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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • ...but on another car. As far as the dent, I don't even know where the fuel pump is on the RAV4, so I can't help you there. These parts do fail on ocassion, so you were just unlucky.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A $700 fuel pump..???

    I suspect you meant to say a dent in the fuel TANK.

    These days most fuel pumps are located inside the fuel tank.

    If it is a fairly serious DENT then ask the dealer if they're sure it isn't/wasn't caused by the intentional VACUUM within the fuel system.

    A rock "hit" would leave a mark/scratch of some kind.
  • I have the same exact problem. My wife drives the Rav most of the time, so I did not notice it until closer to 4000 miles. It happens at highway speeds and I also had it in to have the wheel balance checked. They told me everything was fine. The problem is noticeable and annoying, but at the same time it is quite minor. I don't feel it all the time, especially on concrete surfaces. I fell it more on freshy paved black top. How about you?
  • Took my car to dealership for recall on ECM that was causing check engine light to come on. Had just noticed a hard shift from 2 to 3rd with vehicle and asked that it be looked at when hooked up to computer for ECM issue. Was told that they could find nothing wrong with car and was told to make another appointment to have transmission torn apart to try to locate problem. Was given no idea of estimate of cost for this and decided to take car to transmission shop (was 16,000 over 80,000 warranty ). Took car to transmission shop and they stated I had internal transmission error and would need transmission rebuilt at cost of 2,600. Had this done and then car would not run properly. Transmission shop then found bulletin from Toyota March 2006 that said faulty PCM caused problems with 2/3 shift and probably needed replaced. Told me that this issue should have been apparent to service department at dealership on my visit on 9/17/2007. After big run around dealership service department agreed to replace PCM sold me the part for what they said was wholesale (938.14 before tax) and did not charge labor to install . Problem seems to be solved now but am wondering why tech did not check that bulletin (said they do not have time to check all bulletins, even though I saw his search on his lap top brought the bulletin up in less than a minute) Now am trying to get Toyota to reimburse me for cost of transmission and getting no where. Filed complainant with NHTASA. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • My girl friend purchased a 06 Rav4 on my recommendation. I have a 03 Tundra and never had as much as a squeek of trouble from it (45,000 mi). About 2 months after purchase going thru a rain storm water started coming in under dash passenger side. Contacted dealer and they had some kind of special notice that other Rav4's were having the same trouble. A special order was sent to my dealer on the cause of the problem. The problem was corrected by sealing something around the windshield wipers, have not had any water coming in since. Also, having trouble with the surging of the engine while cruise control on, have not contacted them yet on that. After reading all the issues being reported on Toyota vehicles probably will not buy one. According to a article in the paper Toyota has lost some of its top executives in qualtiy control to American Car manufactures which they claiim has caused Toyota to fall from grace. I'am looking for a mid size SUV but have yet found any I would trust to run without problems. Maybe someone out there can recommend something.
  • I have a 2006 RAV4. I have been generally pleased but I have had a minor surge problem. It is most noticable when I have the A/C on and am going around 25 mph. Interestingly, if I have cruise control on, it is better but still there. What happens is that the RPM drops from 1000 rpm to 600 and immediately comes back up again. I have not noticed this at highway speeds. The dealer has twice told me that speed is at a shift point and there is nothing they can do about it.

    Something more annoying is happening lately. When I turn the car 90 degrees like into the garage or a parking space, I hear a noise in the steering wheel. I am going to ask about it today when I go in for 25k service.

    Other than that, I have been please with the performance, economy, and size.
  • This is my third attempt at this post, so forgive me if there are duplicates.

