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Jeep Grand Cherokee Vibration



  • In my case, it's not the tires. They were rebalanced, rotated -- no difference. The vibration occurs only going up hill or with acceleration at 70 - 80 mph. It's getting worse. At my 6th visit to the dealer, I went out on the road with one of the dealer's senior mechanics, and he said, "bring it in, we'll have a look, it's drive train vibration." That's next week. If they can't fix it, I'm trading it in for a Toyota. Been a Jeep owner since '85. I think I'm done.
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Switch the tires! I went through the same problem for over 8 months. Balancing the tires has nothing to "flat spots or heavy spots in the tires", the problem will continue. I have had multiple drive shafts put in, front and rear, and nothing changed. Until I simply replaced the tires. This problem is very common with Goodyear tires, hence the reason the dealership will not warranty the tires. Hope this helps, but dont let Goodyear sway you opinion on a Jeep. What jeep is it that you do have? I am assuming it is an 05 or 06 JGC limited w/5.7L HEMI. If not burn the jeep. Goodyear will warranty the tires. Good luck! Let me know if you do have the tires replaced, If you need anything please let me know i can give you a reference if anyone gives you a hard time about not replacing the tires. They will do it.
  • If the guy can't fix it this time, I will try to get them to replace the tires. What did you tell them to get them to do it?
  • What i did was take it to the Jeep dealership and they were the one who noticed two of the four tires that were out of round, Then i took it to a Goodyear dealership who again checked the tires. Once they noticed the tires were bad the called Goodyear and prorated the bad tires. Depending on how many miles are on them Goodyear will replace all four tires for free. But since i had 22K on them I was able to get each tire for 40 bucks. not bad since the retail price is around 180. Are you located in texas? I can give you the number to the Goodyear dealership that i worked with if you think it will help.
  • In NY. Jeep is a 3.7L GC Laredo. How did they "notice" they were out of round?
  • I may be vibration free. As I mentioned I replaced the tires. Americas tire could not get them properly balanced.... they seem to struggle with the chrome clad option. After 3 attempts they got the Michelin Latitudes 255X60X17 balanced.
    Seemed like the vibration was much better. But then the Jeep started drifting left and right on the freeway. Had the alignment checked. it was off a little. Still drifted LEFT AND RIGHT.

    I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with Michelin Cross Terrain 255X60X17 and they have been perfect. Went to Americas Tires and told the manager the story. Of course he wasn't buying and said drifting was normal on the freeway.

    He would not do a full exchange for the tires. I had to give them another $312. They installed them and off I went.

    Next the Jeep starts vibrating/shaking from 65 to 75 MPH. So the new tires were out of balance. Went to another America's Tire, told the story and they reluctantly balanced the tires again. I asked them to check them first, they did not. Guess what,the vibration is now 68 to 73 MPH after the re-balance.

    So I figure I'll give it one more try at Les Schwab. Tell the manager the story and he seems like he really wants to solve the problem, even though I did not buy the tires there. He say's let's do re-balance on the road force machine. $21 / tire to do this.

    This machine checks the quality of the rims and the tires. They also checked the balance on all 4 tires first - they were all out of balance. The rims and tires checked out good. Balanced the tires on the road force machine. They even double checked one tire by removing and re-installing on the machine. Handed me the keys and said go test drive and please call us to tell us if its fixed.

    So I take Jeep out on a country road - hit 70 MPH and its as smooth as silk.......

    The lessons I learned.

    1. America's Tire / Discount Tire seems to have gotten too big and no longer seems to want to provide the service they use to - I'm done with them - Too bad since I have 9 cars and trucks
    2. Chrome Clad wheels on 05 and 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee's require latest generation balancing equipment - I think older machines push out against the chrome covers
    3. Do not use inside wheel weights - use the traditional weights on the edge of the rims
    4. Goodyear tires may not be the problem -perhaps the tires get screwed up because the balancing is just slightly off
    5. Michelin Latitudes DO NOT BELONG ON THIS JEEP they are really for luxury and cross over types
    6. Michelin Cross Terrains work great
    7. Michelin and America's Tire/Discount Tire sucks - They did not want to listen, saw me as a trouble maker and did not want to make things right.
    8. I'm going to call Michelin direct and see if I can get somewhere directly with them. For all I know AT/DT never even called them.
    9. I'm not crazy, even though everyone tried to make me believe that I was.

