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Mazda3 vs Honda Accord



  • ecofunecofun Posts: 22
    If it's between a Mazda 3 and an Accord, here's my take:

    I own both vehicles right now. Both are outstanding cars but much different. If you want to cruise around in comfort, go for the Accord. If you are looking for fun commuting, go for the 3.

    We needed a third car in the family since we added two teenage drivers in the past year. When deciding what to do, we were driving an 03 CRV and and 04 Accord EX V6. I drove the Accord and for three years enjoyed trouble free driving, a real pleasure to drive on the highway with all the passing power you need. But when it came time to add the third car, I figured now was the time to add some fun driving to the lineup. I looked at the Civic EX coupe and Si coupe as well as the Mazda 3. The Si was probably the most exhilarating ride, but the other two weren't far behind when it comes to everyday driving. Let's face it, how often does one get to go crazy on some winding back road. I figured that the premium gas and lower EPA more than offset the extra charge I might get out of the Si on very infrequent occassions. Cross off the Si.

    Moving on to the EX and the 3, I thought the EX handled well enough, got great gas mileage and could have been an excellent choice. It would have been my safe choice since I new well Honda reliability. Two drawbacks: 1) Honda still hasn't been able to deliver an interior look and feel that matches all the other Honda quality and performance. The cloth fabric in the coupe is just blah (and if it thinks the swirly action enhances the look, forget it!); 2)no stability and traction control that will come in handy in snowy NH.

    For a while, I actually thought about an Accord EX manual given the discounts that Honda is passing on. Then I said to myself, stick with the more fun ride. That's why I went with the Mazda 3. With the choice of models offered, I went with a GT manual hatchback. Love the car. Solid as a rock, handles extremely well, good looking leather interior, BOSE system, stability/traction control, zenon headlights, rain sensor windshield, etc, etc. While not a primary reason for choosing the 3, I have had more compliments in two months of ownership than I had in three years with the Accord. The Mazda 3 has got to be the best value of any car I have owned including a BMW, Volvo, two Saabs, VWs, Toyota Celica, and others.

    Before you make your decision, asked yourself "Do I want to sit back and relax and let the Accord do all the work or would I rather have a blast in the Mazda 3?"
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    hey no prob man!

    though it does make me feel bad, especially considering that i too have gotten into it with people over splitting hairs, but its usually provoked, i don't like to randomly lash out!

    i actually read the article in question, and the parameters were : a base price at or less than 20k. (does the ex manual sticker for less than this? or at least AT this? i know an ex auto with no add ons now goes for a bit over 20k, whereas the sticke on my auto ex was 19 something.)

    50lbs isn't much though, and not enough for a discrepancy in 0-60 times at least. (i.e. the gti 4 door weighs about this much more than the 2 door, but the times are the same, if not better for the 4 door. Samething for the si sedan with relation to the coupe.)
  • Well, the '08 Accord has convinced me that I won't be buying an Accord. Too darned big.

    I don't understand this constant growing of vehicles. The current gen Civic is larger than the original Accord. I assume that was the motivation behind bringing out the small Fit - they needed a new small car.

    Where will the insanity end? Will the 13th generation Accord be the size of a Lincoln Town Car?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Was an 07 Accord too big? Or does a mere 3" longer, and 1" wider make that much difference to you. It doesn't seem like much to me. The Accord has been growing, but so have us Americans. Are your kids bigger than you were at their age? I know my son is, and my nieces and nephews are bigger than their parents too.
  • Was an 07 Accord too big?

    Yes. But just barely. I was wavering on the size issue. The extra inches of the 08 push it over the edge.

    Are your kids bigger than you were at their age?

    No, they are smaller. You make a valid point, but it doesn't apply to me. I am the largest in my family and am only 5'9", 145 lbs. And my kids have moved out, so most of the time it's just me or me and the wife. I don't need or want a car this large.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    How about a Civic, or TSX? I'm not a real Honda/Acura salesman, but I do play one on the internet. And I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express last night. ;)
  • d_hyperd_hyper Posts: 130
    There will be a new Mazda6 soon and it promises to be a looker (not much bigger than the current gen)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Based on the one spy photo I saw, I'm not really pleased with the looks. I'd rather have a current one than the new 6.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I agree. Too many new models are becoming increasingly bloated and heavier.
  • How about a Civic, or TSX?

