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Addressing the Fit's shortcomings



  • boatfloydboatfloyd Posts: 29
    Buy what you like and be happy :).
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    Almost forgot:

    10) Locking gas cap... included.

    (Yeah, I know these 'big budget' items really hurt the bottom line, but c'mon Honda, suck it up and include that uber-expensive locking functionality to the gas cap, lol) :D
  • remember the old days when cars had those little triangular windows that opened and gave a nice fresh breeze? the fit has triangular windows in the front and back, it would be so cool if they opened.
    anyone know of a roof rack that would fit the fit?
    what the heck is that "carpet" made out of? wonder what it will look like in 6 months :confuse:
  • suetersueter Posts: 15
    Count me as another who took the back head rests off. I'm just under 5ft and that was an easy, practical solution for not being able to see out the back. Since I rarely have a single passenger, let alone more than 2, lack of those head rests isn't a safety issue for me.
  • instead of taking the headrests off, I just put the seats in cargo mode... I figure it saves the rear upholstry from UV/mess and gives me lots of room to throw things back there... I call it my 'Micro Utility Vehicle' or MUV (move) for short! Plus, when you need to haul passengers the headrests are still in the car to use.
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    There are no adjusting notches on the rear headrests. Why is that? The button is on the top of the seat but it's useless if you can't do anything but take the headrest out and put it back in. Anyone else agree? Didn't know until an adult passenger was trying to adjust. That's pretty cheap, no? :confuse:
  • damian1962damian1962 Posts: 28
    Consumer report says the number 1 overlooked vehicle is the Mazda5, check it out. You'll get all you need at the best price out there. I'm getting rid of my sport fit and as soon as i do I'm going for the M5. Go to a dealer and see it for yourself you'll be amazed and understand why CR says it's the # 1 overlooked vehicle. If you wait for the 2009 you'll get even more for your money, do some research and you'll see what I mean.
  • Just purchased a 2009 Fit Sport. Anybody out there figure out how to "de-program" the seat belt warning chime? I talked to someone who has a 2007 and was able to do it.?
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