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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair

Hi, I'm new here but I really need some help. I have a 1993 Grand Am V6 3.3. It started misfiring.. slowly progressed and now does not start. Replaced Ignition Module it ran (out of time) for about 5 minutes, replaced that ignition module, ran a diagnostics at chev. dealership came up crank sensor, I replaced that, does not run at all. I'm a broke college kid!! Tryin to fix it myself I can build things from the ground up but this problem is beyond me. Does anyone have any ideas ??


  • i have been working on a 1996 grand am se and i had to change the ignition (lock cylender) and now i cant get the theift system to turn off please help
  • zapazapa Posts: 2
    Help, Help Please. These lights keep coming on in my 2000 grand am. Right before the lights come on I hear a very loud grinding noise and the breaks give a little. Is this an ABS problem, sensor problem??? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  • :mad: I have a 2002 pontiac grand am gt. As of yesterday, it will not start. The security light is on, but the engine will not turn over. I've read some of the other messages and i guess this is a problem with my car. The lights come on, radio works....battery, alternator, and starter have all been checked and are good. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as to what I can do to fix this problem.
  • just to let ya'll know, i called a dealership, they told me to turn the key to the on position for 20 worked!!!!!! but they also said not to do it a lot because it can mess up the computer!!!!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Did they advise you to bring it in and have the passlock system diagnosed for problems?
  • humblehumble Posts: 3
    My cars dash lights, gear stick light, does not work at all when I turn the head lights on or if it does it with the sinsur. When I do turn my head lights on my stereo display lighting turns off, but the stereo remains playing. All headlights, blinkers, lamp lights work fine. I checked the fuses and there fine. I took the dimmer switch out to see if it gets power when the healight switch is turned, it does. the cluster gages work fine just not the lighting. Does anyone know of where to start from here?? :confuse:
  • soderquistsoderquist Posts: 6
    car does not get fuel i dont know if its something besides the fuel pump help
  • soderquistsoderquist Posts: 6
    i had the same problem it can be fixed for about 113 dollars its the wheel hub assembly
  • soderquistsoderquist Posts: 6
    is there a emergency fuel switch on a 2002 grand am se1????
  • barry2bbarry2b Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me how to get the change oil light to turn off ??
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    i have a 2001 grand am se 2.4L 4 door automatic and the trac light keeps coming on while driving and once its on the transmission will bang while switching gears and if i push the trac button to cut the light off it stays on.To get it to go off so the car will drive properly i have to pull over and park the car and turn it off and restart the car.when i put it in drive it bangs the gear once and then it starts driving ok for a while i cant figure out whats making it do that. the only thing that needs to be changed is the fuel pressure regulator because it leaks once in a while :cry:
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    First open the fuse panel which you will find by opening the driver's door and looking on the outer side of the dashboard. Simply pull the fuse panel cover and it will pop off. Near the fuse panel, you will see a white square button that resets the check oil light. I cannot remember the sequence of what to do...(push and hold the button, wait five seconds, release...push down again until the light goes off...something like that) Like I said, I don't remeber the exact sequence to reset the light. But if you mess with it for a few seconds with the ignition turned on, the light will reset. It should come back on after 5000 miles, unless your oil change technician remembers to :)
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    did you check the fuel pressure regulator :shades:
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    no it does not have a emergency fuel swith
  • yeah on my car my needle messes it....i can beat on the gauge and it goes up some....but its still messed up......has this happened to anyone else?????? any easy solutions???? please let me know if you have anything
  • csealecseale Posts: 5
    2003 grand am driven by my daughter, she hit the brakes "very hard" to avoid a collision. The car would not accelerate after that and will not start. It will not engage. Looking for some sort of reset? Any ideas.
  • csealecseale Posts: 5
    What kind of problem are you having that you need to know about a emergency fuel switch?
  • maximus7maximus7 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4L. During uphill driving at low speeds I get a rpm surge. If I hold the gas pedal just right, the rpms jump up and down as if someone is depressing and releasing the gas peddle, but the car doesn't surge forward or back. It does this intermittently. One time, the check engine light came on. The diagnosic reading said that it was a O2 sensor. A mechanic then told me that it might be the fuel pump going bad, running too lean or rich and the O2 sensor was picking up on this.
  • tammy6tammy6 Posts: 1
    I have a Pontiac Grand AM SE... The secuirty light comes on and the car won't start. We have had this happen a few times and we followed the instructions in the owner's manual and turned the ignition on for 10 minutes and retried and the car started. But now it is happening again and we tried the same process but now it won't start. The light will not go off even after 20 minutes and we can hear the fuel pump come on when we turn on the ignition but no gas is getting to the rest of the car....Do you think it's a problem with security or does it need a new fuel pump? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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