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Jeep Grand Cherokee Vibration



  • The rims on our Jeep are the Aluminum standard without the chrome cladding.
  • I spoke with someone who is no expert but suggested that since the jeep has a solid rear axel the vibration is inherent in the design.
  • The Regional Service Manager called me today. We have an appointment for him to drive the vehicle on 10/16.
  • mine is now 98% better.............with a road force balance and replacement of the front and rear driveshaft and both front axles............the parts were taken from another new vehicle on the lot, as i guess they couldn't get all these parts currently...........makes me wonder if there is a more national problem with 08 and driveline vibration.........they did confirm the rear driveshaft was out of balance, but didn;t want to add weights to it.....
  • Great.....Here's hoping for 100% I'm assuming the CV joints in the axles were the problem.

    Do you think the other 2% could be the pinon in the transfer case or either differential?

    Can't wait til the 16th when we meet with the service rep.
  • Hey flattop60,

    What does the 2% represent?
    I have been watching and reading your post and find it almost exactly the same with regards to complaints that I have with my brand new (left over) '07 GC with Hemi. I too have had the rear driveshaft replaced (not the front yet) and that would equate to a 70% improvement. It's in the shop now and they are looking into the front shaft as well as motor mounts. I have a good shop foreman who confirmed he felt the vibration and hum from the drivetrain. He explained that a drivesaft problem would normally happen consistently and not at certain speed points as is the case. The drivesaft that came out had 45 pounds of weights and the replacement had 15 pounds. Completely different! This suggests that Chrysler knows they have a problem. My hunch is that this is a band aid where they have moved the vibration to higher speeds from the original 65-70 where it was most noticable. I am also in the northeast (CT) and made a recent trip to Boston with a client who loved the truck but noticed the vibration. I also have a 'clunk' noise coming from the center of the vehicle that only occurs when i first pull out of a parking lot or parking space maing left or right turns. What amazes me is how poorly engineered this vehicle is considering it has a price tag of over 43K. I have a feeling the scenario will end with one of two options:

    1) They took out the majority of the vibration so i must learn to live with it.
    2) file a lemon law case.

    The frustrating thing for me is i love the truck and really don't want my money back. I just want what every consumer is entiteled to which is respectable engineering and quality control. Something that seems to apparently be completely absent with Jeep. flattop60, please get in touch with me so we can share some stories and our progress. E-mail me at

  • Sorry,

    I mean't suvowner1.

  • Suvowner1 and wholelottahemi,

    Temporarily we are located in the Ohio/West Virginia area until sometime in November. Then we are back to our home in central Florida.

    First, I want to give this new Factory Service Rep a chance to see if he is worthy of his salt. But, just in case if either of you don't mind, could I get your repair facility name, city and State? If not too far I could possibly get in touch with them and get some good service. Even a phone number of the facility would be enough of a start for me.

    I agree with wholelottahemi, we really like all the bells and whistles and would really like to get it fixed if possible. I hate to lose so much money in just a few months if a buyback/Lemon law does not work.

    Thanks in advance if you can help me.
  • I met with the Regional Service Rep this morning. He drove the vehicle and determined the problem to be the tires. He didn't put a lot of stock in the unbalanced driveshaft idea the dealership used to replace both shafts.

    Chrysler is going to purchase 4 new Michelin Tires of comparable value, have them force balanced to the wheels to "fix" the problem. We should have the Jeep back tomorrow. Will this fix the vibration ??????

    Will keep you posted.
  • No! Jeep does not want to admit that the drive line is flawed and pay to replace all of the parts. Frankly, just switching out bad parts for bad parts is just a waste of everyones time. Face it, we all bought lemons.
  • flattop60,

    I feel your pain! I have the same problem on my '07 GC with a Hemi. I am in the process of filing a lemon law case in CT where I live. If you want to talk, e-mail They replaced my rear driveshaft which like you, seemed to help a lot. Now, I have a front driveshaft coming ( they are on national back order I wonder why)which by reading your post, doesn't sound like it is going to solve the problem. The car has 2500 miles on it and for a 43K automobile, this is what I have to show for my money. Oh, I also have a clunk sound every time I turn the steering wheel that you can hear from the center of the dash. Three visits to the dealer for the same problem. really speaks poorly about Chrysler. If you can't manufacture a car that doesn't vibrate at speeds over 55, than you have no business making cars period!

  • We picked up the vehicle last night, it still vibrates!

    I called the Area Service Rep this morning, told him that it still vibrates and I needed to know what to do next. He said "I don't know". I ask him to buy back the vehicle, he flat said no, that the problem was not in the vehicle but in the tires. He purchased the tires for me out of the "goodness of his heart". He felt the original tires were never rotated which was part of the issue. I normally rotate every 7500 miles but feel that as much as that vehicle has been in the dealers shop that if the tires needed rotated to fix the problem then they should have seen this and rotated them.

    I ask him about the Lemon Law, he said that I would need to do that through the state that it is titled in, which is Florida. I mentioned I have that paperwork filled out for Florida and waiting on him to make a decision about a fix or a buy back.

    He is trying to get a Chrysler Engineer to drive the vehicle. The problem is that I finish my work here on Friday, 10/26, will remain a few days in the area and then migrate to Florida trailering the Jeep. I told him that I would meet the Engineer anywhere within 100 miles of here, just name the place and I would be there. I also told him I would meet him next week as he makes his rounds in another part of the state so he could drive it again.

