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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • Owners manual says that during first 1000 miles, "Do not drive for a long time at any single speed, either fast or slow." Any ideas on what a 'long time' means? Half hour, 2 hours, six weeks...?
  • What I took it to mean was don't drive it for 1000 at one speed at the beginning. So I postponed my cross country trip while I drove it on the freeway and around town until I got 1000 miles on it. Actaully, I postponed my cross country trip until I had 3000 miles on it.
  • My recently purchased RAV4 has a vibration that is felt throughout the vehicle (seat and steering). After two trips to the Toyota dealer (wheel balancing and road force tests), the dealer says all 2007 RAV4 4wd v6's have the same problem and do not know what to do about the problem. They also said the 4 cylinder models do not have this problem. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Turn off the A/C and see if the vibration abates. To improve FE Toyota is now using a variable displacement A/C compressor and there seems to be some indication that owners are expereincing an unexpected level of vibration from that.
  • I have not used the A/C (it's winter and cold here). The vibration is most noticeble at speeds around 50 mph and above.
  • My 01 RAV4 remote control won't unlock the door on the driver side but unlock OK on the ones. Does anyone have the same problem? Do you know how to reset it? Any advice is appreciated.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You may think you're not using the A/C but if you have automatic climate control....

    And even with the manual control the A/C will run, with the indicator OFF, in any of the defrost/defog/demist modes unless the OAT is below ~35F.

    In cold weather my system spends a lot of time in the partial defrost/defog/demist mode. That's the only reasonable chance of preventing windshield fogging during cold weather in ANY Toyota or Lexus vehicle.

    But my dealer sat the two c-best options wherein I can completely disable A/C during the winter months.
  • I posted a message about this issue at the 4Runner site: the owner's manual states that "...a two way radio, cassette tape player or a compact disk player..." could interfere with the SRS and front air bags operations.

    Is there anybody who ever used a walkie-talkie in a 2006 RAV-4? Does it interfere with the electronic ignition/alarm?

    I intend to buy a walkie-talkie capable of transmitting up to 13-15 miles - do I need a license? (I never had one before).

    Any advice is highly appreciated! =Andrew17
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    "But my dealer sat the two c-best options wherein I can completely disable A/C during the winter months."

    What does the first part, "sat the two c-best options" mean?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Ooops, my southern upbringing.

    My dealer set the two c-best options.
  • Dear WWEST! I always read your professional advices.
    Talking about the vibration/ noise in RAV-4, here is a recent "guess" - you may want to look at it. (My 2006 V-6 4x4 does not have this problem.)

    Some of the 2006-2007 RAV-4s with the V-6 engines develop noise/ vibration problem while being driven in traffic. I was told that it can be traced back to the suspension of the exhaust/muffler system. The system can generate a "resonance" (vibration) as a summary result from engine rpm, transmission rpm and fuel pump rpm. I was told that if you stiffen the muffler by introducing an additional suspension point above the mufler (anchor point) the noise and vibration ceases (the muffler-exhaust assembly can not resonate because the harmonics will be out of sinc).

    I wrote to Toyota about it - they turned me away, because they do not accept technology suggestions from outsiders. Do you think this could be one of solutions for the noise and vibration discussed above? Could you please resubmit my suggestion to Toyota - you being one of their former employees - and tell them, if this is the right solution to the problem, I do not want any reward for it? If it works, it would be a great service for both, the loyal Toyota fans, and for the company, too. (I did not notice similar problems with our 4Runner V-8 4x4).

    Keep on writing! We all learn from you! =Andrew17
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Me? Former Toyota employee?


    In years past I have seen weights suspended near the rear of the tranny to remove vibration resonance. I suppose anything that stiffens the resinating structure would help.
  • jim2007jim2007 Posts: 4
    About the resonance (vibration) when being driven in traffic - my RAV4 vibration is noticeable around 50 mph and higher speeds.
  • jim2007jim2007 Posts: 4
    My RAV4 does not have auto climate control.
    The vibration is noticable when the temperature is above 50F in sunny weather and the air conditioner OFF.
  • Greg,

    I thought you might be interested to hear an update on the knocking noise I had reported a few weeks back.

    The noise got progressively worse and my husband took it to the local Toyota place yesterday, and once again, a service mechanic drove with him and this time absolutely and unequivocally heard the knocking noise, exclaiming "well if they can't find the cause of THAT then there's a problem!"

    To cut a long story short, the noise is gone, and apparently it was a loose nut on the rear toe causing the toe rod (or whatever it is they call it) to knock against the exhaust system (I think????). The back left wheel was also badly out of alignment. I'm no mechanic but it seems to me that this noise started when I first got my tyres rotated, but the shop insists that the loose nut would have nothing to do with the tire rotation.

    In any case, the knocking is GONE and finally, I'm a happy camper.

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Excellent news! Fyi they are correct with a tire rotation normally the tie rod is not affected; they only remove lug nuts on the tires. They *should* as party of the normal suspension safety integrity check, inspect the tie rod connections. If a tie rod end comes off its mount while driving, you can lose control and crash, so emphasize on your next normal service that they inspect these connections.

    As you did in this case, with a car or anything else mechanical, *always* trust your ears. You hear a non-normal sound, it is something to hunt down. Usually it is something easier to find!

  • That humming noise is a known problem with the Rav 4 and I found a website with all the Service Bulletins that are out on the car. The hummin noise is fixed by replacing a resistor to the fuel pump. The link to the site is below and the fuel pump issue is about 3/4 of the way down the pg &keyid=0
  • I can confirm the resistor fix, I am taking our 2006 Rav4 in for this TSB service tomorrow am. I took it in based on another earlier post. We only heard the drone when fuel dropped below 1/4 tank, but reproducible event, so I can confirm fix effect.
  • doc259doc259 Posts: 1
    Yes, I have a 2001 Rav4 and I am experiencing the same thing. I took it originally to a 'MOM & POP' shop and they ripped me off for $3000 and it is still not fixed. I was about to contact Toyota but from what I'm reading Toyota's claiming ignorance. Has there been any updates on the transmission issues for RAV4's? Anyone? :mad:
  • nguptangupta Posts: 5
    I have 2006 limited RAV4. Starting today, I am hearing a loud knocking sound when I start the car engine. It appears to be coming from right rear side of car.

    While driving (slow and fast) there is no noise even if the road is bumpy. But I hear similar sound while shifting gear from D - N - D (just did for testing).

    I checked under the car, the muffler seems to be tightly fit.

    Do I have the tie rod issue or the fuel pump resistor issue ? The gas level is below 1/4 at this time.

    Can anyone suggest please. I will make an urgent appointment with Toyota anyway but want to hear from the forum.

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