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Land Rover LR2



  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21
    The following postings are directly from this site under JAGUAR PROBLEMS

    #181 of 200 Re: 2006 XJ8L BUYBACK REQUESTED [ghraia] by mylemon2 Aug 05, 2006 (6:26 pm)
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    Replying to: ghraia (Aug 03, 2006 6:11 pm)

    Did you have to get an Attorney to fight for you in order to get Jag to make this offer? Or, did they make this offer in response to your personal complaint? How long did this whole process take until you got this fax?
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    • unknown (Aug 06, 2006 5:33 pm)

    #182 of 200 letter from jag accelerate? by connie5 Aug 06, 2006 (6:51 am)
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    "Service action S124" - 2006 xj8 letter states if ignition is switched off quickly with brake pedal applied, message to control prevents control unit from entering "sleep" mode, which can discharge the battery. Sounds like it may accelerate because of the following: Jag advises that before you get this fixed here is what to do: When turning off vehicle, select Park position, set the PARKING brake, then release the foot brake and then shut off engine!!!!!
    #183 of 200 Re: 2006 XJ8L BUYBACK REQUESTED [mylemon2] by Aug 06, 2006 (5:33 pm)
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    Replying to: mylemon2 (Aug 05, 2006 6:26 pm)

    They made the offer after written complaint and study of service records. Took about 40 days after first letter, but car was in their shop about 100 days. This was a specific problem that they could identify, but could not repair.
    #184 of 200 Correction, Service Action S724 by connie5 Aug 09, 2006 (1:55 pm)
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    I had Jag service action number wrong,it is S724, which sounds like an acceleration problem.
    #185 of 200 Check engine light on by bigstraw Aug 11, 2006 (12:31 pm)
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    I've had repairs done in the last week, the manifold hose was cracked and the valve cover gasket was leaking. The guy repaired all of that and the car is running well, but now the check engine light is on. He put it back on the machine and the code P1401 comes up which he says is a sensor, but there are so many sensors he doesn't know exactly which one it is. I don't want to take it back to the Jag dealer because they think I own a money tree, never to spend less than 2k each time I take it there. So I've resorted to a trust worthy mechanic who has done good work on all of my other cars. He has worked on jags too but this code has him baffled. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what sensor this code is pointing to. I guess one could say that this is a lemon too, I've spent over 7k with jaguar in the last year to keep it running. I don't want to return to jaguar. Please help.
    #186 of 200 Valve lifter noise by aliabadi Sep 01, 2006 (9:51 pm)
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    I have a 1998 XJ8. This car has a valve lifter noise at start-up. After I rev the motor to about 1500 rpm there is a sound as if a solenoid or switch is kicking in. After that engine is quiet. (I am wondering if one or both variable valve solenoids might be failing). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I have flushed the engine twice and have changed the timing chain tensioners recently. I also have installed Original Jag Oilfilter and have played with putting thin or thich oil. no significant change. Thanks.
    #187 of 200 message center says ''boot open' by epool Sep 04, 2006 (2:26 pm)
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    Okay, we get it. Your opinion is well known. I am interested in knowing what folks think of their new LR2s, not your ranting. I'm not certain how Land Rover is supposed to "prove" that the vehicle is "quality," and your suggestion that they give you one for 2 years for free is ridiculous. Don't buy one if you are worried. You went from a Land Rover to a Jeep, and that says a lot right there. I will conclude from your posts that you are unhappy, but your evangelist-style rant reduces your credibility. A factual statement of issues, typed in normal sentence case rather than all caps, would go a long way to improving your credibility.

    So far, the LR3s have not fared all that well either. That being said, I like the LR2, and purchasing it based on its featues may outweigh the possible downsides. Time will tell.

  • vinnieg1vinnieg1 Posts: 53
    I am taking my chances on the LR2. I traded in my Volvo S60.
    One of the most dependable cars in the world.
    LR 2 has Volvo's front crash structure, lower-control-arm and strut-front suspension layout, fire-wall stamping, and parts of its front subframe to the unibody LR2, along with a similar all-wheel-drive layout by Haldex AWD and a 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine made by Volvo, a six-speed Aisin-Warner automatic transmission the best transmission maker in the world (from Japan), a tested and problem free Terrain Response system and luxury no Jeep can match. Significant improvements for me. With a power train like that I will and did take the chance.
  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21

    Thank you for your reply.. Who would NOT BE TYPING IN ALL CAPS if they experienced what the Freelander/Range Rover owners have experienced in the past couple of years.. How would you feel if you had a 75,000.00 Rover and it was listed as one of the WORSE SUV'S on the SUV market for 2006.. I would be typing in CAPS ... DON'T BUY.. unless you are willing to throw away 1. money, 2 time waiting for a tow truck to come get you.. 3. time waiting for the repairs and having to continue this process at least 1 to 2 times a month for the life of the SUV. 4. Not to mention the "safety issue" of having it stop working without any indication of a problem. Prior to purchasing the freelander, I had NEVER been stranded before, or felt unsafe. I went with a JEEP LIBERTY FULLY LOADED.. Because my sister-in-law had one and had NO PROBLEMS, was NOT in the shop Constantly, and on her prior "Jeep" she had, was over 160,000 miles b4 she traded it in.. and still did not spend the money I did, and still recived some "TRADE IN VALUE" on a Jeep that was 7 years old.. I had a 318I.. after 7 years received "6,000" from "Carco" .. the place that buys cars.

