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Jeep Grand Cherokee Vibration



  • Hello Youngmoney 1/18/2008
    I had a meeting with the service manager at Dover Dodge and the regional manager with Chrysler on Wed 1/16/2008. We all when for a highway ride 60-78 MPH.
    I told the rep about the problem with the Goodyear fortera HL OWL tire balance problem. 1 Wheel was found to be out of balance they removed that right rear tire and put the spare tire on the Jeep, the vibration did decrease, however I said I was still not 100% happy. The Chrysler rep asked what I would like. I said I want all new tires on the car since those Fortera's seem to be the problem since all the wheels had 2-3 oz of weights on each one. I wanted Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires.
    Friday 1/18/2008 I took the Jeep back to the dealer, they installed the 4 new
    Michelin tires, I took it for a 25 mile highway ride. Results are NO VIBRATION at all. much quieter and smother ride. Less than 1 oz weight on all the wheels
    My advise to all jeep owners with Fortera tires, tell the dealer they want all new tires and not Goodyear, they must be having a Badyear making good tires.
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    i hope the fix works for yours. drive it a little more and you will find that the problem is in the driveline.
  • Hello to all,

    This thread applies to a driveline vibration on '07 and '08 Grand Cherokee's that ONLY occurs at speeds between 65-80 MPH and has to do with the drivetrain. More specifically, the driveshafts. Most have the Hemi engine. It is NOT about other year vehicles or crankcase problems. Please start a different thread for earlier year vehicles as we are getting a bit off the path of the original posts.

    Thanks to all,
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,949
    This discussion started with 2005 model year vibration problems in Post #1 and has had various model year threads and off-shoots.

    Having similar posts grouped in one discussion helps more people find answers, and many members tend to watch certain discussions and may miss new ones. Please just scroll past posts that don't interest you.
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners:

    I need your assistance with vibration problems on my '07. If anyone has had their driveshafts or u-joints replaced by the dealer could you let me know. So far the dealership I am working with will not replace mine and says that the vibration I feel is a characteristic of the quadra-trac II system. I am waiting to have an area rep review my complaint but would like some back-up material to show them. Your assistance is greatly appreciated
  • afranafran Posts: 7
    After digesting the many posts on this forum and the comments by my dealer, I'm convinced that Jeep has a problem with the torque converter which they cannot fix.

    The way I'm going to fix mine is to get rid of my 2008 GC ASAP and buy a car from someone who knows how to design them...BMW, AUDI, Lexus...too bad they are not American brands!
  • I'd hold off on spending any money on getting it fixed if you don't have the warranty. When they say Characteristic, I'd read between the lines and see : "Something's wrong and we don't know how to fix it." There have been several discussions about potential software fixes for it but nothing has been out out yet. The flashes don't work and I spent $3000 to get it fixed but it still does it. The shudder problem is not a characteristic its a big problem.

    The main culprit seems to be the torque converter and not the joints. If you search the thread further you can find some other ideas and get more information on what HAS NOT worked.
  • I had my rear drive shaft with no noticeable difference in the vibration at 70mph. I would agree there is an issue with the Quadratrac II or the torque converter that is not fixable. There is a design flaw in these vehicles that make them vibrate at highway speeds and makes them uncomfortable to drive. I personally have just become used to it -- only 21 more shaky months to go!!!
  • Hi. I haven't checked the site for awhile.....but your post is an answer to prayer! Yes we have had the exact same problem! We have an 2006 Jeep GC and yes it rumbles. Our jeep has high mileage with 48,000 miles and we are no on torque converter number 4!
    We are so ticked off with jeep that we want to get rid of it, but there no longer is value in jeeps. So if any else is interested we want a class action (although - I am not sure that is what we have?) but yes were disgusted with the poor product we bought.
  • Well - its been a while since your posting. But I to have the same problems and feelings with Jeep. I have and 06 Grand Cherokee, it shudders (rumbles) and lurches under a load. It has 48,000 miles and we just replace torque converter number 4! After having the rear differentials rebuilt! Trust me its not the tires for anyone who reads this! We have put over $4200 into this car in the past year and it has an extended warranty at that.

