly, however, with the porous road and the firm suspension to the FIT

    So, the only options were to sell it or get a cushion?? I don't suppose the other option of dropping a few pounds ever came up. Come on man, do it for your Fit. :)
  • fitluverfitluver Posts: 198
    Because I don't sport a 110lb asian derrier I take up more of the seat due to ABPS--American Big(ger)Person Syndrome. It wasn't apparent on the test drive. 10 minutes on a California freeway revealed it clearly, however, with the porous road and the firm suspension to the FIT

    So, the only options were to sell it or get a cushion?? I don't suppose the other option of dropping a few pounds ever came up. Come on man, do it for your Fit.

    lol i can see it now, the new Honda America Marketing:

    You must be Fit enough to drive a Fit.

    (no offense intended to anyone)
  • Not really odd, because unlike the yaris and the versa as a 6'4" man who owned a 92 Honda Accord I found the Fit's headroom and leg room to be more spacious than other compact cars in this class. And the head room is even better than my old accord. Of course tall guys like this car.
  • crowbcrowb Posts: 15
    I got my Fit two and a half weeks ago from Russell Honda, a dealership in Sherwood, AR, just north of Little Rock. The staff there was extremely nice and very informative. They wanted to sell me a car without any hassel, without any tricks or gimmicks, and that's exactly how I wanted to buy one. They prepared me for the worst: "You may have to wait up to sixty days for us to get your car in here."

    Two days later, my salesman called me and said it was on the lot (another dealer a few miles away got one in and wanted to trade for the Black, base model that my dealership had so it all worked out). They even threw in the floor mats for free because the salesman had mistakenly told me that they come standard on the sport model. I didn't even have to mention this to him. He noticed it first and came straight over to me and told me this. I know its just a couple of floor mats, but that kind of up-front approach is what will send me back to that dealer, and that salesman, again in the future. This is my first Honda, but it won't be my last.

    Now for the car. Far and away the best car that I've owned. This is the second new car that I've purchased, and the third one that I've ever owned. My previous car was a base model '98 Toyota Corolla (trouble free but boring), and the Fit is a step up in every category. Buying experience on down to the quality of the materials. Toyota certainly never called me to ask how I liked the car or my dealership experience (though they may do this now for all I know). I find the car to have ample power for accelerating into traffic. Also, Its very quiet on the highway when it is cruising at speed. People who complain about its acceleration are bit confusing to me. Lets keep in mind what kind of car it is to begin with, its a compact designed for gas efficiency. Secondly, if you bought this car because you want better fuel economy, then the first thing to do is change your driving habits. That is the number one factor in increasing your efficiency: you must drive conservatively. Lastly, why do you need to accelerate to 60 mph in under 9 seconds or even 10? If traffic is flowing nicely then you can easily find a place to merge (at least in my experience) and if traffic is backed up then you are basically racing into traffic only to come to a stop. I have had no problems at all thus far, and compared to my previous car, I find this engine-transmission combo to be very lively.

    Road noise is minimal for a car in this price range. The materials are very nice as well. I love having keyless entry, power locks, actual glass headlight lenses, alloy wheels, Leather wrapped steering wheel, magic seats, cruise control (backlit and mounted on the steering wheel! How spoiled am I getting?). My last tank of mixed driving gave me just over 34 MPG with lots of idling in mixed driving(the Little Rock interstates are poorly designed and very crowded at rush hour).

    The handling is far superior to what I'm used to. This car is plenty roomy enough for myself, my wife, our dog, and our luggage for our upcoming holiday trip to see the in-laws in New Orleans. The seats are comfortable (I'm 6'1" and 170 lbs.) though I do agree that a telescoping steering wheel would really seal the deal as far as getting the most comfortable driving position. Let me come back to that. These seats are wonderful. I feel very supported, especially in the lower back, but remember I'm coming from a car that was less in all respects. Some of you downsizing from the luxury type cars will doubltess have complaints. Also, it seems that the rear view mirror could be just a tad bigger. I feel like I can't fully see out of the back when I'm using the rear view. Visibility is pretty good over all (I removed the rear headrests to help with that) and the side mirrors are large and power adjustable. Very nice.

    The paddles: I try not to use them, only because I don't want to mess with the car. I'm afraid I'll upset its natural rhythms or something. I guess I'm being overly cautious. The most I've used them for so far was to keep the car in 5th gear on certain inclines, as I am usually in no hurry and don't need the car to down shift.

    I don't miss a center arm rest, but that's because my previous car didn't have one. I don't miss the dead pedal because I too have found that there is a sweet spot for my left foot to naturally slide into while I'm driving.

    Let me take leave of my attempts to sound detached while writing this little review.

    I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!! It is so awesome! I spend the whole day at my desk just aching to drive it. I can't wait for a nice long highway cruise. I want to nestle into those seats and get that thing up to 70-75 and let it roll. I love driving the Fit at night because the dash lights and the stereo are just so neat. The blue light is wonderful. I feel like I'm driving a space ship. This wonderful car has made driving fun. I never loved driving. I drove a boring, tan rent-a-car for almost 9 years. My youth was dying on the vine. This car has made me feel fun again. I LOVE THIS CAR. Efficient, versatile, peppy, good handling, good looking, ABS!!!!

    Its got all I could want, but then I love small cars and abhor the wastefulness that I see so many of us Americans indulging in.

    Sorry this review was so long, but I'm just a fanatic for this thing. Thanks to all in the forums for all of your posts you helped steer me toward this great car :D
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