    It seems you must be working for either FORD or LAND ROVER..
  • colecole Posts: 67
    We get the point... Can we move on now?
  • haagdhaagd Posts: 20
    Any info on the trailer hitch? Seems like it is a ways off and pretty exepensive. Also towing capacity a bit weak compared to peer vehicles. Type II hitch a bit week.
  • haagdhaagd Posts: 20
    I do not think there is a compass unless you are referring to the navigation system
  • vinnieg1vinnieg1 Posts: 53
    I believe the compass is in the rear view mirror.
  • I'm looking for anyone who has had the new LR2 / Freelander 2 for some time now. I know that they just started to deliver them a few weeks ago, but if any of you have had them for longer than a couple of months, I'd like to hear your experiences. How IS the vehicle on long drives? Any repairs already?

    No, not talking about multiple short test drives, but actual ownership of the LR2.

    PS. There is no compass in the rearview mirror.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Well, they've only been available in the US for a couple of weeks, but at this site below, people have had them for several months and talk about their experiences:
  • presspress Posts: 17
    I had my first drive in the LR2 today. Overall a great car. If you go for the full options list, the cold weather and technology package, there is a lot to offer. However, upon closer inspection, Land Rover cut out some equipment that many of us would expect to be standard on a car at this price. For one, it comes without a Homelink system, those convenient buttons that open your garage. I don't want three remotes cluttering my visor. With all the other electronic gadgetry, this should have been a no brainer. On the tailgate, the rear glass does not open separately, particularly useful since this is a subcompact. If you are like me and make trips to Home Depot, it will be a challenge, since the car doesn't come standard with rail racks on top either. The cubby hole in the center console lacks a tambour door or simply a hinged cover. Would have expected this in this price range. If you look closely when you are in the front seats, the front of the seat has a little pouch. My wife will love this and so will I, so wehn I corner hard, I won't have makeup flying around, since the cubby doesn't have a lid. While the wheels are attractive, the 18 inchers look lost in the big wheel wells. 19' would look better and with a little more rubber as in the X3. The NAV system was excellent, very intuitive. I expected in a non nav mode,the beautiful screen would be used for other messages. Instead, they use a green black 2 line lcd screen to give you all the other info. You can tell LandRover dipped into the Volvo and Jaguar parts bin for this car and this goes beyond the Volvo motor. When I folded down the rear seats, the subframe looked like it came right out of a Volvo. Strong and sturdy. Acceleration was good, but not exceptional. Good torque, but not sure how it would be fully loaded. Not sure I will be able to load much since the trunk room is not that large. I think this car could handle another six inches of rear overhang, providing great cargo space and it would not detract from the overall great lines. Fit and Finish looked very good. A nice solid feel to the car and when inside appears larger. Maybe that is attributable to the two sunroof system. The wind deflector and the two windscreens are a great touch. Braking and handling were good. I was expecting more rol in the turns as in its bigger brother, so that was a welcome change. Now my only question is did LandRover get it right on this car in the dependability department. First years are always tough and with LR's poor dependability heritage, time will tell.
  • I have had my LR2 for about a week. I had a Dodge Nitro on order for about 10 weeks, and cancelled for this vehicle. I'm really glad I did. This is an overall nicer vehicle top to bottom.

    First, don't let your decision be swayed by some random dude who has a vendetta against Land Rover because of one bad vehicle. Usually the only ones who post like that are mad at their bad luck. I know Land Rover doesn't have the best reliability, that's why I leased it for a shorter time than the warranty, and from a dealer with a great reputation.

    I am a major gadget guy, so I'll focus on that here. I was told that at this time I have the only Baltic Blue LR2 fully loaded on the east coast. Outside, I really like the way this vehicle drives. Plenty of power, although I occasionally notice an extra downshift or two at the start. Very smooth and sturdy, though. I really like the heated windshield, Bi-Xenon headlights that adjust when I turn, and the overall look of the vehicle. The inside is very comfortable, with lots of gadgetry for me. Definitely go for the Tech package for the amazing Alpine sound system with 7.1 surround sound and 14 speakers. Sirius sounds great in it, and will remember up to 10 of your favorite songs. The AUX jack is a plus that is fairly standard. Get an mp3 player to store and play all your favorite tunes. I like the push-button start. Overall, the cabin is very comfortable and roomy.