    Jeep should know that their product sucks!
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14

    I have once agian sent a letter to Chrysler Customer Service, also included one to all the top people at Chrysler. Don't know that anyone will read it or even care but its a start. As I feel everyone else's frustration I now know that I am not the only one out there with the same problem. They still have not gotten back to me about a potential software fix for the premature torque converter lock-up at 35-40mph, because of this I have gotten into the habit of using the tow/haul mode. I should have kept my Durango that had 102,000 miles on it.
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    Pick my '07 up from repair on Monday. After three dealerships and being told that there was nothing wrong hopefully a solution. One new driveshaft, torque converter and a front-end alignment. Not bad for a vehicle that is only 6 months old
  • Hi rkoz1,

    How did the car feel after the fixes? I have an '07 fully loaded GC Hemi with the same problem. They changed my front and rear driveshaft for about a 75% improvement. I have not had my torque converter addressed. Describe your problem a bit more to me and at what speeds it occurrs. Let me know how you make out. You can e-mail me at

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You can e-mail me at ...

    That would deprive other members of valuable information. It's best to keep the conversation here. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    I'll post an update on wednesday. It is at the dealership where I bought it and that is three hours away. I plan to spend a day on that side of the state putting on some major miles on it before before heading home. Dealer agreed that i would drive it for day and have them check it out again on Tuesday. I hope this finally fixes the problem, unfortunately I am a little doubtful at this time having been told in the past by dealers in my area that the Jeep was fine. keeping my fingers crossed

    I think it's time for owners to get together and take the issue to Chrysler. I am trying to put together a pattern and see when the problem '07's were built. I know that mine was built in May of '07 and it is a Rocky Mountain with the 4.7.
  • afranafran Posts: 7
    My 2008 GC has the shutter problem. The problem is that it is not always there!
    I finally got my dealer to agree to replace the torque converter after working with Chrysler engineering. Unfortunately I had to leave for the Winter in FL so I'll have to wait until I return in April.
    I'm interested in how you do with your repair.
  • rkoz1rkoz1 Posts: 14
    Picked up my Jeep as planned on Monday. Dealer replaced, torque converter, rear driveshaft and u-joints. Also did front end alignment. I have driven the Jeep nearly 600 miles since picking it up and I think the problems have been resloved. Much smoother at highway speeds and the shudder appears to be gone. There still is an issue with it only turning 1,100 - 1,200 RPM's at 35-40 mph but that can not be fixed until software changes are released. So far I am very pleased with the results
  • Hello Bad Bad
    I had a similar problem #1 check the wheel tire balance weights the should not be over 1-2 ounces I had on mine 3-4 ounce weights on all tires, Goodyear Fortera HL OWL tires. I took to a goodyear dealer to have all tires balanced on a road force machine, found a wheel (not tire) was bad, I met with a Chryser Rep. and told him to put on the spare. the vibration greatly decreased, I said I was still unhappy. I told him I want all new tires. They put on 4 new Michelin Cross Terrains, there were balanced, and all wheels have 1 or less weights, Your Jeep might need wheel alignment, It all this fails it torque Converter or drive shaft, read all messages in Jeep Grand Cherokee Vibrations
    GOOD Luck .....................................
    Go to
  • Just traded in my 02 Liberty for a loaded 08 JGC 4x4 Limited with the Hemi. On my way home from the dealership, I noticed a vibration at 70 mph. As it was a short drive, I didn't experience it but for maybe a few seconds. Yesterday I drove it on a smooth highway and the vibration started around 65 mph and seems to persist through 80 mph, and is at its worst around 72 mph. Steering wheel shakes so badly I couldn't imagine driving like that for very long; I think my arms would go numb!

    Because the dealership had the car transferred from another dealership located about 100 mi away the day I picked it up, I can see no reason why the driver wouldn't have informed them about the vibration. In my opinion they allowed me to drive a defective vehicle off the lot.

    I'm taking the Jeep back this morning, less than 48 hours after buying it, for service. Based on what I've read here, I'm in for a long, grueling process.

    Question: is the vibration problem limited to 4x4's? Is it limited to the HEMI?
  • Thanks for the advice.

    Jeep service department told me they found that one of the front wheels was out of balance, but after adjusting they test drove it and the vibration was still there. They are going to keep it overnight in order to replace the front drive shaft tomorrow morning.

    We'll see what happens.

    Loaner car: PT Cruiser. :(
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