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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • bgsayebgsaye Posts: 6
    I have also noticed the downshifting issue on my new 4cyl Sport model. I am very interested to see what comes of it. It is almost like the car doesn't even respond at all for a second or two...very dangerous when trying to make a turn into traffic. :confuse:
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    it was intermittent, usually on slow speed and when shifting gears. It is audible especially in the back of the vehicle, when I took it to the dealership, they were able to hear the noise. So it didn't look like I was hallucinating.

  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Yupp, I got scared the other day. I wanted to quickly pass a car, so I pulled into the other lane, there was a car coming, but it was managable, so I roll over and floor it: the car just sits there and nothing, actually I got cursed at and the other car had to make an emergency stop. But, just before he'd hit me, the car woke up and shot out like a rocket. But there, that one-two seconds makes a difference. It is the transmission I think, it takes too long for it to downshift. I agree, a dangerous thing. Now I know that before i attempt to do anything like that in hte future I should manually downshift prior to that!
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Is anyone else besides me getting poor MPG? I am only getting 20 in the city, I expected 24. I have the 4 cylinder/2 wheel drive Ltd. Is there a chance that it will get better with time? I'm a bit disappointed and almost wish I'd kept my Civic!
  • ofeliaofelia Posts: 10
    I got gas today and computed my mileage, about 22 mpg 6cyl/2wd, combination hwy/city. I expected more, but it's about the same as the one I traded Mazda tribute v6/2wd.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Its driving me nuts. Adjusting up or down makes no difference. It just loud enough to be annoying and its there most of the time. Anyone notice and and better yet, find a way to fix it?
  • jbdrebel70jbdrebel70 Posts: 1
    Hello Toyota 2006 RAV4 4cyl base model owners, anybody out there experiencing unusual vibration on driver seat while air conditioning is on. It usually happens in the Drive mode while I'm waiting on a stop light. It does not matter it is on level 1 or 4 the vibration is constant. When the air conditioning is off things are fine.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    It really hard to get the 06 RAV to cool down on a real hot day...almost think the AC is undersized or the car.

    Anyone find the extreme left and right vent deflectors annoying. You can only adjust airflow up/down OR right/left but not both...I guess they look cool though.

    Anyone else annoyed the doors do NOT auto lock when put in gear or auto unlock when put in park or shut off....another real pain, especially with kids.

    Anyone upset that you can only use your key to get in the front drivers door; that is if you do not have the keyless entry key handy.

    Anyone miss having a light in the glove box or IN the hatch...what good is having in the hatch door since you open the door away from the hatch!

    Finally, anyone upset by the lack of body side molding...though you can get it from dealers in Canada.

    That seatbelt rattle is the worst of all though!
  • gpurkgpurk Posts: 13
    I got my 4WD V-6 about a week ago and the first tank was 22 MPG. Dealer told me it would get better after a few tank fulls. Mostly City. Hope to get 28 to 30 on the highway which for a V-6 is very good. Going to Branson, MO next week and will be 600 miles round trip so it should be a good measure of all highway miles. Will report that MPG after my return. Luv my RAV.
  • risarisa Posts: 14
    Is the downshifting problems only occur on 4 cyl? how many mileage do you have when it happen? Wondering if this problem will continue even if the vehicle is alreary broken in. I have Rav4 4cyl, after reading some post here with downshifting problem. I am kinda worried if it will happen to me. so far the vehicle is doing fine, It only have 150 miles on it. Try to drive it eassy for now, I don't even take off fast. When i stop at the red light and when i go, i just hit the gas smoothly the most it would only go up to 2000 rpm I don't care if driver behind me will complain and i don't hit my breaks hard either.
  • spacewagonspacewagon Posts: 16
    MPG 28.6, pure highway, 60miles/hour.
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    Mine is a 4 Cyl 2 wheel drive. It first happened to me when it had about 3500 miles on it. Driving it easy makes sense, although in emergency situations that may not be possible.
    I don't drive fast either, but when I need the power I expect it. The issue to me is the car needs to be more responsive to driver input.
  • bob777bob777 Posts: 19
    Mine has 6500 miles on it now and it gets 24 MPG with mostly city and some highway miles. It gets 28 MPG with strictly highway miles. The cars I've owned in the past got get better then the EPA ratings. Actually, this is the first car I've had that gets at or less than the EPA ratings. I think I'll wait until I get about 10 thousand miles on it before I decide Toyota pulled a fast one.

    By the way, I also bought a new Chevy Colorado. It's rated 20 MPG in the city and 27 on the highway. Believe it or not, it does better on gas then the Toyota.
  • lirlir Posts: 81
    Thanks for the input. I only have about 1000 miles (the car is 6 weeks old), but I too will wait and see what the MPG's are later. I expect at least 24, and right now I get 20. So I'm hoping Toyota didn't pull a fast one. My Accord supposedly also gets 24 MPG in the city, but it's more like 27 for me. Basically, I was expecting it to be like my old car, and it's been disappointing so far after 6 full tanks.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Lots of complaints about vib under seat with A/C on an off . See other RAV4 sites on net.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    I noticed it when the car is stopped and idling, like at a stop light. When driving in the car and sitting in the rear seats or passenger seat I also feel a vibration in my feet...very unsettling.
  • folkepalmfolkepalm Posts: 4
    After starting the Rav with the remote starter, how do you enter the vehicle without shutting the engine off? Having to start the engine a second time seems rediculous and very unlike Toyota.
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Well petl, perhaps not a 4 second delay, but a good 1-2 second delay. And it is not going away.
  • mterrellmterrell Posts: 21
    yea 1 to 2 second is probably correct. Just when it happens it seem like longer . 2 second delay is about right right.
  • spacewagonspacewagon Posts: 16
    having 2k miles on the car within 20 days now. Since the first day, I noticed when driving on highway, if I leave my hand out of the steer wheel, it can not drive stright after 2-4 seconds, either towards righ or left. Is it normal? thanks!
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