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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • atom164atom164 Posts: 10
    I saw your question about windshield cracks... I've had my 06 Rav 4 Limited Edition since January and last Saturday the rear window simply blew out with no explanantion whatsoever. It was sitting in my driveway since the night before. No precipitation in the area nor traffic. other windows were opened about 2 inches to promote air flow. Temperature was around 80. Contacted Toyota :cry: ...nothing yet. I'm thinking questionable workmanship, dimished quality? Any suggestions from anyone?
  • johan1johan1 Posts: 21
    I kind of feel the same way like yours and Justfloorit's about when the noise occurs.

    I went to my dealership yesterday to have my car serviced for the first 5000 miles. I mentioned the droning noise to the receptionist and he did admit hearing that too. He thinks that's from the fuel pump. After the service, he told me that one of the two technicians who came to my car did hear the humming noise. They therefore checked other cars and they heard the same thing; namely, it's normal. So, to let Toyota know the issue and wait for a "dotting letter(?)" for dealerships is all that what we can do.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    I can't believe they are going to pass the droning noise off as NORMAL! I had a 2004 RAV 4 before I got my 2006 and it never made that noise. In fact none of the other cars that I've had, including Toyotas and Lexus ever made a noise like this either.
    That's interesting that when you took yours to the dealer for the 5000 mile service one of the guys said he thought it was from the fuel pump. There is one other 2006 RAV 4 owner (ofelia) who's car had the noise too and they replaced her fuel pump, but she says she still hears the noise sometimes.
    Today after driving around with the droning noise happening most of the time, I got home and when I put the car in reverse the tone/pitch of the droning noise changed and it changed again when I put it in park. So I shifted back and forth from park to reverse several times and with each gear change the droning noise got higher or lower so I am worried that it may indicate a transmission problem. Ofelia had first thought it was a transmission problem too.
    Anyhow, I am going to continue to frequently call Toyota until we get some action from their engineering department on this because I just can't buy their position that since other cars do it too it's NORMAL! Since other cars do it too, the more likely scenario is that Toyota is going to have a recall issue or at least a Technical Service Bulletin should be issued setting forth the nature of the problem and a fix for it. I have filed a complaint with the National Highway & Transportation Safety Board since I am worried that the noise could indicate a transmission problem or could indicate that some part is wearing out on something because of the almost constant droning noise. Who knows if there is a safety issue involved???
  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    Should recirc switch on automatically on Ravs equipped with auto AC? Has anybody experienced it? If so then under what conditions it happens?
  • johan1johan1 Posts: 21
    Your finding is really significant! Salute!
    I am going to check into it with mine next time when I hear the noise.
  • johan1johan1 Posts: 21
    It seems like that the dealership tech easily forgets cancelling the blinking maintenance light after service. I went back and the receptionist did it for me. In case you like to know, the procedure is:
    --Put the odometer at trip A; Then while press the knob turn the car key to ON (but not start the car). He said you will see some light bars floating from one side to the other indicating it's doing something). That's it.
  • johan1johan1 Posts: 21
    About: "when I put the car in reverse the tone/pitch of the droning noise changed and it changed again when I put it in park. So I shifted back and forth from park to reverse several times and with each gear change the droning noise got higher or lower"

    I tried and didn't really notice a difference. The humming tone remained the same to me. By the way, I hear it while I am in the car and when I step out, I only hear the quiet engine. I was on a market parking lot when I checked this.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    Thanks for the reply. I also don't hear the noise when I get out of the car and try to hear it - only inside the car. As fars as the shifting from park to reverse issue, I should have mentioned that the droning noise doesn't always change when I do that shifting. It did that when the mechanic was checking it while I was with him and has done it a couple of times when I shifted back & forth from park to reverse, but it is not consistent. I guess the inconsistency is part of the reason the mechanic couldn't pinpoint the problem. Anyhow, I'm going to call Toyota corporate again tomorrow to see if I can find out about any progress their engineers might have made toward solving the problem.
  • charles64charles64 Posts: 13
    I have been reading the posts about the droning noise with interest. I have a 2006 4wd 4-cyl limited with about 5300 miles. I recently noticed a noise that may not be the same as the droning noise others have reported. When I am in reverse or drive at low speeds, I hear something that sounds more like a grinding noise from the rear (rear wheels?). This noise gets louder when I apply the brakes. The noise seems to go away after a few mins of driving....

    Have others experienced this noise?
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    Is there a special technique involved with re-covering the Base Rav4 spare tire? I simply cannot get the cover back on around the bottom. I have the elastic positioned correctly on the top and bottom.

    Also, any suggestions for a lock? I was thinking about simply placing a locking lug on it.
  • fhspsu67fhspsu67 Posts: 24
    This just in from RAV4World.
    zaitcev wrote:
    You cannot just snap it in place, I tried and failed. So the technique I use is simple. Place it upside down and have it grab the top only. Push the bottom over the tyre's thread (it won't go all the way, which is our problem). Then, rotate the cover, taking care that it would not jump free. Once it's the good side up, you can snap it over the tyre completely.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    which way should that indentation be pointing anyway? My wife hates the tire cover but I am at a loss how to jazz it up. Lots of good info on that site.
  • fhspsu67fhspsu67 Posts: 24
    I have the hard LTD cover, but mine looks like a boomerang or Stealth bomber with the center pointed toward the upper left. ie: NW or 315 degrees. Should be lots of pix around, too.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    Thanks. Tried this today. Seems to work well.
  • rray49rray49 Posts: 13
    I too have issues with the RS3200/keyless entry but slightly different. There are times that I do not want the headlights to stay on for 30 seconds but I can't figure out if there is a way to selectively turn that feature off. Does anyone know how?
  • brb972brb972 Posts: 7
    Is there a low fuel warning light on this vehicle?
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Regarding the lights staying on for 30 seconds after you close the door - the word on another forum about this seems to be that if you lock the car with the remote and the lights are still on, you need to press the "lock" button a second time. Supposedly this will turn the lights off immediately vs. leaving them on for the 30 seconds. Don't have my RAV4 yet so can't personally verify.
  • ihammerihammer Posts: 75
    Gee, that's a new one - I haven't experienced any kind of grinding noise, just the droning. I hope you get an answer for that issue! Sorry not to be much help.
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