    Now we'll see how long things go smooth. The only problem I have left is I hear a click sound on the left side at low speeds and the dealer does not seem to be able to find the cause. This started while on a long trip.

    So 2 months and $1300 worth of tires and balancing I think the issue is solved.....
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    That is Great to hear! I too had problems with my JGC 5.7L and for eight months the dealer could not find the problem. Finally I found the problem in the tires and Goodyear did pro-rate my tires and offered me a heavy discount. I feel like I finally have the Jeep I wanted to purchase and not a rolling vibrator.
  • Last note by Bob is correct. Had same issue with dealer. Replaced tires & balance multiple times at dealer. Found that they had to order new cone for road force balancer for the chrome clad wheels. Since then, no problems - The problem now is the cost of balance in the future! Finding issue earlier might have saved the original tires, but by the time the problem was found they were badly cupped. Not a good experience!
  • I have had no problem with my 2006 5.7 Jeep Grand Cherokee's tires until my last rotation & balance at the dealer. When I picked it up and got up to 70 m.p.h, it vibrated badly-took it back to the dealership-asked the service writer to ride with me and he felt it. Let it with them & picked it up and it was only a little better. Took it to a Goodyear dealer who balanced the tires with the "road force" machine and now it is smooth as glass at any speed.

    The tires are in great shape and I'll get lots more miles out of them.

    I expressed my disappointment to the dealer and told them the solution I found. It is a good dealership that dropped the ball on this problem.

    It's still, by far, the best vehicle I have owned.
  • latest update

    I now have 29800 miles on the Jeep. Just had the 30K service. The Jeep is still driving perfect no vibration. So it appears that the road force process with the correct cone is mandatory to avoid this problem. Funny thing, I have a new 06 Dodge Ram Laramie 4X4 with 20's and the chrome clad rims. Started having the same vibration issue. Took it to Les Schwab had the road force done and the vibration was gone. In this case I got the problem fixed before the tires were destroyed.
    I've only had 1 other problem with the Jeep, the side curtain airbag hardware started to rattle. Dealer had to remove the headline and tighten the brackets, they also added some type of tape to the headliner to stop the rattles. I was told this was the first Jeep they saw with this problem however they had seen the problem on the Magnum - man wagon.
  • waxer92waxer92 Posts: 9
    I have the exact problem with a 2007 Cherokee with a Hemi and is now back at dealer for 2nd time. 1st time they just said it operated as designed. What was the problem -- was it fixed?
  • dhfinleydhfinley Posts: 16
    The problem was it was a Jeep. I fixed the problem by trading the Jeep in for a Toyota Highlander, which runs smooth as cream. No vibrations anywhere. The last straw with the Jeep was that the dealer said the vibration was due to a problem with the computer and the electronic transmission -- that the computer needed to be re-programed. They tried; the computer died on the spot and the Jeep sat in the bay like a $28,000 cinderblock for 10 days. My advice; live with the vibration or get a new car.
  • waxer92waxer92 Posts: 9
    Today, the dealer advised they are changing the rear drive shaft and will continue to change out parts until the vibration is gone. However, I fear that I will have to follow your advice and learn to live with the vibration because I'm in a 27 month lease. Probably my first and last American vehicle. Thanks for responding to my message.
  • dhfinleydhfinley Posts: 16
    Sorry. They changed my drive shaft as well. Nothing helped. I have had American made cars snce my first one in 1965. This Jeep was a problem since the first day, when I got it home and it wouldn't start because of a dead battery. Never again will I buy an American car. Sad.
  • Well, I wish we have found this blogsite prior to purchasing a non-titled 2007 JGC Limited with 6000 miles on it. (Driven by the dealer owners daughter)

    When we test drove the Limited, with a 4.7, we noticed a vibration between 60-75 MPH. Ignorant as I am and thinking it was tires, they dealt us out of our 2001 JGC Limited (97,000 miles and no problems at all). I spent the next couple of weeks playing with tire pressures and moving the roof rack back and forth thinking possibly it was wind buffet causing the irritating vibration.

