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Honda Fit Real World MPG



  • I'm retired, but one of my part time jobs requires that I travel to different sites within a range of 65-125 miles from home on an irregular schedule. My new Fit came just in time to join me on back to back to back to back work trips and a special trip that was almost 400 round trip. Add in the two trips taking the wife into Chicago to and from the airport and the fact that we live in the country 12 miles from town ......... she was gone for two weeks and this boy didn't cook every night!

    Let's just say that I don't expect to continue racking up the miles at that rate on my new Fit for the rest of th year, but I do expect to have 30k+ on it during the first year. One of my hobbies is breeding/training/showing Labrador retrievers. Dog show season is about to start for me and weekend trips with labs aboard will run 400-600 miles per weekend. I think I've got more usable space in the back of my Fit for dogs and crates than friends who just bought $40k SUV and I know I'll get better mileage.
  • New car on September 10th this year. So far, 1770 miles at average MPG 39.5. Mostly city and suburban driving with occasional 80 mi round trips to Salt Lake City. Mileage is a little harder to maintain in fall/winter driving than summer/fall. Pretty much full use of hypermiling strategies, with coasting, turning off engine at stoplights & fast food lines, etc. MPG meter has been from 25% optimistic down to current 10% high. I've heard that the mileage improves at about 5,000 miles due to decreased internal friction due to engine break-in.

    Anyone have a superior winter tire/wheel strategy?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,343
    Anyone have a superior winter tire/wheel strategy?

    You're going to take a mileage hit with winter blend fuels and less than ideal driving conditions, but I stick to my good driving habits in the winter and take what I can get!


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  • What I meant was that, here in snow country, leaving your alloys mounted in the winter is an invitation to curb rash (cause you can't see the curb for the snow and slush). My intention is to get used steel wheels from an earlier year civic or geo storm and get 175x70x 14 inch tires. Narrower tires are actually an advantage in the winter, since they apply the weight of the car to a smaller tread patch in the snow.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,343
    Oh definitely. Great idea to protect your wheel investment. And provided you have the storage space it makes it easier to swap back to summer times next spring.


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  • I tested drove each LOVE the sport Fit EXCEPT interior only comes in Blk I have a white dog her hair gets over me in 2 hr. pieces transferred to the blk interior and looks terrible--But great car-no wiggle room in pricing that I can find I'm in NE Oh. Also the Versa doesn't seem stable-stopped and a small SUV passed me around 45 mph and the Versa shook-stopped on freeway shoulder with the FIT semi's didn't even make it wobble.

    Any recommendation on comfort and milage for under $17k. buying my first NEW car in 20 yrs.

  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    My intention is to get used steel wheels from an earlier year civic or geo storm and get 175x70x 14 inch tires. Narrower tires are actually an advantage in the winter, since they apply the weight of the car to a smaller tread patch in the snow.

    My 2009 Fit Sport Auto is coming in 10 days. I also need winter tires. Problem is the 185/55R16 tires.
    The only winter tire made in that size is Blizzaks which are not very good. The Nokian WRG2 which I had on my last car was great and it's a 50,000 mile snow rated all season and they work great. The problem is the size is 195/55R16.
    So no one, not the dealer, not the tire places or even Nokian themselves know if it will fit on the 2009 Fit.
    Bad choice of a tire size considering very few companies make tires in that size.
    If you find out anything please post it. I don't think steel rims are available for even the 2007's
  • rlh2rlh2 Posts: 11
    Have ~5800 miles on 2009 Fit Sport with AT. Overall mileage is 34.0 mpg with best of 36.3 mpg and worst 31.3 mpg in mixed driving. These values are calculated after each fill-up. In-dash meter consistently reads about 10% higher than actual.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    You could put slip covers on the seats. Or use a vacumn cleaner or tape roller frequently.

    There are advantages to the Fit's interior, if you have needs to haul bulky items.

    Another car option would be the Toyota "Yaris" hatch back in 3 door or 5 door.

    Equally as good, or better, in gas mileage would be small sedans. They will generally be a bit quieter inside. Most have a good size trunk for hiding things from public eyes.

    The Civic and Corolla are both slightly larger and possibly more comfortable than the Fit, and Yaris, and both use 1.8L engines, and run a little stronger. . The Yaris sedans and hatchbacks use a 1.5L engine.