    No machine is perfect, so I do have a few complaints. First, they don't tell you that even though it has hands free bluetooth calling, your bluetooth cell phone will probably not work in this thing. I have a PDA phone with bluetooth that I have to get rid of to get another that works (I think it has something to do with Windows Mobile). Be sure to call LR to get a compatibility list of phones. I have a $35 bluetooth headset that will pair with my phone fine, but a $40,000 vehicle will not. Strange. I am waiting on a Treo 700p I got from eBay that will work with it. Like the previous poster, I am not sure why homelink is not available either. Also, the navigation is not voice activated. Finally, I am also not sure why they have a really great touch navigation screen, only to stuff the radio information and Sirius information on the little 2 line LCD area below.

    I am really happy with my LR2 purchase. It has everything I was looking for tech-wise, and it is comfortable and looks great too. It is kind of nice driving a vehicle that doesn't look like everybody else's. I would wholeheartedly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a smaller SUV and a little bit of luxury to go with it.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    No sorry no info on that yet the vehicles just have not been out long enough.

    The brakes are huge though much larger then most vehicles of this type so they probably will be a little more expensive.

    To counteract this use the commandshift feature when going down long hills. We did this during the LR2 training and had no problem. My co-driver and I descended nearly 3,000 feet on a very twisty road while only using the brakes twice. We just downshifted the rest of the way.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Hi, thanks for the report. You say you leased, do you mind telling us the lease price; miles, lease length, down payment, monthly payment? Thanks if you can, this information is very hard to find and is not consistent from dealer to dealer (from what I've seen). It's also been reported that the lease price is very high, although that report always seems to come from people who turn the lease down. So it's always best to get the lease price from someone who has actually leased one. Thanks.
  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21
    I know how exciting it is to get into a SUV you have high expectations for.... 30,000.000 4 years of trouble from 2 freelanders, and I AM NOT THE ONLY SOLE WHO HAS EXPERICED THIS MIS-FORTUNE of seeing our $$$ HAVE NOT VALUE. One made dude is far from the truth.. milllions of owners as yourself were just as excited when they got their FREELANDERS... I would hope anyone who decides to purchase one would take great caution not only in the purchase of the Freeklander but look at the past 'MECHANICAL PROBLEMS"
    that NOT only affected the Freelander but the Rover @ 75,000.00 SUV and the LR3... NOW you can NOT be that Blind and ignore..or blame it on ONE PERSON'S BAD EXPERIENCE..

    Research all comments on this form and other's and articles, Consumer Affairs reports and Attorney General issue on these... I DEARLY HOPE THEY HAVE WORKED OUT THEIR BUGS.. BUT I DOUBT it from what I have heard already.. A good example is waiting for 30 minutes to get the SUV started after taking it through the CAR WASH... TIME and your $$ will soon be telling you..

    I wish you SAFETY !!

    B Gant
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    #1 This car (or any Land Rover) have never been sold in the millions - particularly if you look at North American volumes.
    #2 The car was VERY successful in Europe - best selling small SUV more than once before it was brought to US.
    #3 The LR2 is a COMPLETELY different car - deliveries just started 1 April.
    #4 This is a LR2 site - not a Freelander site
  • bg54bg54 Posts: 21
    The ones in EUROPE are made in EUROPE.. THE ones in the U.S. ARE NOT of the same quality as they are in EUROPE.. If you go into the other forms where the Freelander has been in Europe you will see it they too have had their problems.. I would like to know all the PARTS THAT ARE NOT OF THE FREELANDER other than the Interior. SOME of the interior is still like the 2004 Freelanders according to the pictures. Has the electrical system been completely replaced or is it the same used as the FREEELANDERS ? HONEST ANSWERE PLEASE? Breaking system>... HAS IT BEEN REPACED OR IS IT THE SAME.. AGAIN HONEST ANSWER... ENGINE.. IS IT THE SAME MFG AS PRIOR.. OIL LEAKS, ENGINE PROBLEMS AND ELECTRICAL AND 2 TIMES I WAS TOWED BECAUSE I HAD NO BRAKES... 1 time towed because it just stopped.. ELECTRICAL.. The pedal was NOT READING THE SIGNALS TO TELL THE SUV TO MOVE FORWARD.. INTAKE VALE PROBLEMS... ARE SERIOUS.. AND HARD TO FIX.. IF ABLE TO DO SO.. THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE TIMES I WAS TOWED.. or STRANDED.

  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,987
    "The ones in EUROPE are made in EUROPE.. THE ones in the U.S. ARE NOT of the same quality as they are in EUROPE.."

    Actually they are the same.

    Hosts, is there an 'ignore' feature? It's time to stop feeding the troll.
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