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2007 Nissan Frontier



  • maxamaxa Posts: 4
    Asa, thanks for your quick reply. The dealer "Tynan's Nissan" agreed to replace the windshield at their expense. The new windshield was replaced about an hour ago at my home. The installer says that he has seen a lot of new pickup and van windshields crack quickly in the past few years- a problem he had not seen before in his 35 years installing windshields. I am picking up a bug shield today to protect the portion of the hood that is not protected by the clear bra. Does anyone here have a suggestion for the best wax to apply to protect these trucks painted surfaces? Thanks.

    Btw- The dealer already applied to the invisible shield to the fenders. Thanks for the suggestion of step rails- I might do that if I notice lower body damage.
  • kvhkvh Posts: 2
    I had a 07 King Cab that the front left cat shield would vibrate just before each time it shifted gears. It took about a month to get a replacement at Nissan dealer and that fixed the shield noise. I sold it 3100 miles and bought a new crew cab 07 and love it. The center arm rest is not long enought is the bigest complaint. KVH
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587

    My old Toyota is worn out, and I have GOT to get a new truck in a few months. :sick:

    It seems that Frontier's are hard to find much info about on the Web. I guess they aren't big sellers, is that true?

    Is the reliability anywhere near Toyota's? How is your late model Fronty holding up so far? Are the automatic tranny's reliable, and are they 4 speed or 5 speed?

    I said I would never get another 4cyl pickup, but dang, the gas prices are awful. Does the 4cyl peppy, and how is the gas mileage (automatic)?

    What ballpark price can I expect to pay for a Fronty with Crew Cab, and not too many bells and whistles? It will be used as basic transportation, and occasionally hauling "stuff", but probably no towing.

    Thanks in advance,
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I cannot answer all of your questions but will do what I can. I have a 2005 KC LE which is the V-6. I have the 5 speed automatic transmission. I have had no problems with my truck so far, but I baby it a bit and keep it in a garage. I have a little under 12,000 miles on it right now.

    The transmission does not shift as smoothly as I would like, but other than that there have not been any problems with it. The biggest disappointment in the truck for me is in the paint chipping so easily, but that is a problem with most automotive paint these days.

    I had a 2000 Nissan XE KC which is the 4 cylinder model. I kept it 5 years and had no problems with it at all. The only reason I traded it in was because of the lack of power. I got about 20 mpg on it no matter how I drove it or what kind of load I had on it. It just did not have enough power for me.

    The V-6 has plenty of power and I drive like the little old man that I am so I am currently getting about 19.5 in combination driving. It will get 23 mpg on the road if I keep it around 65 mph. The faster I drive it the worse the mpg.

    If you get a 4X4 your mileage will be worse and if you have a heavy foot you will probably be down in the 14 to 15 mpg area.

    The only other complaint I have with my truck is the HEAVY tailgate. I am 70 years old and only weigh 120 pounds so it is a heft for me to raise the tailgate.

    I would definitely buy another one if I were in the market and I think I would stay with the V-6 since I don't put a lot of miles on my truck.

    I have not driven the new XE, but I think they get closer to 26 mpg, but I still like having plenty of power when I need it. I load my truck down fairly often as I enjoy gardening so I buy lots of supplies and materials for my yard.

    Good luck on your quest.

  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Now I'm finding out that the 4cyl is not available with automatic. Rats!

    Guess I'll have to look at another Toyota.
  • You CAN get a King Cab with a 4-cylinder Auto - and it's a 5-speed. With a Crew Cab, it's V-6 only.

    I had a 1993 XE King Cab (a stick), and it was fine for me and my light hauling. The new design has a MUCH bigger rear seating are - 2 kids would be fine back there.

    I've driven 2 different XE King Cabs - one stick, one auto. With 2 aboard and nothing in the bed, it's fine - not quick, but not labored at any speed up to 70 mph.

    Because I needed to meet a company policy and NOT have a truck, I ended up with an '07 4-cylinder Highlander. It's fine for cruising with 4 aboard (and pretty full of stuff) at 75 mph, and never gets less than 20 mpg - sometimes up to 25.

    Modern fuel injection and variable valve control make modern I-4's feel like the V-6's of the early 90's. You really ought to try driving one to see if you can live with it. It'll get you where you're going, and get 2-3 more mpg doing it. With a 21 gal tank, refilling with 1.1 gal left, that 20 gallons you burned will get you another 40-60 miles with every tank, for free. You might find that insurance is cheaper, as well.

    If I didn't have a work policy against driving a truck, I'd be in an '08 SE King Cab 4-cylinder right now.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    maxa, I should have mentioned too that Nissan sells "splashguards" (I call them mudflaps), one pair for the front and a different pair for the back. You probably have these, but if you don't, they're inexpensive and a piece of cake to put on.

    Glad your windshield is whole again!
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    I had the 2000 model year Tacoma (2x4 Prerunner) and used that as a comparison against the 2007 Crew Cab 2x4 I rented through Enterprise rent a car.
    I was very impressed with the truck. Very comfortable ride and the interior material, design was reasonable for a truck. I thought the bed also had enough room especially since I could place the truck in my garage (i like my vehicles in garages when possible). Overall I'd place the Frontier ahead of the 2007 Tacoma mostly due to exterior looks. I believe the Tacoma looks like a tadpole from the front view and those wheel wells don't strike me as sexy or muscular. For what its worth that's my 2 cents in favor of the Frontier. :shades:
    Oh, if we want to talk about full size Nissan vs Toyota then the vote goes for the latest Tundra, sexy devil in deed. ;)
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I thought the bed also had enough room especially since I could place the truck in my garage (i like my vehicles in garages when possible).

    Me too and Frontier also shines in that department, being line 1-1/2 inches shorter than Tacoma and near 2 inches narrower than Tacoma. Every inch counts in my garage and it's nice to be able to walk behind the truck and not worry about door dents from my wife's car. The only narrower midsizer is Colorado, but Colorado is longer.
  • Can anyone tell me the tire "wheel hub" diameter of a 2006 Frontier. I have aftermarket wheels on it and the wheel hub bore is larger than the actual truck hub. I am trying to order "Wheel hub centric rings" and I need the actual truck hub size (in millimeters)

    Thanks for the help
  • My '06 (crew cab)Frontier seems to have a very stiff suspension. Is there any that will soften that up and if so how. I bought is with after market tires and wheels (265/50R 20). Will standard tires & wheels make it softer?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    If you have an '06 Frontier Nismo, it has a stiffer suspension because it's engineered for off-road use. The Nismo is equipped with Blistein shocks; replacing them with something softer might be an economical start. If you don't have the Nismo, I'm not sure what more can be done. I don't know about your tire size and its effect; perhaps someone else can help with that. I have a stock '06 SE 4x2 and I'm quite happy with the ride.
  • Mine too is a 4X2 and no it is not a Nismo, but it is very stiff. Perhaps I need to swap the wheels and tires for a stock set. Thanks anyway.
  • spray undercoating on sheild. The one that can handle heat
  • I purchased 2007 Frontier new, 11.07. 4 cyl, 5 spd. man. The current mileage is 128,500. At approx. 50,000 miles the fan clutch failed, I replaced it again at about 90,000, the truck is going into the shop Wed. 11.18 for a third fan clutch. Earlier this year at about 100,000, the differential started howling. My mechanic dis-assembled & found no sign of unusual wear.

    Anyone else experiencing these problems?
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