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Honda Fit Care - Interior & Exterior



  • It depends on what kind of seat covers you get. I know there are places online that sell seat covers that are specifically made for each type of vehicle - they leave an opening where the side air bag is. I am looking into getting covers from CoverKing, and they do make provisions for side air bags.

    It may just be a matter of getting something like that instead of a generic seat cover.
  • So, today I accidentally dropped my travel cup full of iced tea into my lap as I was exiting my Fit Sport (it tapped the side of the steering wheel as I was removing it from the cup holder and it dropped, go figure).

    Does anyone have recommendations on how to remove stains from the seat fabric? I soaked it up immediately with napkins, but it got on the gray mesh of the seat and now there is a noticably darker splotch.

  • mnapuranmnapuran Posts: 4
    One of my businesses is a higher end detailing company. I've used just about every product out there over the years. Believe it or not... 95% of the time (unless a customer wants something else specific) we are using Zaino products.

    I have also recently starting spraying an amazing fabric protectant (been selling to dealers, etc) that has absolutely amazing results and benefits. It's been in use on high end jets for 15+ years and has always been a "green" product.

    Mike's Blog
  • larry_slarry_s Posts: 2
    I was driving just before sunrise yesterday morning when I noticed a crack in my windshield. About a foot and a half long, starting near the lower left corner of the windshield in the "seal" and traveling up and to the right at about 45 degrees. Crack's in the outer layer not inner.

    My Fit's only about five months old. Haven't had a cracked windshield in years. There is a very tiny ding partway along the crack. I've had other dings like this in other cars without cracks.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if I was just unlucky or if there's some know problem with the windshield that others are experiencing.

    Great car, otherwise.

  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    larry_s, I had to replace my Fit's windshield about six months after I bought it - a tiny rock hit the bottom of the windshield and a crack ran straight up and began to turn and spread further horizontally. The guy who replaced it said that windshields are weaker on the edges. It wasn't a big deal to get a new one - the guy came to my job and put the new one in. It wasn't even very expensive. But yeah, that was a first for me, after owning my last car for 22 years - never had a crack, and I know I had a few rocks bounce up and hit it while driving on the highway. Maybe the Fit's glass is not as good?
  • My wife has a 2007 Fit Sport, and I don't fill it up all that much. We've had it almost a year now, and I just now noticed something a bit odd the last time I filled it up.

    When I removed the plastic exterior gas cap, I noticed that there isn't one of those little metal tabs that cover the hole down into the gas tank. Usually, a car will have one of those metal tabs as protection, and when you go to fill it up, the nozzle of the gas pump will push it open.

    In other words, once you unscrew the exterior gas cap, there's nothing there but an open hole down into the gas tank.

    I'm wondering, did I just never notice that the Fit doesn't have one of these little metal tabs, or did it originally have one and maybe it broke off sometime?

  • thora47thora47 Posts: 5
    I just got my 2008 Base Fit last Friday and filled it up a couple of times because we took it on a road trip... now that I think about it, I don't think mine has the tab either.

    I'll double-check next time, but... what's the point of the tab anyhow? Is it some back-up for the gas cap?

    I've always remembered to replace the gas cap and don't intend to start forgetting now!
  • Yes, please check next time, and let me know.

    I think the tab is to block any foreign objects from going into the gas tank if the cap is not on, like you mentioned, as a back-up. Also, if your cap breaks and you have to drive, say, in the rain, it will stop water or anything else from going into the tank.

    If the car doesn't have one, it's not that big a deal -- if you fill up and don't put the gas cap back on, there's actually a light on the dashboard that will display to let you know.

    I just thought it was a bit weird, though, that there isn't one, as I've never seen a car without one. But if the car did have one and it broke off or something, I'd want to take the car in while it's under warranty and get it fixed.

    Enjoy your new Fit, and thanks! :shades:
  • jbonsaijbonsai Posts: 1
    :lemon: Six months and a variety of problems! :lemon:

    1. Paint cracks
    2. Clear coat literally falling off...
    3. Continual static shock when exiting vehicle.
    4. MT (gear-shift) clunky, jumping out of gear.
    5. Stalling engine, poor clutch release.
    6. Position of pedals are uncomfortable.
    7. Senseless power window and door lock controls.
    8. Small plastic pieces (interior & exterior) breaking and falling off.
    9. Plastic, tarp, burlap seats; CHEAP!
    10. Letter tray in front of cup holder, when lowering coffee cup in holder, letters catch lid of cup; messy!
    11. Roof is cheap thin tin, press on top of roof (lightly) watch whole roof bend-in!
    12. Painted lower rockers, (yes) drag foot over rocker when door is open; SCRATCH!
    13. Windows fog-up extremely easy!
    14. Vehicle heat reminds me of 7th grade orange school bus, pure hot exhaust; Horrible comfort!
    15. Honda too cheap to provide (two) vanity mirrors?
    16. Top speed around 60mph, after 60 vehicle is out of power and gear; very high whine (rpm) at 65.
    17. Tiny 10.8 gallon fuel cell, always have to fill-up!
    18. Interior smells like a Mattel toy; all plastic!
    19. You get the idea...