    When this failed we returned it to the Chrysler Service Mgr who drove the vehicle and determined it to be the rear driveshaft (sound familiar?) It took a month to for the shaft to reach the dealer but it finally came in.

    The shop replaced the shaft on 9/4/07, called and said it was fine, 100% corrected, driven and proven by the mechanic with 20 years experience and the service Mgr with as many years behind him. Well, again, as ignorant as I am, I was on I-77 for approximately 30 seconds and felt (yes you guessed it), the vibration....but not quite as bad, except now as I enter a right turn at interstate speeds, the steering wheel vibrates as well.

    Well, before getting out of their that eve, the General Manager, the salesman I purchased the vehicle from and the General Motors Service Mgr (the Chrysler Service Mgr went home while I was on the test ride! Go Figure)were into it hot and heavy. The GM service Mgr did drive the vehicle and confirmed the vibration with the comment, "I'm not sure we can fix this vehicle".

    I left the vehicle there and returned the next eve to get a loaner from Enterprise at the dealers expense.

    The dealership is now to replace the front drive shaft. It is now 9/10/07, I still have the loaner and am not happy with Chrysler. I am pursuing it as a "Lemon" under the Lemon Law. :lemon:
  • Yes, it sounds familiar, even the roof-rack part, believe it or not. I hope changing the front drive shaft will do it -- let me know. I am just glad I am rid of mine. I now have an additional 2 -4 hours per week that I used to spend in dealer-oriented activities.
  • We picked up the jeep from the dealer this eve. I ask the service mgr to ride with me and surprisingly it behaved much better. I would put the fix at 80-90% cured. It Still has a slight vibration that could be attributed to tires.

    I called the number located in Colorado listed earlier and talked with the service manager Jason. He stated that if replacing the two shafts didn't fix the problem to raise each wheel off the ground and with a string, measure the circumference of each tire. If one or more measurement is off by much and because the vehicle is all-wheel drive, it would act similarly. I will try that next and keep you posted. :(

    By the way, what did you replace your Jeep with?
  • 2007 Toyota Highlander, which I love. I think the front driveshaft is much more likely than the tires. I'm not buying the string approach. The other problems I had with the Jeep were: dead battery day 2; replaced with a Mercedes battery; air conditioning went out for the right side of the car; constant vibration; radio problems; blown bulbs or lights or LEDs on the climate control panel; computer that died. That's all I can remember right now, I am sure there were more. Good luck, hope it stays 80 - 90% fixed!
  • I posted earlier about the vibration in my vehicle when pressing on the accellerator which is worst at about 70-75mph. The dealer changed out the rear drive shaft and there is absolutely no difference in the vibration. I drove up to Boston from Long Island this weekend with the truck and traveled 80+ where the vibration seemed to go away. However, whenever the traffic reduce to about 70mph, there was my old friend the vibration. Apparently, the vibration problem is a design flaw in the trucks and I don't see any fix to the problem. I am curious about the Lemon Law claim. I am an attorney and have sucessfully prosecuted such a claim in the past for a used vehicle. The issue here will be whether the vibration impairs the value of the vehicle and an expert will be need to prove the dimunition in value. For now, I am just dealing with the problem and only have another 26 months left on my lease...Woohoo!!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    but the vibration is prob a wheel out of balance a tire shop could check that real easey (i have custon wheels on my 2000 jgc and have to have them balanced extreamley well or will have vibration at 65 to 75 mph not below or above ) try that
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