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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • pamf2pamf2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Rav4. And I'm having the same problem. My warranty is still good but I'm told this is not covered under warranty. I've been bugging the dealership to deal with this problem. To me this a defect, it is NOT normal wear and tear. They told me this was the first time they'd seen/heard of it also. Which I don't believe.
  • nmodnmod Posts: 1
    Have a 2010 Rav4 Limited with an issue with the rear differential. Local dealer claims they've never seen this issue with this model. Vehicle is 7k over power train warranty and Toyota Customer Care won't help with repairs. Their claim is I'm not a good enough customer despite this being my second Rav4.

    Question: what is my best repair option, A) swap out the entire unit, or B) part is out?

  • Just spent $2000 to have my winshield drains cleaned (never heard of this) and all of the carpeting replace on a Rav-4 Limited that is not yet three years old with only 40,000 miles.
    The inside front of the car actually flooded. On Toyota's recomendation all of the carpeting and insolation was removed to confirm that the drains were blocked. Then they charged me $2000 which I was told my insurance (minus deductable) would pay. Has other owners had this problem. Have never heard this happening in any other vehicle.
  • Ive recently purchased a 2011 Rav4 2wd i-4. Numerous times now ive had to take the newly purchased car into Toyota to be serviced. The first time i ever brought the car in they balanced the tires & road force balanced them. Claiming the problem had been fixed i brought my car home, & on the way home i noticed the problem yet again. When going between the speeds of 55-60 their is a weird vibration that can be felt. The problem also occurs more frequent when it is cold. The second time the car was serviced Toyota replaced the transmission, admitting the transmission must have been faulty coming out of the factory. Yet again on my way home which is about a 45 min drive that is mostly on the highway, i felt the vibration. For a third time i brought in my car, despite what Toyota was telling me. That "They no longer felt the vibration, & fixed it" They lastly replaced the front Left tire, now claiming it was a bad tire all along.
    After the new tire being on, the vibration did seem to ease up a bit... But shortly after it was back to the same vibrations. The driver is not the only person that feels it, sitting in the passenger side & in the rear seats it can be felt. (Not Heard) When feeling it at first, its almost as if you have a low/flat tire.

    As of now Toyota claims their is no vibration, atleast not one that they feel.
    They claimed to have test drove the car when it was cold, since the vibration can be
    felt more easier this way. But yet a 3rd party has to be called in now, & test ride in the vehicle.

    If anyone should know or have any suggestions on what the problem may be,
    please contact me ASAP. Ive clearly been dealing with this issue awhile &
    would like to hear how others may view this issue.
  • I'm coming up on 30k miles an wanted to get an idea of what maintenance needs to be performed. I don't prefer dealer packages because you pay them to just "check" things. Can anyone give me a guide to follow and what fluids should be changed at certain intervals for 30,60,90k?

  • I have a 2001 Rav 4 which I purchased had approx 160k mile. I had no problems at all until one evening when I stopped at a store...when I returned to my car it would not go in reverse. It would slip into drive but had no power to move, and in low gear then engine would sputter and die.
    After talking to a transmisson shop I found out that there was a recall on the ECM. I spoke to the Toyota dealership and they "reprogramed" the one in my car for $65.00. The car was then taken to a trans shop and I paid $1600. to have the trans rebuilt.
    Since that day I have had nothing but problems. Its like this car has a mind of its own.
    One minute it may be sluggish in first gear and jerk into second. The next minute 1st is fine but it will jerk into 3rd....sometimes it doesnt go into overdrive at all. The engine is cutting out really bad which it didnt do before. Yesterday I had the cruise control on, and all of a sudden the car accelerated by itself.
    Today the car wont hardly move. Each day is different, from moment to moment.

    The month of Jan my car was in the trans shop 24days total. He has replaced all of the sensors twice, and thinks the ECM may have been bad.

    I spoke with Toyota Customer Experience today and was told that even if the ECM was bad, that I have to pay to have it replaced.
    He also told me to find a new mechanic!

    After talking to the last owner, there have been 3, I found out that the orig owner had a new trans put in at 65k mi, the 2nd owner had a new trans put in at 125k mi..and I had mine rebuilt at 238k mi.

    I cannot afford to purchase an ECM, and it aggrivates me that they have this warranty coverage dependant upon milage...if its bad its bad!

    What should I do?????
  • Sorry about this. I would consider it a loss and buy a different car. Don't waste any more money on it.
  • what is the milage that needs a tune up?
  • royallenroyallen Posts: 221
    If you use Edmunds search for "car maintenance" you can input the year, make and model to see the manufacturer recommended maintenance at each 5000 miles. I do not think the term "tune up" is used. My '06 v-6, if I remember correctly does not need new spark plugs until 120,000 mi. Roy
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,955
  • It seems that a lot of dealerships are saying they've never seen this problem. I am 5500k over warranty. Just starting this battle with Toyota. Have you had any luck with Toyota backing up their product?
  • cwkrusecwkruse Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and hope someone can tell what it is. I've wondered it it has to do with the power brakes.
  • rvinkervinke Posts: 1
    Exactly the same problems, here in the Netherlands
    My lawer send the car back to the import dealer, we claim now : money return if problems are not fixed before April 8.
    Rav4 2011 Apr. 1.8 4w cvt
  • I have a 06 rav4 V6 and had the same loud knocking noise coming from the left rear when going over uneven road or sometimes turning right. Turns out the left sway bar end link broke and that was the problem--- $192 worth. Only 50,000 mi too!
  • My 2008 Rav4 has 30k miles on it. My dealer wants $130 for their package. I already changed the air and cabin filter at 20k miles so other than oil change and tire rotation what do I need to do at this point The manual just says to inspect the coolant, trans fluid, front and rear differential. I just don't want to pay them to "inspect" things.
  • gilvkonagilvkona Posts: 31
    The $130 is probably the price for an oil change and the tire rotation. The inspection is probably thrown in. I got replacement tires for my car at Costco and they rotate and balance them for free. So now when I go into the dealer, I don't want a package because Costco does the rotating. So they just do an oil change and inspect things so they can sell me something extra. The always try to do the cabin filter and air filter. But I do that my self. Have fun.
  • cigsmhcigsmh Posts: 16
    I have purchased RAV4 and after 3 weeks of driving I got knee pain and muscle cramps during the driving. The problem is in the floor slope that is down, not up as in other cars.
    Please give me some tip to fix the problem. The car is great, but I am afraid to make an accident because of numb foot. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, but I have more than enough leg room. I have an option to return the car during the first year, but I like it and don’t want another car.
    I goggled, but it seems I am the only person with this problem. I am absolutely proportional , not known health issues or disabilities ( I may get some if continue to drive this car)
    Please help if you faced the same problem and found solution.
  • I have a 2011 RAV 4, V-6. With 7000 miles on it. Upon full acceleration there is a bad smell. Much like rotten eggs. To date I have had no luck with the Dealer getting this resolved. Do you have any ideas as to the cause and a possible resolution?
  • 1999 RAV4 starts fine.
    After car is warmed up 20 minutes, car dies.
    Engine turns but does not start
    Checked the full pump 38psi
    Looking for advice what to check next
    Thank you
  • royallenroyallen Posts: 221
    I would check for spark which is easiest with a timing light. If you do not have access to a timing light, then removing a plug and touching the side electrode to a ground (use heavy insulation between plug and fingers) while cranking the engine can be done the same as one might do to check a hard starting lawn mower. You either need a mechanics starter switch with the ignition on or a friend to turn the ignition while you hold the plug. If your hand on the plug is not well insulated and the plug electrode not grounded, you can get an impressive shock if the circuit is working.
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