    I am really trying to be patient but I am at the end of my patient fuse.
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    I've got a 07 with the 4.7 and am having the same problems. Already replaced two tires and have all four rebalanced but the problem has not gone away. I am due for my first oil change in two weeks and will once again attempt to have the dealer fix the problem. I am also having torque converter lock-up issues around 38-45 mph. I was told by an Engineer at Chrysler that a computer software fix is in the works
  • Has anyone had the rear transfer case replaced?
  • I met with the Chrysler Engineer on 10/16. After test driving the vehicle and me giving him a report of what has transpired thus far, he agreed there was definitely a vibration and wanted to order parts to rebuild the front differential. This is after he spent most of the day with a mechanic and a vibration analyzer to track the vibration to the front end of the vehicle.

    Chrysler ordered the parts, we delivered the vehicle on 10/23 for the rebuild of the front differential. On Friday, 10/26 we received a call that the vehicle was "ready". We drive the 100 miles to the dealer (Chrysler ask us to use another dealership for the rebuild) on Sat 10/27 to test drive the vehicle. Some better but still vibrated. We refused delivery of the vehicle and kept the loaner.

    On Monday we were ask to meet with the 3rd Chrysler Engineer so he could drive the 07 Jeep. He quickly felt the vibration.

    On returning to the dealership we reached an agreement that Chrysler would buy back the vehicle but with restrictions.

    1. They would give us sticker for our 07.
    2. We had to purchase any other Chrysler product at sticker or more. Basically
    traded for sticker prices.

    The other option for us was to accept another repair attempt that would get the vehicle to about 90% satisfaction (They were going to replace the transfer case), then they were going to give us a warranty for as long as we owned the vehicle that would in essence make repairs to the vehicle at no cost to us for any and all problems.

    I really wish they had not restricted us to Chrysler but I understand their reasoning.

    We elected to look around and choose another Jeep. This we did and test drove two that we liked. One we preferred over the other and drove it approximately 50 miles. Except for the Goodyear Fortera HL tires, we liked it and it did not vibrate. So, to end this saga in our lives, we are to pick up the vehicle later this week most likely 11/17/07.

    Hopefully this purchase/trade agreement will be the end of our mysery of the vibration issues. Most likely someone else will end up with the 07, my only hope is that they get it cheap enough to live with the vibration.

    By the way, our new 08 is going to be a 5.7 Hemi with all the bells and whistles.
  • Congrads Flattop60,

    I commend your persistence. I am curious, they replaced both of my driveshafts (front and rear) which seemed to cure about 95% of the vibration. It is so subtle now that I don't think I could even get someone to feel it or notice it anymore. Only i know that there is a querk. Are you saying that after the repairs you had made the vibration was clearly noticable and obvious enough that anyone could feel it? Let me know i am really curious. Perhaps you could guage it on a scale of 1-10 before and after the repairs etc. Please reply.

    Thanks and good luck!

  • The 3rd engineer who drove our Jeep stated that the previous engineers who drove it rated the vibration at a 5 after both drive shafts were replaced. 1 being bad and 10 being perfect. After the rebuild of the front differential, this engineer rated the vibration as an 8. He said the best it could be repaired would be a 9, never to attain the 10. So, yes, anyone can feel it, in the floorboards, steering wheel, etc.

    If you could get one of the regional service reps to use the vibration monitor that was used on ours, its possible that yours could be made a 10. Ours was always noticable beginning at about 58 mph and on up. They kept zeroing in on the problem but never quite got there. I'm glad its not ours any longer.

    However, we are still awaiting the paperwork to be completed before we can pick up our new one. Hopefully this week. I'm sure with the holidays and vacations it will take a little longer.

    Good luck with your Jeep.
  • Hi Flattop60,

    Thanks for sharing your situation and communication. Glad to here that they are working with you at Chrysler! My GC had the same problem but once they changed both driveshafts the vibration was reduced to a very slight shudder throught the driveline at 70 with no vibration anymore. The slight shudder is so nominal that unless you were to drive the car daily, I don't know that anyone would pick it up which is why I have been reluctant to continue with the push. Never the less, it is annoying as I know something is still there but it's too small to make a stink with at this point. I had all my ducks lined up and ready to file a lemon law complaint before the fix. They wouldn't give me a loaner and made me drive around with the vibration until the front driveshaft came off of back order.

    Good luck and enjoy your new ride!

  • We got our new 08 GC Limited on Tues, Dec 4th. Other than the 2 weeks or so waiting for the paperwork to be completed it was a no hassle deal. We paid the difference between the two stickers, plus tax and title and we were down the road all less than one hours time.

    I appreciate the dealership in Columbus, Ohio that completed the deal and don't have any good feelings at all regarding the dealership in Ripley, WV. where we purchased the 07. They are without a doubt a dealership out to get your money and not wanting to service the vehicles they sell. In my opinion they are part swappers not mechanics!

    The new 08 drives so much better than the 07 its unbelievable. My wife and I are of the opinion that the 07 was wrecked and then repaired without disclosing it to us.

    Hats off to Chrysler for making this exchange happen.

    As we were pulling out of the dealers lot in Columbus with our new 08, stickers were being placed in the side windows of the 07 stating "This vehicle is property of Daimler-Chrysler, not to be driven without permission and to be sold at auction". I pity the poor soul that gets hold of this lemony cream puff!!!

    I don't understand it belonging to Daimler-Chrysler since Daimler split a few months back. I assume it to be so since it was manufactured prior to the sale off.
  • afranafran Posts: 7
    I have a 08 jeep GC which has a vibration at 45 mph and at 65mph. The dealer thinks it's the torque converter and has taken data for Chrysler Engineering who can't believe that the converter used on this 08 model can be the problem.

    I think it is the drive train and don't expect that they will ever fix it! I think I bought a lemon and I will have to dump it next year and buy a car from a manufacturer that cares about customer satisfation and is not on the brink of bankrupsy as is Chrysler.
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