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Land Rover LR2



  • My one-touch control also stopped working. I think this was due to the fact that when I opened the sunroof a few weeks ago, the rubber strip in the front became unglued and actually flapped around a bit. When I went to close the sunroof, the roof couldn't completely close, and therefore the motor became out of sync. The dealer had to order a new motor for my sunroof, and is installing it tomorrow. Hopefully this will be a quick fix!
  • Now you are happy. I once was also, with my Freelander. Milage will accumulate, and your happiness will dissipate. See the Freelander posts to see your future. My Freelander cost me $1.00 a mile to operate for 55000 miles. Oh, you can join the class action suits early if you wish.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 1,978
    Welcome back. We thought you had gone away.

    I hardly think the problems mentioned so far, while serious, are a sign of things to come. Most of the problems seem to be fixed in recent LR2s.

    Let it go please.
  • hey all,
    Does anybody know about the crash test ratings on LR2. I am pretty sure there is nothing on us roads. I don't mind for europian tests too, if anyone finds a link could you please post it.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    We were hoping - actually, here the LR2s have been very reliable. One sunroof.
  • Check out this list

    Until the Tiguan Came out the LR2/Freelander 2 was the only Small SUV to score five stars on that test.

    The LR2 still scored more over all points then the Tiguan.

    Only one sunroof problem here as well and one very minor oil leak.
  • My insurance went up 169.00 every six months traded in a 04 lexus rx330 that I hated. I love the LR2 compared to the lexus so it is worth it to me. I was shocked though to see how much it went up.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    I have been selling LRs for over 6 years nd have never lost a deal due to insurance costs
  • I traded in an 07 Volco S 60 and my insurance went down . 400 every 6 months through Allstate.
  • well, for those of you that have been keeping up with the LR2 radio/sound problem, LR apparently doesn't have a fix for it yet... they'll be receiving a letter from my lawyer in the next couple days with a Lemon claim. Maybe then they'll start taking it seriously.. seems like LR is focusing on moving forward to their HSE and probably their '08 line of their upper end vehicles and putting SE complaints on the back burner... there's a lot of things i love about my LR2, but it's not a good sign when it takes them 8 months to recognize a problem many people have been complaining about since day 1 and a month later, they still don't have a fix for it. if they don't get their act together very soon, they'll be buying back my LR2 and I'll be heading back to the BMW dealership!

  • That surptrizes me. My dealer did a software download and the problem never returned. I think you need another dealer.
  • Rob
    You need to find a new dealer I had the same trouble as you with the radio and after the software download it was fixed. Instead of wasting your time with attorneys and lemon laws you should be concentrating your time on getting your LR2 fixed. Why don’t you try this find a new dealer and tell him the trouble with your radio and tell them to reinstall the software for the radio. If after that you continue to have trouble I would say your radio needs to be replaced because many have done the software update and had the problem fixed. Your trouble might or might not be due to dealer error. If there is no other dealer close to you have the one you been taking it to replace your radio.
    This of course means nothing if you are using the radio trouble to get rid of your LR2 so you can buy a BMW. I own a lot of cars and have had many Land Rovers , BMW’s, Audi ‘s, Porsche’s and Aston Martin’s and no matter what brand you go to you will have problems. Right after I got my LR2 my sunroof went bad. They replaced the unit and all is good. You need to be tuff with your dealer and tell them to fix it or replace it. But sounds to like me you want to get rid of your LR2 for other reasons and that is too bad because it is a great vehicle that amazes me every time I drive it. I just love the quick ratio steering and how it drives like a sports car and not a SUV. If you move over to a X3 or X5 you will not get that type of driving experience while they are good vehicles you will downgrading to a soft roader. I also like the exclusiveness with the LR2 you do not see them all the time. It is like when I drive my DB9 you just do not see them all the time. Can’t say that for BMW. But don’t get me wrong I love my BMW’s and I own two, a Z4M and a very collectable Z8. But when it comes to SUV’s Land Rover is hard to beat.
  • trust me, i've been extremely patient with my dealer... i've taken my laptop in every single time and even bookmarked every post where people were telling how their dealers fixed the problem so i could help them diagnose (and fix) the problem with mine. the first couple times, they looked at me like i was crazy and told me they couldn't go by what people were saying on an online forum and said that if there was a legitimate problem, LR would know about it... yet every time they called, they never seemed to get any answers... i've even spoken to the folks at LR's customer support 800 number a few times and they finally admitted recently that there was an existing problem in some radios that they did not have a fix for yet and that they would call me as soon as their engineers came up with a fix for it.

    it really amazes me that some dealers have been able to fix this same problem for some people, yet LR's official customer support line tells me that there is no fix for it yet.

    and it's not that i'm trying to unload my LR2 at all... if they can fix the sound problem in my LR2, i'll be very happy... i had the opportunity to buy a loaded X3 for about $10k off sticker price and still chose the LR2 for many of the reasons you mentioned. i know that any car will have its problems, but the difference here is that they haven't been able to fix this one for 6 months and i'm not willing to live with it when paying the premium for a luxury SUV.

    I honestly hope LR gets their sh1t together and fixes this problem... all i meant in my earlier post was that i know the quality of the product and especially the service at BMW, and if I have to, i know where i can get a quality product i can count on.... but hopefully LR will come through and prove me wrong ;)

  • haagdhaagd Posts: 20
    I have had my LR2 for 7 mos and have 20,000 miles on it. No problems and have really enjoyed it. Great service from my dealer as well. I am becoming an LR fan. :)
  • I can't find a web site that provides dealer invoice pricing (base + options) for the new 2008 LR2 HSE. Can anyone refer me to a site that contains the latest pricing?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,981
    Looks like that model is too new to show up on Edmunds' TMV radar yet (first delivered 11/1/07 I guess?).

    Try the Land Rover LR2 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences discussion - maybe someone there has shared some numbers.
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    Invoice pricing for the HSE model will be on the Edmunds site 12/06/2007. (See posting on Land Rover LR2 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences).
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,981
  • rob34rob34 Posts: 42
    "I just love the quick ratio steering and how it drives like a sports car and not a SUV. If you move over to a X3 or X5 you will not get that type of driving experience while they are good vehicles you will downgrading to a soft roader."

    Are you serious? The LR2 is a great car and surpasses BMW X3's in some ways, maybe a lot of ways. If you want an SUV type vehicle that drives like a sports car, there is no way an LR2 comes close to an X3. It's much slower, doesn't corner as well, and doesn't have that connection to the road you experience with a BMW.

    Your statement just isn't accurate.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    I agree with your statement... A new (2007) X3 definately drives more like a sports car... I guess there were a bunch of changes in recent years to the X3 to make it more "car-like". So perhaps the person was referring to an older X3.

    I didn't get the X3 because of issues with the hesitation in the automatic transmission and the poor navigation system (no touchscreen)
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