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2007 Hyundai Accent v 2007 Toyota Yaris Lift



  • last week I saw an add for a 2007 accent GS with prefered pck going for 8999$.
    I dont know why it was 3500$ les than msrp but it was one of those apple green ones...not sure how popular that color is ;) or maybe it was a demo?
    still it was a great deal IMO.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I expect it was a "one only" loss leader to drive traffic into the dealership. Happens quite often. I read about some lucky guy picking up a new Optima, $17k list, for a little over $11k on a deal like that.
  • you must be right. it was saying in the add
    " this car only" so it was not a special for multiple cars but this very specific one.

    I said again and again that i would NOT get a 2 doors but i really enjoyed the accent on my test drive... ;)
    I always had 2 doors (except for my cherokee) and i did not wanna go back to the assle of moving/getting out of the car thing with a 2 doors :)
    on the other hand, i also had a wrangler for a couple of yrs and that car has to be the most "unpractical" "pain in the butt" car when it comes to loading ppl or stuff.
    the driver seat moves back and forth but you cant let ppl in on the side (it was a 1994) and i had to flip back the back seat everytime i went grocery shopping or had my dog in the car... and i will not comment with the soft top / hard top installation !!! ;)
    but i LOVE my JEEP !!!!!

    so anyways...i got a question for owners(or anyone for that matter)

    i saw somewhere that there is a pedal in the back on the front seats for passengers to use to move the seats to make getting out easy? and also, i see that the brochure is mentionning a reclining back seat but the sales guy never said anything about what is the deal, they recline or not?
    i know the guy at toyota made a big deal of it(the reclining seat) in the yaris ;)

    and is the rear window wiper only available with the SE? that is my understanding at this point and i have to admit that i wish it was standard on the GS should be part of the prefered pck with a/c and the CD payer :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    There IS a pedal for the front passenger seat to slide it forward to ease entry to the rear. I don't think there's such a pedal on the driver's seat.

    The rear seat DOES recline, but not much--just a couple of inches I'd estimate. But I found it useful as it makes the seatback a little more comfy.

    I think you are correct that the rear wiper is only on the SE. I know that Consumer Reports griped about lack of a rear wiper on the GS they tested (although they could have tested a SE and it would have fallen mid-pack in pricing with the cars they tested). But maybe you should go for the SE anyway, as it has better handling, those cool 16" wheels, more gauges, rear wiper, leather wheel/shifter, and most importantly... ABS with 4-wheel disc brakes.
  • i am not sure i wanna go with the SE. mostly because of the tires that are more expensive than the ones on the GS. I am trying to keep the price as low as possible. the only, really ONLY thing i will not compromise on is A/C..the rest is all up for discussion :)
    the reason i am trying to keep to price tag really low is that I won't have a big down payment and no car to trade-in for.

    backy, do you know if hyundai as specials on regular basis?

    and while i am at it ;)
    my sticker would be 12.317$ for a GS with prefered pck right? what would be a good deal to get? i know there is not a big mark up on them, but how much lower should I expect to get if i try a bit?? :)

    question for yaris owners:
    on all the pics i am seeing, the speedo is white(light colored) numbers on a black back. the one we test drove, had the opposite, black numbers on white/silvery (ugh!) why is that???
  • I think it depends on whether you drove a liftback or a sedan. They have different speedo clusters.
  • i was refering the liftback pics. and we test drove a liftback...i was just wondering why is was different than in the pictures? not a big deal... :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    If you want to keep the price low and need A/C, you might look into a 1-2 year old Elantra 5-door--much more car than the Accent or Yaris. Tires are cheap, good replacements available for around $40.