    EPA ratings and Drivers reporting on show mileage a bit better with the Yaris models. Corolla, Civic and Fit all fall real close in mileage.

    There are lots of smallish Sedans available, and the dealers are willing to "deal" on them. Not many Fits yet, and the dealers want full window sticker.

    Best way I've found to buy locally is to use Edmunds "New Car" area. You can equip and price a car right there. Then click on the button and get dealers in your area to give you "Internet" prices.

    An advantage to shopping this way is that they had best give their best price, because you are not captive in their show room and can simply hang up.
    Also find out about the prices on their Document fees, and Extended warranty,( if you want one) AND "Dealer installed Options", . Those are "Profit" items that we need to know about before visiting the dealer showroom. You want the DRIVE OUT PRICE ! Many or most dealers have "Internet Sales" departments.

    Last time we bought a car for our son, there was $800+ difference in internet pricing. He got the $29K Ridgeline for $23k+. Honda was offering "Deals" but so were the dealers. ;)

    There won't be that much discount on smaller cars, but they still compete! Right now is a great time to buy!

  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 218
    Try 205/50 R16. They will fit the rims on the Fit and using the tire size calculator at 1010 Tires shows they aren't off by much.
  • I have three large white dogs, smallest one is 65 pounds. I solved the problem with their hair. Go to a carpet store and get a piece of carpet, cut it to fit the back with the seats down. Then go to a fabrick store and get a piece of vinyl long enough to go from the headrest down and double that. Sew the ends together. Get four metal grommets, remove the front headrests and mark the vinyl where the headrest mounts and place the metal grommet in the vinyl. Run the headrest mounts through the grommet and you have a barrier so the dog cannot get to the front and a cover so they don't shed hair on the seats. ;)
  • mgutaimgutai Posts: 25
    I bought a winter wheel and tire package from for my 07 Fit Sport and am VERY happy with it. The stock wheel/tire package had 15" Alloys on 195/55/15 tires. I did a 'minus one' sizing and went to a 14" steel wheel ($39 each) with four 175/65/14 Winterforce snow tires ($57each). It's true that the narrower tires work better in the snow and slush. The Blizzaks or Dunlop winter tires probably provide better traction than the Winterforce tires I purchased, but Cost was my primary motivator, and I've been satisfied with the better traction these provide compared with all-seasons. The black steel wheels look cool too, as I went to a junk yard and found 4 older Civic "H" silver wheel hubs, for the retro look.

    As for mileage, running on the all-season OEM tires gets me between 36 and 40 MPG. With winter tires on, it drops maybe 2 MPG.

    The 09 Fit Sport, however, comes with a different size wheel/tire package than my 07. It's listed as 185/55/16. You can go to and check out what packages are available, but it looks like they have no 15" steel wheels, if you go the 'minus one' route.

    Also, I think most of the older Civic wheels were 4-lug wheels, whereas the Fit is a 5-lug wheel. You might try looking at used Accord wheels? Or wait a year until more companies make the different size wheel/tire combo that's on the new Fit.

    Hope this helps.
  • fgeneyfgeney Posts: 15
    I know this has been mentioned before, but it should be restated that any report of mileage in this forum should be accompanied by what gas blend you filled your tank with, in order to have a truly useful apples-to-apples comparison of mileage results with fellow Fit owners.

    This is critical because ethanol has less energy content gallon for gallon than pure gasoline, so mileage will suffer the more ethanol is blended in. I used to complain that my mileage was worse than average until I realized that all regular gas in Massachusetts where I live is E10 (10% ethanol).

    It takes 1.53 gallons of ethanol to equal the energy of 1 gallon of gasoline.

    This means that if you can go 300 miles on 10 gallons of pure gas (30 mpg), you can only go about 196 miles on 10 gallons of pure ethanol, or 19.6 mpg (300 ÷ 1.53 = 196). Theoretically, since you can't put pure ethanol in a car that isn't specially designed for all-ethanol.

    If you were to put E10 in the same vehicle, you would go 289.6 miles:
    9/10 of 300 miles is 270, plus 1/10 of 196 miles is 19.6, equals 289.6 miles.