    I have just purchased a 2007 RAV4 LTD V6. Over the 100 miles or so that I have driven so far, I have noticed that I seem to feel every imperfection in the road surface. When I stop, I feel several small oscillations that damp out, but it feels as though I am sitting on a bowl of Jello. Am I being overly sensitive coming from driving a Ford Explorer and this just the nature of the RAV4? I dont recall feeling this way when I test drove another RAV4, but it wasn't a long drive.
  • Purchased 2006 Toyota Rav 4 V6 and now with 33000km. Just came out this morning to second cracked windshield. First one cracked all over from a single stone chip and now this one cracked from the bottom near the electric grid up to the center of the window. Something is wrong with the glass or the design of the windshield puts too much stress on the glass or something. Never had such a problem with any car I've ever owned.
    Passenger side has been soaked from about second week of ownership, dealer says it's fault with air condition system and seeing as the air comes on to even defrost the window, it lets water in all the time???? Popping noise from front suspension since new, dealer says it's normal.
    After this Toyota I've realized that all cars are the same. It doesn't matter who makes them, they are all put together the same way and all are going to have problems. Got the Toyota based on reputation and I'm very disappointed. Next time I'll buy domestic, at least it doesn't cost so much to replace things when they go wrong. $800 for a windshield, $250 for maintenance service. Car and Driver and Motor Trend are all garbage magazines saying there is no maintenance cost in first year ownership and how dependable Toyota and Honda etc.
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    Speedy, you might want to check out this TSB, as it may apply to your Rav 4.
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    TSB Number: BO021-06
    Bulletin Title: COWL PANEL WATER LEAK
    Release Date: November 1, 2006
    Applicable Year(s): 2006-2007 (VIN Specific)
    File Size: 479kb PDF

    Description: Some RAV4 customers may complain of water on the passenger’s side floorboard after a heavy rainstorm or when going through a carwash. Water may be traveling underneath the outer cowl panel and entering the passenger compartment through the fresh air inlet of the heater box.

    March 22, 2007: 2007 model year has been added to Applicable Vehicles.
    The illustration in step 8A of the Repair Procedure has been clarified. Steps 5 – 9
    and step 13 of the Repair Procedure have been updated.
    February 13, 2007: A note has been added to the Introduction. The VIS’ in the
    Production Change Information table have been updated. Step 8 has been added.
    The illustration in step 9A has been clarified.
  • Thanks very much dtown for the service bulletin. Going to my dealer tomorrow, so I can make sure he knows about it. Any chance they have another on the front suspension popping noise?
  • Gilvkona, I have been experiencing the same problem with noise and slight "roughness" to the steering wheel when turning - same as yourself at lower speeds turning 60 degrees or so and more. It wasn't there when I bought the car, but gradually developed.

    I had our local dealership check it out, and I while I wasn't exactly told there was nothing wrong, the service guy said there was no Toyota memos on issues with the steering and there was no recommended repair. The service guy also said he tried another 2006 on the lot and found a similar noise. I decided not to press the issue for now since it is pretty slight, but if it progresses I plan to take it back and be a little more assertive about a repair.

    I am very curious about your experience with the dealer on this issue.
  • My wife has a 07 rav4 with the service reminder i.e. maint. reqrd.,but the manual does not tell how to reset.It does say that the light is to let you know it is time for an oil change,but that is all.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Have another look. In my copy of the 2007 owner's manual the instructions for resetting the service reminder are at the end of section 1-6.
  • vrockvrock Posts: 3
    Really happy with our two RAV4's. Need troubleshoot help with the '02. It is automatic transmission. Starts, runs fine. When depress the button on shifter, it will NOT come out of park mode. Have tried also turning steering wheel..since have had that kind of lock-up on others of my toyotas. But no dice.

    When I depress the button on that shifter, can hear and feel one click within the steering column. Does not make click when released. Have also tried engaging/disengaging the parking brake. (And of course, yes, I am doing this when car is running).

    Don't have Haynes manual for our current Toyotas since they have needed nothing from me in terms of personal repairs since purchase 3 yrs ago.

    Searched through postings here. GREAT site! :shades:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The is an electric solenoid that locks the shifter in park until you apply the brake, compliments of Audi. The solenoid may have failed or the brake light switch on the brake pedal may have failed.

    There is a work around to manually actuate the solenoid in the owners manual.
  • vrockvrock Posts: 3
    Thank you for your quick reply! Will try both today after work and let you know how it goes!
    Wisconsin here and 5" snow yesterday on top of ice. 1/2 mile farm/gravelly uphill driveway, no plowing. RAV goes through no problem though. Sweet! ;)
  • vrockvrock Posts: 3
    Thanks wwest! Took several tries before it would "come out of" park. At first, it really seemed as if it would not be the solution. Perhaps the cold weather affecting complete depression of brake pedal. Gut feeling says I should proactively replace the solenoid, but I'll old off on that. Thanks again! ;)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Generally there is a small opening, sometimes with a cover "plate", near the shift lever that can be removed and then the solenoid can be actuated via inserting a key.
  • Does anyone know where the V6 oil filter is located, and do you need to remove a shield of some sort to get to it?
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