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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • amlapoleamlapole Posts: 2
    I am also hearing this noise, took it to local dealer and was told this was normal operation do to vehicle downshifting at low speed? I am still questioning this and will go to another dealer for 2nd opinion and ask about lower steering shaft.
  • mmarbachmmarbach Posts: 1
    No, it's not normal operation as others don't make the noise. I have been having the same problem with my 2006, RAV 4 Sport since I bought it. I have literally taken it to the dealership 10+ times in the short year that I've had it and it continues to make the same noise. I'm annoyed and am filing a complaint with Toyota. I'm also taking it back to the dealership this weekend to have them look at it again. I'm not giving up until they fix it! Please let me know how your 2nd opinion turns out.
  • dwpfeidwpfei Posts: 2
    Here is my Toyota dealer service story for the steering knocking and looseness. The cause was a worn rubber grommet and metal bracket connecting the rack and pinion support to the frame. In fact, the rubber grommet had become disengaged from the bracket, and was just hanging free. The parts replaced were 45517-42020 steering grommet ($20) and 45514-42030 steering bracket ($38). Unfortunately, the labor cost was a shocker ($420). To access the rack and pinion support and the worn steering bracket, the lower engine cradle was removed. Despite the high labor cost, the steering knocking and looseness is gone.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Are you out of warranty?
  • I have a 2006 rav4. about 14,010 miles on it, I noticed this morning when I turned it on the lights come on says maintenance required. Is this just a reminder that i needed maintenance check up @ 15,000 miles. or should I be concerned about this light. Thanks in advance for any input. :confuse:

  • It is a service reminder. Comes on every 5000 miles. There are instructions in your manual about how to reset it. If you take it to the dealer for an oil change, they are supposed to reset it for you.
  • thank you very for answering my question.
  • I just purchased a 2007 Rav4. The overflow hose typically attached to the radiator cap is missing. The metal cap is screwed onto a flange which includes an outlet where an overflow hose would normally attach to. The cap actually sits atop a large plastic overflow container, which is connected by hoses to the actual radiator.

    The dealer states there is no overflow hose but can't explain why the cap/flange is designed with an outlet.

    If you own an '06 or '07 Rav4, do you see the same setup?
  • This is a reply to my own question. Toyota finally answered my inquiry. There is no radiator overflow hose. The outlet or nipple is meant to overflow when there's a cooling issue (rare) and coolant will supposedly drop onto an indentation in the above mentioned flange, and from there fall toward the ground.

    Seems a bit chessy.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That's good to know! Glad you got that figured out. :)

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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Try Pricing my used vehicle for private sale.

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  • Does anyone notice that RAV 4 starts very lous, comparing with Camry?
  • I found that you are not able to read the radio and clock display with sun glasses on. Anyone knows how to solve this problem (not removing sun glasses)?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A flashlight..??
  • I live in Canada. Can we still drive with the alloy wheels on in thw winter. Will they corrode with so much salt on the ground. I have a car bought in Louisian with alloy wheels. All wheels corroded in one winter. I am not sure whether this is a problem for cars made for the south.
  • RE: 117,000 miles. I had a 97 Camry that started to use oil at 120k. I know they are not suppose to, but mine did. So no matter the "quality", that is alot of miles and friction makes something wear out. I also had a power steering fluid leak I never could trace down. And I did replace the radiator, too. Also, the power windows would sometimes fail to operator but would fix itself after a time. And, no, I drove it real easy mostly on a 10 mile freeway drive to work.

    RE: Leather Seat and Dogs

    I have a non Toyota with leather seats and have had 2 dogs. The seats are perfect for a dog. You can wipe them clean with a leather cleaner or plain water. Unfortunately, my other car is a RAV4 with a cloth interior. You can't believe the dog hairs in the car. I have to use a shop vac on the seats followed by a lint remover( the kind you use for suit jackets) to get rid of everything. Also, I am continually cleaning little stain off my gray interior. I may do an after market leather seat job on this car if it works out.
  • Our 2006 RAV4 has had the windshield crack twice in the last year, both times from a single tiny pebble thrown up by other cars.

    I'm beginning to suspect there are some unusual stresses within the RAV4 windshield design that make it more vulnerable to damage.
  • I noticed in Colorado my friend's Sequoia had cracks from pebble impacts as well; in Colorado they layout sand on their highways in winter which beats up cars front ends and sides. Our Rav4 2006 so far has had some minor impacts but no cracks on the windshield.

    Compared to how my Mercedes windshield has absorbed some major rock hits, I would put forth there is a difference in the quality of the glass between Japanese made cars and not. The glass appears to be thinner and more prone to stress fractures as what you are talking about here, a small impact resulting in a running crack in the glass. What should happen is more of a star impact crater, as the plastic and other material layers in the front windshield help to prevent (normally) cracking.

    Also do not allow people to fix your windshield with the various fillers on the market. They expand and contract and make things worse. Better to leave craters alone and live with them, and if the windshield cracks, replace it.

    I would approach Toyota armed with this and other info, such as a list of other owners with cracked windshields, and say how come other cars get crater damage when a rock hits and mine cracks like ordinary window glass?
  • rathairathai Posts: 1
    My 2006 Rav 4 suddenly slowed down on the street and when i pulled over to the side and turned off the engine the car would not start again. we took it into the service department and they said that it's because there's a dent on the fuel pump and that needs to be replaced for $ 700 not including service fees, has anyone had this problem....i don't have a car for two weeks now. and it really bothers me to know that a dent on the fuel pump that could of been caused by a rock on the freeway can affect the car so much as to shut down and not start....please help
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