    So your mileage goes from 30 mpg to just under 29, and the only difference is the fuel blend.

    I think most people don't even realize that their gas may have 10% ethanol blended in, since it's not disclosed in any meaningful way at filling statons because all gas engines can run with small amounts of ethanol mixed in. It's usually written in small print on the pump, next to the yellow sticker with the octane rating. At higher percentages (more than 15%) engines and fuel lines need to be modified to accommodate ethanol's corrosive effects.

    FYI, with 16K on my '07 Fit Sport, I average between 29-33 mpg in evenly split city/hwy driving, using E10.

    Editorial aside: coupled with its huge agricultural and production costs, not to mention all its government subsidies, ethanol's mileage penalty makes the whole ethanol-as-a-solution-to-our-dependence-on-foreign-oil propaganda one big crock. In my opinion.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,343
    You definitely want to be a part of our The Inconvenient Truth About Ethanol discussion!


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  • dadof6dadof6 Posts: 61
    Trip from SD to NY at an averaged of 36mpg. Speeds of 80mph over 750miles in SD, 75mph over 350miles in MN, 75mph over 450 miles in IA and 65-70mph the rest of the way. This on pure gasoline. The pumps were labeled "contains up to 10% ethonal" until we got to to PA so we knew what we were getting.
    I have found over the years my fuel mileage drops about 5% when using blended fuel which reinforces what others have said here so I avoid it on long trips.
    BTW-drove through 2 wet snow storms averaging about 40mph over 100 miles.
    We got 41mpg over 3 tanks of fuel running at the lower speeds.
    On A Strange Note--we filled up 3 times & got 11.4,11.7 & 11.7 gals in the tank with the low fuel light on just 1 of those times. Tank holds 10.8 per owners manual.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,343
    The last non-ethanol station disappeared here in September :sick:


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  • I have a 2008 Fit Base A/T that consistently gets 43 mpg highway with the A/C off! When my wife drives the car the mileage drops to 41-42 mpg highway. With the A/C on we get 38-40 mpg depending on the wind. The car really seems to struggle in a head wind with the A/C on, but has little trouble once it is turned off. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the fuel economy of this car!
  • byron2byron2 Posts: 12
    '09 Sport Auto. Car now has just over 1000 miles on it. Now that my daughter has her license, pretty much only she drives it. This means that all driving is purely local (the hilly SF Peninsula) stop and go and because of this she probably has not exceeded 45 mph since we last filled the tank. From a MPG perspective this is probably worse than driving in Manhattan since it is flatter there. At least I hope so since she last filled the tank and reset the counter about 110 miles ago and the computer now shows 20.4 mpg. I know she does not have her foot in it since she is still getting comfortable with driving in general and remains quite cautious.

    Anyone else getting mileage like this in purely city driving? FWIW, we did get 38 mpg on an almost-all-freeway trip to look at colleges when the car had about 500 miles on it.

  • Bryon,

    When Buster and I drive our 07 Sport AT, we average over 40 mph on the highway and around 31 in the city. When our 2 granddaughters drive the car for any length of time, mileage drops to around 22 mph. That tells us something!!

    Bubba :shades:
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    So far my first tank has delivered a whopping 27 mpg!
    I'm unimpressed! :mad:
    The worst part is 60% of that was highway miles. :sick:
    I don't really pay attention to the meter in the car I calculate it manually. But I think it said 32.something MPG. So it's obviously off.
    I'm really hoping that it will improve over time.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    My wife drives about 60% highway and she consistently averages about 29 mpg. We just got the first oil change at 4950 miles and someone told me they got better mileage after the first oil change. We will see. If you up the air pressure on the tires, you may get a bit better mileage.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    someone told me they got better mileage after the first oil change. We will see. If you up the air pressure on the tires, you may get a bit better mileage.

    Yes, I'm not going to cry over 27mpg while the car has less than 600 miles on it. :)
    But I'm hoping to break over 30mpg just in town. Figure that my 2008 Civic Si was getting 28-31 combined and I figure the Fit should be able to do as well. We have to drive easy here due to all the cops monitoring the roads we live on. Lots of hills and sharp corners. A lot of fun except for the cops that are checking your speed.
    We had a small bit on snow maybe 2 inches and I saw a Subaru Outback twisted off the road. All seasons don't cut it on these roads. The Fit had no problem being driven normally. But 4-5 inches of unplowed snow on those hills will require snow tires.
  • If your getting 27 mpg, that's it. Your not going to get better than that. The Fit numbers are estimates on flat roads and even then city is 28, combined is 30 and highway is 34. You must drive at no more than 50 mph to avoid stop & go and shifting gears at 2500 rpm's.

