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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair



  • orogleorogle Posts: 10
    Last week I went to start the car and the dome light wasn't on, turning the key produced no dash lights and the car wouldn't start.
    put on the multimeter to test voltage on the battery and it was fully charged.
    got out of car went into house
    went back to garage, the door was locked so unlocked door and when I opened it the dome light was on, the dash lights lit when turned the key and it started.

    went to the store a few days later and left the car unlocked
    and when I tried to start the car once again no power.
    Got out of the car and locked and unlocked the door with the key because I had no idea of what to do and no power still.
    Turned the headlight switch and had headlights and then dash lights and it started. I was surprised when the headlights came on.
    no security light flashing either time, just no power.

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Does anyone know where the switch that operates the dome light is in the door of a 04 Grand Am?
  • My a/c works geat and so does my heating. My issue is that the air flow is stuck on face, foot, and i think dfrost for the front windsheild. how do i check it out and what am i looking for? all i have found is the a/c heater blend door accuator. does this not only control the cool and heat mixture?

    any guidance work be a great help. thank you.
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