    :lemon: This car is a pile of junk. :lemon:

    Truthfully, if you buy a Fit your an idiot like me!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    What I see here are the following problems:

    * paint problem - have you reported this to your dealer? If not you should do it soon.
    * shifter - but not sure what "jumping out of gear" means.
    * plastic pieces breaking/falling off - which ones? (offhand I can't think of any small plastic pieces on the exterior of the car)
    * windows fog up easily - try cleaning them; new cars emit plasticizers that cause fogging problems. Will go away over time.

    The other things you listed are characteristics of the Fit that are common to many cars (e.g. static shock when exiting, thin metal panels, painted rocker panels, all-plastic interior with that "new car" smell) or design points that should have been easy to spot during your research of the Fit and the test drive you took before you bought the car.
  • thora47thora47 Posts: 5
    I'm with backy...

    6. Position of pedals are uncomfortable.
    7. Senseless power window and door lock controls.
    15. Honda too cheap to provide (two) vanity mirrors?

    These are things that should have been appreciated during the vehicle selection process. While I don't find the pedal position to be a problem, nor the window and door lock controls to be senseless (I'm not even sure what that means), one who does find those things to be true should ideally note them before owning the car for six months.
    I noticed during my test drive that there wasn't a vanity mirror on the passenger side - but... whatever, I'm sure there's a visor out there available for purchase should I find myself in a position to care about my passenger's ability to do one more 'hair-check,' or something.

    16. Top speed around 60mph, after 60 vehicle is out of power and gear; very high whine (rpm) at 65.

    Oh heeeeeeeeeck no. Mine has plenty of passing power at 70 or 75 without even downshifting. I have the MT, I noticed during a test drive that the AT like to down-shift a LOT - that should be helping you if that's what you're driving... ? I did notice a bit of a dead-spot around 3,300 RPMs at speed, but down-shifting absolutely took care of it. I needed to back of the gas on my road trip as the car kept wanting to go 80 mph.

    10. Letter tray in front of cup holder, when lowering coffee cup in holder, letters catch lid of cup; messy!

    I didn't realize that was a "letter tray." I actually use mine to store my sunglasses. You could always put your letters somewhere else... ? Now you're just starting to sound jaded.

    It's unfortunate that you've discovered that the Fit doesn't fit you. For what it's worth, I've only had the car a week, but I'm still in love.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Truthfully, if you buy a Fit your an idiot like me!

    An "idiot" would be someone who bases their buying decision on a single Edmunds post ;)
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    18. Interior smells like a Mattel toy; all plastic!

    You should smell the interior of the Toyota Matrix! Talk about outgassing, oh my gosh. I seriously did not buy it because of the horrible odor of all the plastic - the Fit, on the other hand, smelled nice from my first test drive. :)

    Sorry you're so unhappy with your car. I don't experience any of the issues you mention. No scratching on the "rockers", and I have the manual and have no problem with gears jumping or stalling - sounds like driver error?
  • thora47thora47 Posts: 5
    John D, Are you still with me? I just filled up (finally! I love my Fit's mpg), and I forgot to check on the tab. I'm terribly sorry - I actually remembered as I was calculating my mpg, with intentions of double-checking, but managed to forget... for what it's worth, I still think you're right, that the tab was never there to begin with - I am still on the mission, though - really... just give me another ten days. :)
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    There is no tab on the gas tank.
  • amethisteamethiste Posts: 28
    I just bought my blackberry pearl fit yesterday. The warranty person tried to sell rustproofing, sealant, fabric protection , and rust undercoat (with free Lo-Jack) for $1400. I declined and she said that the undercarriage of the Fit was bare metal. I still declined. I have a hard time believing that this car has no rust undercoating.

    Does Honda do rust undercoating at the factory? Does anyone have experience with road salt in the winter? Did they have trouble with the undercarriage rusting?

  • fit4life1fit4life1 Posts: 14
    Has anybody done anything yet to their fit in the way of customizing? I bought a black 2007 base model about 1 month ago with 2800 miles. So far I tinted all windows except windshield, put in subs, amp, and sat radio, installed keyless entry (yes, the base didn't have it), upgraded to 15" black rims with performance tires, vent visors for all 4 windows, new shifter knob, racing pedals, injen 5" exhaust system, custom spoiler, and I have an injen cold air intake coming this week which will mount behind the front bumper. I def dropped some change on this car so far, but I don't want to look the the others on the road.
  • feddupfeddup Posts: 11
    It's their job to sell high profit items. The profit margin on the fit is, in general, low so undercoatings BLAH BLAH etc. are things they'll push. Wash the underside of the car at a powerwash (handheld, manual) during and after winter months and everything should be fine.
  • amethisteamethiste Posts: 28
    Thanks feddup. My dad is a former body and fender mechanic and he told me the same thing
  • jaggrinjaggrin Posts: 5
    I bought my Fit at the beginning of June. When is a good time to start waxing and how often should one wax their vehicle? Thankis.
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