    My M3 2.0 liter engine sedan AT (no cruise control) gives me 25 mpg's combined and my M5 2.3 liter engine mini van (cruise control) gives me 24.5 mpg combined. I use to own a fit and I trade it in in for more power, I found that the rpm's are the tale of the story. Both Mazda's I own hit 65 mph at 2500 rpm's which is the perfect speed for highway, I drive normal in city. The problem with the 2008 fit is once you go over 50 mph your mpg's go down because your rpm's are higher. The new 2009 is doing better due to 9 more horse power, at 65mph the rpm is 2500.

    But don't be concerned about it so much, gas prices are down and hopefully will stay there.
  • rpm7rpm7 Posts: 4
    I recommend the Fit even if you have to cover the seats like I do. After 20 tanks of gas and averaging 40mpg mixed driving, I still love it. Great torgue and comfortable ride, alhough I did add a center console / arm rest. The Fit is also ranked high for reliability.
  • rpm7rpm7 Posts: 4
    fit43mpg, I believe you. Mine 2008 Fit has averaged 40 mpg mixed driving on regular unleaded gas. It doesn't seem to matter what type of driving, although I don't use the AC much. We were surpised to find we even got 40 mpg going from Denver to Grand Junction (over mountain passes) and back.
  • rpm7rpm7 Posts: 4
    Byron2, our 2008 gets 40 mpg average on regular unleaded with very little variation (maybe 2 mpg) and in mixed driving, and has very good torgue. I calculated milage on the first 20 tanks. I normally drive calmly with gas mileage in mind, although I accelerate to merge and whatnot without worrying about it. The mileage remains great.
  • If you read a number of these posts, you'll see that Fit owners are getting anywhere from really poor MPG (low 20s) to nearly unbelievable MPG (high 40s - haven't seen any numbers in the 50s). There are a large number of factors that will affect each driver's fuel economy (and I won't list them here to keep this short). My family has three 08 Sport Automatics, and between the 3 cars we've seen anywhere from 27 to 45 MPG.

    More important than fuel economy is the "fun-to-drive factor," and the Fit rates very high on that scale. Go forth, drive your Fits, and enjoy them while you can (because in a few years we'll all be driving new types of vehicles that won't have internal combustion engines).
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    If your getting 27 mpg, that's it. Your not going to get better than that. The Fit numbers are estimates on flat roads and even then city is 28, combined is 30 and highway is 34. You must drive at no more than 50 mph to avoid stop & go and shifting gears at 2500 rpm's.

    I think it's hard to say. Let's see what a few hundred more miles will do. But we have a LOT of hills in this area and it downshifts 2 gears a lot of time to get up the hills.
    I think I can get it better, but my Civic Si got 28-30mpg combined and easily 28 just in town. But that was a 6spd manual.
    I'm hoping for 30mpg combined out of the Fit. Time will tell tho. It's still on it's second tank of gas.
  • wxlwxl Posts: 2
    I agreed. It all depends on your driving style. I have a 2009 Fit Sports MT. The 1st tank of gas I got 37.4 MPG based on fill-up and tripdometer mileage. I have 70 -30 highway to local ratio. Car computer showed 43 MPG which is way off and too high. I am still within the break-in period. I have been pretty light on gas and I do not rev the engine too high to accelerate. I think this is the best mileage I can get out of the car. I am quite impressed with it.
  • I've got an 09 Fit Sport AT. When I drove it back to Oklahoma from Fayetteville I was not impressed with the highway mileage, only 28mpg, which I calculated manually. The Fit seems to struggle when I drive it above 70 miles per hour. We were trying to keep it at 80 mph but it would always downshift, which of course is going to use more gas. It seems to lose mpg efficiency above 70 miles per hour. I need to take a trip to CA this summer but am not impressed with Fit's open road capabilities. Any thoughts?
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