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Toyota Camry Hybrid Extended Warranty & Service Package



  • Reading thru previous messages, the price quotes from Midwest Toyota seemed too good to be true. After first verifying with Toyota Financial that the extended warranty could be purchased anytime withing the original warranty period and from any dealer nationwide, I called Midwest and verified the prices in previous posts.

    The salesman said the reason they could sell the extended warranty so cheaply was that they used the proceeds to offset any previously sold warranties that are turned in. Huh? Well, it turns out that people who purchase the extended warranty, and then decide to trade the car in within the original warranty, get back most if not all of the cost of the extended warranty, and this "rebate" is levied against the dealer selling the extended warranty. He also said that, for purchasers outside their dealership area (greater Hutchison area), they sell the extended warranty at cost (I bet they make a small profit).

    To summarize, they make their money selling it at a higher price in the Hutchison area, and hedge any potential refund by selling( over the phone) offsetting policies at cost.

    I will pick up my new Camry Hybrid this afternoon, will politely decline the "generous" offer from the dealer, and call Midwest Toyota. BTW - there is no way to get the extended warranty online from Midwest.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    When I called and discussed this same thing, he told me they make something like $45 per warranty, but they sell so many that its well worth the effort.

    I bought my Camry Hybrid here in NH, was quoted more than twice the price for the warranty at my local dealer. So I declined and bought it from Midwest over the phone. This was in July.

  • Just my 2 cents worth from upstate NY....

    Ordered my 2009 TCH last May, arrived last Thursday. When ordering, dealer offered me the extended warranty for $1900. I declined. When picking up the car, they said there was a sale on and I could get it for $1100. I declined. Yesterday I called Midwest and bought the premium plan (7/75000 with zero ded) for $619. Transaction was simple, give them your VIN and a credit card number and you'll get your policy via the mail.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. I passed on the extended warranty and am approaching 60,000 miles on my 07TCH with no problems. I might have considered a 100,000 mile warranty, but 75,000 was only three years of driving for me and just was not that much more than the 60,000 mile factory for me to worry about.
  • I too called Midwest this morning and ordered a Platinum Protection Plan for my '07 Hybrid. I have 35,000 miles on my car and decided to bite the bullet and get it, just in case. I picked up the 7 / 100,000 plan for $964. Hmm, I didn't think to ask but I hope that was for a $0 deductible...

    For those interested in buying one too, here are the two prices I was quoted:

    6 / 100,000 - $799
    7 / 100,000 - $964
  • I cancelled the extended warranty on the TCH that I sold and bought a new one for my RAV 4.

    Here are the latest prices on the Genuine Toyota Platinum Warranty with $0 deductable:

    09 Toyota Camry Hybrid:
    6yr/ 75,000 Mile $514
    6yr/100,000 Mile $799
    7yr/100,000 Mile $964

    07 RAV 4
    6yr/100,000 Mile $654
    7yr/100,000 Mile $780

    These prices are from Midwest Toyota Superstore Talk to Mark or Jerry: 1-800-530-5789. They kept saying, "You can't believe the number of warranties we sell because of the web postings."

    All they need is the vehicle VIN, mileage, and the date of purchase. The whole think took about 10 minutes.

    No, I don't have prices on other models/plans. Howver, I'm sure they would give them to you over the phone.

    Yes, they are the "real" Toyota Warranty, not aftermarket.

    Yes, I've purchased from them before and have been pleased.

    No, I don't work for them, didn't get a special deal, etc., etc, etc.

  • Is the warranty they sell good in California. My dealer in CA. said it probably wouldn't be good in CA. because CA. has strict emissions regulations.
  • The OFFICIAL Toyota warranty is the same everywhere as I understand it. It isn't written differently for different states.
  • Toyota's warranty is good in EVERY state, regardless of where you buy it. Before I purchased mine from Midwest, I talked to Toyota Financial and they assured me my car would be covered anywhere in the US -- and I live in California, too!
  • I cancelled my extended platinum warranty from sunnyvale toyota in CA. and bought one from midwest toyota 7 year/100,000 mile zero deductible. for $964
    Good all across the nation. Yes!! Peace of mind for great price.
  • Can any please give me the url or phone # for the midwest insurance.

  • Got my warranty in the mail in about 2 weeks from Toyota Financial. VIN# and everything is now registered with Toyota and Platinum Warranty is good!!!
    Can't beat the price for 7 years/100,000 miles bumper to bumper coverage 0$ deductible!! Go MidWest Toyota in Kansas and talk to Jerry!!
  • Look at previous posts and you will find the number.
  • I contracted the beg of Oct for an extended warranty for my TCH and to date haven't received anything in the mail. Numerous phone messages go unanswered. Anybody else have this difficulty?
  • I was wondering if you had received your warranty yet? i just purchased a 2009 Prius and was looking for a Toyota extended warranty. Every comment up to yours was very positive.
  • Yes, received my warranty in the mail in about 2-3 weeks from Toyota Financial.
  • I see you had another reply, but from me, nope, not yet. After MarkM refused to return any of my messages, I sought additional help and FINALLY got a committment from Jerry on Dec 9 to get it going. He said he personally took it over to the "counter" to have it processed - but what happened to the original request? - who knows. Anyhow, I called again on the 23rd and Jerry said I should have received the paperwork by now. I said I would check back in two more weeks, which will be Tuesday. I will post again at that time. He assures me I am covered, but proof?
  • So,, I have a n extended Platinum Warranty for 3 years, 100,000 miles. I would like to change it to a longer time period. Is it possible to cancel before the 35k manufacturers warranty runs out? I paid 1,000 for the warranty at Herb Chambers in Massachusetts
  • I was wondering if you had received your warranty yet? It's now two weeks later than you thought you might get it. I am a little leery of purchasing this online. I checked out if Midwest Superstore was a legit Toyota dealership, and it is listed by Toyota. I can't understand how the price is less than half of what it is here in Oregon. Please let me know your status. Thanks.
  • Yes, I finally got the thing sorted out. Seems the original rep did not follow through on the request, but another rep ran with it and got it done. He assured me that he handles dozens of warranty requests daiily and mine was a rare case of midhandling.
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