    Hyundai dealers typically offer discounts, and this is a good time of year for you--year-end. There is no general rebate on the Accent now, and that may change in early 2007 (speculation based on history) but you seem to need a car now, so shoot for one on the 29th or 30th. Certainly don't settle for sticker!
  • an elantra? will have to look at it!
    but the accent gs looks GREAT! i just loved it when i saw it on the lot! really. that wine red is Gorgeous!
    hey, i am a woman, the car has to look good!!! :P
    i can't buy just now...the immigration dept. is keeping me waiting for my work permit, SSN etc....GRRR...
    (i am wondering if they have anything againts canadians??!!! LOL !!! but as soon as it gets in, it will buy within a few days at the most within that month.

    that's why i am doing my homework prior so i will not be pressed by time and just buy anything. I have noticed a couple of times when i went test driving, that i actually know MORE about the cars than some salesman!! LOL!!!

    again, backy, thanks for your infos!
  • You gotta be kiding me? Former Hyundia owner here! I had a 1995 accent, 2003 Elantra, and a 2005 Sonota!! I gave Hyundia three strikes and guess what? I now own a toyota! I also sell cars for a living and this is the first toyota I've ever owned. As for the Hyundia, never again!!!!!! In fact how can you put Hyundia and Toyota in the same sentence! One word JUNK!!!!! There is a reason why they have the one hundred thousand mile warranty!
  • Dude, Hyundia don't hold there value as you have learned! Toyotas do as you have learned! Your comparing two different cars. The accent is Hyundias base car. Toyotas carolla isn't. Your on the wrong car!!! Plus KBB don't buy cars! Toyotas base car starts under 10k. Also your wrong on the safty features as well.With that said, your post is completely wrong!!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    More than 10 errors in a short post, and you are talking about someone else's post being wrong? That is pretty funny. :D

    If you had so many problems with Hyundai #1, why buy #2? Or #3? You don't sell Toyotas now by any chance, do you?
  • backy...

    I have a question for you, and I believe you're the best person in these threads to ask:

    Is a deductible required with the '07 Hyundai/Kia warranties?
    I've read some reviews concerning the Accent SE 3 door, which I find to be a VERY interesting machine (speaking for myself), and a couple of these reviews have conflicting 411 concerning warranties and deductibles. This is why I decided to ask you for the definitive answer.

    If you would take a moment to reply here to this inquiry I sure would appreciate it. :)

    Many thanx...

    Happy Holidays!

    Peace<- ;)
  • I don't believe there is a deductible with the 07 Hyundias/Kia! I don't work there,but every Hyundia I ever
    owned there was no deductible. Are you getting the new
    Accent? Trust me, before you buy any Hyundia check the
    safety features!!

    Happy Holidays to you as well!
  • I didn't no my grammer and spelling had to be perfect!!!!!
    Look at all the other post. If your saying my facts in my post are wrong than you sure as hell don't belong in here!!!
  • All I'm saying is why do people post wrong information? If you don't have facts or don't know what your talking about. why give someone else the wrong info, the they are lost two!! I thought this WAS FOR INFO!!!!!!
  • Yes, I sell Toyota, Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Lexus, I'm certified in all but, Toyota and Lexus!
  • not sure i wanna get in the middle of all this but...
    last time i look, domestics cars weren't not having the best of reputation...but some ppl swear by them, just like some others would not drive anything but an asian car...
    i think everybody is entitled to their likes and dislikes and opinions.

    ps: backy, be cool with me with the grammar and spelling...remember, i am french canadian ;) on my way to check out the elentra 5 doors online! :shades:
  • No, I'm sorry, Someone else was getting on me about my grammer and spelling. Anyway why the Elentra? Seems like everyone wants a Hyundia
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I think that the auto maker you are referring to is Hyundai, not Hyundia. The model you are referring to is Elantra, not Elentra. As for "everyone wants a Hyundai", I think it is actually Backy that is responsible for the great majority of favorable posts about the Hyundai Accent on the Toyota Yaris boards. He has been researching the cars in this class at least the last 8 months and came to the conclusion long ago that the Accent SE is by far and away the best car in the class. The last information I have is that he will not actually put his money where his mouth is and bought an Accent SE. You do have to admire his Jehovah's Witness missionary zeal in trying to convince the world that the Accent is the only way to get to Heaven.

    P. S. Sorry for the spelling corrections, but I was just trying to give Backy a couple less things to pick at.
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