    The non-Si Civic doesn't come with ESC, so I won't own one of those. The TSX and Mazda3 sTouring are both on my short list. I've test driven both and like both. Obviously the TSX is more refined, but I have to decide if it's worth the extra $10k or so. I don't like the wide turning circle of the TSX, but the Mazda3 has several small issues as well (weak A/C, hard to read dash displays).
  • I also looked at an accord. While it has everything I want, I can't justify its big size for 1, maybe 2 adults. Mazda3 (and the 6)has everything too. I had a 323 wagon for 7 years, one of the best cars I ever had. Why does the 3 gets higher ratings than the 6? I thought they were built on the same platform, even if there is only a 10 inch difference in length
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The 3 shares a platform with the Gen2 (in Europe) Ford Focus, and Volvo S40. The 6 does not share this platform, I believe.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    The current Mazda3 is on Fords Global C1 Platform, which was devoloped by Volvo.

    The Mazda6 sits on Mazda's GG/GY platform, Ford uses it for their midsized global partner vehicles, and calls it the CD3 platform.

    The next gen Mazda6 is going to sit on the EUCD platform, devoloped by Volvo as well, and is currently used in the new European Ford Mondeo.

    On a side note, I wish Ford would bring the Euro Mondeo over here. It's a hot car, and puts the Fusion to shame...acutally, most of Ford products in Europe are hot, and they would do really well over here.

    In all honesty, a platform does not really mean too much. What really matters is what is placed on top of the platform.
  • I decided on the Mazda3 over the Accord and TSX. Just bought a 2008 sTouring manual, aurora mica blue, leather, and sunroof. So far, I'm pleased with it. I love the turning circle.

    Coincidentally, after owning it for one day, I went to Oregon on vacation where my rental car was a Mazda6! Same engine (2.3). It didn't feel any bigger. Had nice handling, but I like the 3's handling and acceleration better (granted, I have a manual and the rental was automatic, but I could feel the difference with the 3's lighter body).
  • This thread is interesting because I am debating this exact comparison. Currently have an 02 Accord SE 4 cyl MT. Reliable as a claw hammer but I am getting sleepy just thinking about driving it. Have test driven the Mazda3 and wife drives a Mazda5. I really enjoy the dynamics of the 3 and even the 5.

    So yesterday I test drove an 08 Accord EX 4cyl MT. I was somewhat underwhelmed. Way better driving than my 02 but typical Accord in that nothing is wrong or annoying, but nothing exciting. And it has become a large car. If it had a bit more "wow" in the test drive there would be no contest for me. But...

    The Mazda3 is much more exciting to drive but the overall seat comfort and driving position (center console way too wide and interferes with my right leg/foot) bugs me. Typical Mazda - fun to drive but has some warts. The options combinations are interesting as well. The Accord has VSA, better crash safety, and overall should be the more trouble-free car. For 90% of my driving (commuting) it will be the better car. The 3 gives me heated seats (a big deal to me here in balmy Canada), hatchback option, yet the Canadian 3s do not get VSA! Price-wise Honda is provding rebates here in Canada with the whole dollar thing while Mazda has not yet done so (to my knowledge) so pricing ends up being similar.

    So I am still not sure what to get!
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    The Accord For 90% of my driving (commuting) it will be the better car. ... Price-wise Honda is provding rebates ...Mazda has not ...pricing ends up being similar. So I am still not sure what to get!

    Sounds like 10% is all you need to make your decision. Alternatively, you could try the dealership games and see what kind of competitive offers can be had.

    p.s. Mazda needs to review their pricing.
  • Sounds like 10% is all you need to make your decision. Alternatively, you could try the dealership games and see what kind of competitive offers can be had.

    p.s. Mazda needs to review their pricing.

    It's definitely a tough choice. Will have to test drive them back to back. I am not ready to pull the trigger yet - I think here in Canada they are still going to have to go lower. I talked to a Mazda dealer and he was genuinely POd about Mazda's lack of movement to this point.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    The 3 gives me heated seats (a big deal to me here in balmy Canada)

    You could always spend the extra bucks and get the EX-L for the heated seats in the Accord.
  • You could always spend the extra bucks and get the EX-L for the heated seats in the Accord.

    I might consider that if the pricing gets more aggressive. However at this point the EX-L is edging out of my price range. The Accord as a whole was more than I want to spend but the rebates are starting to come in. With the rebates on the Honda the EX currently would work out to the same as a loaded 3.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    There are no rebates on the Honda Accord right now, not the 2008 anyway.
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