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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • carlerocarlero Posts: 1
    I've been noticing with my 2007 v6 w/remote starter setup that it is cranking longer to fire the engine, it does that also using the key, is this a heads up for something that is going bad?
  • okahmadokahmad Posts: 5
    I have had this noise for more than 3 years. Nothing bad has happened so far but I would like them to fix it. How can I escalate?
  • gilvkonagilvkona Posts: 31
    I have a 2006 RAV4. Whenever I turned to the right slowly, there would be this clunking. After several complaints, they finally found a TSB and fixed it while under warranty. Another friend of mine has a slightly newer model and they have the same problem. The dealer said he would not fix it because it wasn't under warranty any longer. I forget the repair price but around $500 rings a bell. But he told them it wasn't a safety issue. So they live with it. Good luck.
  • You can take your vehicle in to a Dealerhip and have them check for a recall regarding replace3ment of the steering intermediate shaft. The Knuckles on the shaft get "loose" and make a "clunking" sound as the steering wheel is being turned. If you do not receive an adequate answer to your concern, I would then ask for the 800 number for Toyota Customer Service.
  • Just a follow-up on this issue. As I stated earlier, I tried different brands of gasoline and the sulphur smell did not go away. After stuffing a rag into the passenger side rear vent, the smell was reduced by at least 80%. Finally after stuffing another rag into the driver's side rear vent, the smell has been eliminated. I haven't smelled it in many months. There seem to be no side effects from this, the doors are still just as easy to shut, and I still get fresh air into the cabin when recirculate is turned off. It's a simple fix, so try it if you're dealing with this problem.

    for more info, see the link below: -when-accelerating-8.html
  • Hello. We have a Rav4 V6. One day recently whilst driving, we had a problem. The transmission suddenly started locking up and making clunking sounds, bunny-hopping. It lost drive and sounded like it couldn’t engage the gears. It was really quite worrying. :sick:

    We stopped asap and had it towed. A mechanic later told us the clutch plates were fried from working against each other, which damaged the gearbox and that it was all because of a faulty ECM. But then we were given conflicting information by other people. :cry:

    I’ve been trying to find anyone else who may have had this problem – specifically in the V6 Rav4’s (2006-present). I really wanted to know if this has been an issue for others, as I have only been able to find info for similar things happening in the earlier 4-cylinder models (2001-2003). I would really like info on how it happened to you (circumstances, how old was the car etc.) and how you had it resolved/fixed. Also if it recurred.

    We have 2008/2009 model, but if anyone with a V6 has experienced this, I’d love to hear from you. Or if you have links to this issue anywhere else that you know of, please feel free to redirect me to them. I have searched with filters and looked up TSB’s etc but not really found much, yet am told others have experienced this. So I’m trying to get it resolved and find out a little more. Thanks in advance! :)
  • I have the same problem. Had one back door replaced, now both front doors are failing.

    Not sure I can replace it myself.
    Toyota said "haven't seen it happen before", that what they say about everything.

    Afraid, I have bought my last Toyota, my loyalty has run out.
  • gringoviejogringoviejo Posts: 10
    I'm the same height and have had the same problem, first in my wife's Acura TSX, later in my Lexus ES330. (I'm shopping for a Rav4.) I was so convinced it was the seat that I bought (and later returned) a Lexus RX350.

    It turned out to be a back problem -- my back, a slipped disc. A few sessions with a good physical therapist and repetition of the exercises she showed me fixed the problem. Yes, it *seemed* to be the seat, and the floor may indeed slope the wrong way, but when changing the seat and the car didn't fix the problem, I had to face the fact that it was my body that needed fixing.

    Hope this helps!
  • I was driving a 2006 Rav4 and was in a fender bender (7 car highway deal, I hit the car in front, the car in back hit me). I was doing around 10mph (the airbags never deployed) and the car is dead. The battery is fine, but the car won't turn over. There only seems to be some body damage and nothing too horrible. Some lights work (hazards and blinkers, but that's it), however the car will not turn over. Someone said it is probably the fuel shut off valve. Where is the shut off valve and am I missing anything else?
  • I bought my 2010 Rav4 2 weeks ago. The dealer had the brake pads replaced so that it would pass inspection. I'm assuming he put the cheapest pads he could find, on it. The ones on the front are now squealing and at times making a grinding noise when I slow down. My questions is; what's a fair price to get some decent pads and labor? And should I replace the ones on the back too?
  • Didn't have to replace. The brakes finally got broken in, I guess. Very little noise. Much better!
  • The dashboard on my 2010 Rav4 doesn't have any shine. Is it supposed to look that way? I tried amorall but it didn't help. It looked worse!
  • Hi. My engine of my 2006 Toyota Rav4 burnt and the Toyota service gave me a 6800$ cost to replace it. That looked too high to me even I don't know much about prices. Anyone has an idea of what the average cost would be?
    Thanks in advance.
  • I really don't know. And by burnt I don't know if you mean it is not rebuildable or what. It sounds like he quoted you the price for an entirely new engine. Maybe it's rebuildable but the dealer doesn't do that kind of work? By any chance did the engine overheat and did the block become warped. Did the dealer tell you the engine could not be rebuilt?

    I would look around for someone who has experience rebuilding Toyota engines. Depending on where you live, it might be easy or impossible. Get an estimate or two for rebuilding.

    If you rebuild the engine, you are still not going to get that money back. You should see what you car is worth using this site, kbb, or nada and make a call. My gut says you should have it hauled to the dump.
  • I would agree put your money in another vehicle. i would consider a Hyundai equivalent. Sell your Rav4 for what its worth for parts or trade it in. When our Rav4 even appears like it will have another major issue, will sell it asap. Already spent $5k in repairs that should have been warranty or defect coverage.
  • royallenroyallen Posts: 223

    I have a 2006 RAV4 V6 that developed a check engine light. The code was #3 coil failure and my local mechanic declined the repair because the "book" called for removal of the air intake manifold and throttle body to access #3 coil. When I looked behind the intake manifold with a mirror, the back side coils & spark plugs are in fact accessible. Disconnect one electric connector, remove one bolt and the coil comes out. replace the new one and done in 20 min plus trip to Toyota parts. Roy

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