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Honda Fit Care - Interior & Exterior

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited April 8 in Honda
Want to know how to keep your fit looking shiny & new? Ask here!


  • sd_driversd_driver Posts: 49
    Since there's no Appearance Maintenance thread yet (or no Mechanical Maintenance thread yet, either), what types of exterior maintenance do people recommend?

    What type of protectants?

    My Fit is red. I know red fades faster than any other color. So I'm looking for some suggestions to sort through.

    Do people have waxing/polishing regimens that they follow?

    Thanks for any help.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    NuFinish has worked well for me. Zymol doesn't last long enough, although it has very "user friendly" (non-toxic) ingredients. Not impressed with Meguiars NXT of Turtle Wax 2000.
  • sd_driversd_driver Posts: 49
    Do you have an opinion on the use of "dusters" to keep car looking clean between washes? Do they leave scratches?
  • jonniedeejonniedee Posts: 111
    Since there's no Appearance Maintenance thread yet (or no Mechanical Maintenance thread yet, either), what types of exterior maintenance do people recommend?

    #1 - Honda spray polish cleaner!!! :shades: P011M&Category_Code=CC
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I've been using high-line protectants and wax since 1964, and IMO the best available today is Klasse. It's not easy to find, as it's German, but well worth it.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,708
    Novus makes the best clearcoat polish on the market. It comes in three grit levels
    #3: polishing compound
    #2: Car wax levels.
    #1: no grit at all.

    #1 is what you use on a new car. Protects as well as any of the waxes, though it is clear - it won't bring back much shine if the car is faded.

    It's generally sold at gaming supply stores and boating stores(since it also works for plastic and fiberglass). $0 is spent on advertizing it - it's marketed at professionals only.

    Works fantastic. Also keeps plastic lenses from getting yellow.
  • What about this new Synthetic polish.Goes onclear no white stuff.

    Any Comments???
  • sd_driversd_driver Posts: 49
    I got some 1 Grand ERV dressing for the exterior rubber and vinyl of my Fit. I have a couple of questions because, well, up until now, caring for the exterior of my car has meant washing it occasionally.

    I've noticed that it is impossible to put the dressing on the rubber/vinyl without spillover to the painted surface. (No, I'm not going to tape up my car every time I want to dress the vinyl.) Not only that, it leaves a cloudy residue that has to be buffed off. :mad:

    Two questions:
    1) Will the ERV harm the painted surface?

    2) If I wash the car before applying the dressing, can I just remove the excess dressing when I waxand buff the car after?

    BTW: I'll be using Optimum Car Wax when I wax it.
  • coolchidcoolchid Posts: 33
    When wiping down the Fit (less than 400 miles driven - both city & freeway) after an hour's drive about town, I've noticed that there is an accumulation of fine black dust on the rear sill (below the lift-gate). It almost looks like brake dust, but I know that can't be, or exhuast soot?? It does seem more concentrated on the right side. Has anybody else noticed this or have any idea where it might be coming from?
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    For me it appears on the window, the hatch, and the bumper. I first noticed it on a sticker I have on my rear window when the white area was covered in the dust after a few weeks without a wash.

    I never really thought about the source, but I figured it would be from the high-traffic freeway driving I do on the quite crowded I-5 in southern California.
  • jethadenjethaden Posts: 36
    I get dark soot/dust/dirt on the top of the back bumper (below hatch) where water collects and drys, leaving stuff behind. I rinse it off weekly. I would expect its collecting on back of car due to vacuum (lack of turbulence in back) while driving.
  • It's clear, you don't have to worry about getting on the metal "Fit" emblem because it leaves no "white residue". It is easy to use and really looks great on the Black color.
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    link title

    Astro Shield

    I've always used this. No silicones (promotes oxidation). Not a wax. Petroleum based (which I believe comes from the road to begin with no?)
    Polish and glaze not a wax. Probably similar to NuFinish. Non abrasive and works good with the orbital.
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    My rear window strip on my rear passenger door is folded under and needs be replaced. 2 weeks to order. I hope this is not an indication of problems to come with this car. Other than that I love it. :confuse:
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    My kid decided to climb in the back and push the rubber grommit that hides the hole to the interior hatch release.
    I had to take apart the interior plastic which led to scratching and breaking clips. Argh!!!! Oh well I can replace the clips and now I know how the interior plastic comes off. I can live with some of the plastic scrapes too. But I think the plastic is almost too cheap since it scratches so easily. Just me. :cry:
  • havingafithavingafit Posts: 22
    Ya see! Kids are highly over-rated!!!! (JUST JOKING!!!!) :D
  • doefdoef Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    This is actually my first post in this forum.
    I just bought used Fit which is 2WD (GD1) in Japan. But there is significant scratch on glove cover. So I am planning to replcae it. Yes, I could find the part in auction. But the auction offers the glove cover for GD2 and GD3.

    GD1: 1.3L L13A engine 2WD
    GD2: 1.3L L13A engine 4WD (Japan only)
    GD3: 1.5L L15A engine 2WD

    I am wondering if they are using the same glove cover.

    I really appreciate your help.

  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    The glove compartment cover should be the same. I would have assumed the GD1 was a popular choice in Japan so I am not sure why they would only state "GD2 and GD3" in the auction...or why not GD4 as well?
    The color would be my only concern. From Honda's Japanese Fit site, it appears that there are different upholstery colors/designs on different levels of the Fit, and I don't know if that might extend to the plastics too?

    Anyway, as long as you can find one that is the same color as your GD1, I think any JDM Fit glove compartment cover would work. Best of luck! :)
  • doefdoef Posts: 3
    Thanks Hungarian83.

    I will bid that part.

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