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Toyota Tacoma General Shopping Questions



  • That explains it. I'm from Seattle, WA and I had a hard time just looking for the exact model and color truck I wanted. Only one dealer had it. Most dealers close by were also out of V6 manual trans. so i think its just a hot seller around my town. I'll check farther cities next time i shop around.
    thanks for the info!
  • I had a similar problem at first, being in the Los Angeles area some dealers had more stock then others and some more 4x4 models. I did not want to publicly post the dealer I used since I felt they would then sell all their stock. But it might make sense to buy in another state as the dealer still bills your home state tax not the local tax. Also all the trucks are now the same state to state smog wise.
  • tacovivatacoviva Posts: 116
    Sure......well this is off the invoice they show you (not what they really paid for it). BTW, how much money a dealer has in a vehicle depends on many things, most of which is the time on the lot. In fact many dealers trade vehicles routinely to prevent a single on from staying in one palce for too long.

    I started to negotiate form invoice. I deducted the rebate (1500) and negotiated an additional $843 off as well. It's not that hard if you don't get tied up in the details and attached to any one vehicle (or option). Mine listed for about 29.5 and my price was 24.7. That was a cash deal since I had no trade. They mitigates any funny number games and makes it faster to take delivery. But I payed full taxes.
  • can you tell me the dealer name and what will be a good price for a tacoma truck 2wd no TRD.
    Thank you.
  • I'm in NC, this Greensboro dealer posts what they say is their invoice on all Toyotas you browse thru their website.
  • Can you tell me the name of the dealer in S. California that was willing to negotiate.
    I'm looking to get a Tacoma 2x4 Double Cab long bed with an SR5 #2. Thank you
  • I'm trying to decide if I should by a Tacoma work truck. I'm looking for a 6 cyl 6 foot bed. I'm not even sure if you can get a 6 cyl Tacoma. Is there a big difference in price between the Tacoma and Tundra? I was set on a Ford 150 but I noticed that the Toyota seems to have better prices. Any suggestions on any of this? Thanks
  • Tacomas come in both 4 and 6 cylinder versions. Long and short bed as well as 2 and 4 wheel drive. Since the Tundra has just been totally re-designed amd recently released supplies are going to drive the price higher. Thus the cost of a Tundra might be higher with less discounts available. use my profile to email me to contact me and I'll give you a phone number to contact to a Toyota fleet salesman who sold me my Tacoma, he was very open with what cost was and what he would actually sell me the truck for without haggling.
  • Since posting about my experience with Costco I found that the dealers they send you to still vary in price. I was able to find a dealer that had an even lower price then above. Email me for the name and info. The issue will always be what IS the actual cost of the truck you want and then they add their profit. While people will comment on what you should be paying and what price you should get, finding the model and options you want first, then finding a salesman willing to sell it at that price are two different things.
  • I found that when buying cars from dealers that the used cars often were more expensive then the new cars. This could be due to factory incentives? So if you want used over new then I would suggest you not shop dealers and check your local newspaper, Ebay, etc. If you're in Cal email me and I can recommend a dealer who gave me no haggling prices on a 2006 4x4 Tacoma access cab. I spent months shopping, visiting dealers, calling around etc.

    I had a really bad experience at the Ventura CA Toyota dealer.
    I took a walk on the lot and as expected was attacked by what seemed a new salesman. He walked me around the lot, they had plenty of truck but not exactly what I wanted. I agreed to a test drive, which is what I wanted to do. Then they switched the sales person and I took my drive with another guy. He gave me this long spiel about how that day they had a special Toyota was putting on and for every one car they sold Toyota would replace it with two. So I could make an offer for almost anything and it would be accepted. OH BOY! So after the test drive I told the salesman I was interested but they did not have the exact model I wanted "Well if we gave you a SUPER low price would you buy this one?". The difference would be the same truck however a Sport package instead of an OFF Road package. SURE I told him, then into the dealer and office we went. Now to my surprise another sales person (Number 3) arrives, he takes a seat, looks young and unexperienced, starts out at regular price, I explain that Salesman 2 told me to come inside and I would be given a super low price. Ok so he starts to drop the price $100 then $200 and finally $500. He asks why I don't want to pay that price and that is what most people pay. I tell him A. it's not the exact truck. B. Salesman 3 told me about this special Toyota day deal. He tells me to wait and 10 minutes later Salesman No. 4 arrives. This guy now seems like the veteran salesman, who asks me "Do you really want to buy a truck today?". YES, but what is the price,"Well I can't tell you that until you commit to buy". That's funny you want me to commit to buying a truck without knowing the price first, I can't agree to that. Well then we can give you a price. Why? Cause you might take that price and shop it.

    Intesting concept that this dealer is using, im 49 years old and have bought dozens of cars over the years, even Toyota and I have never heard of commiting to buy before you know the price. The next day I bought my truck from another dealer, EXACTLY what I wanted in options and a fairly low price. I actually did better shopping the web emailing dealers for prices then walking in. However the dealer that sold me my truck, I did walk in before email contact and there was not haggling, he showed me invoice, gaave me the figures and costs and total and stuck to that. He did not care that I still shopped his quote.
  • I'm in N/E Ohio and am getting close to buying either a DC or AC with the TRD off road package. The dealer I went to said the Toyota is stingy with rebates (right now the $500 rebate is all thats out there) however I've heard that manufacturer's will offer better rebates around the time of the auto shows. Anyone have any input on this? Thanks.
  • I have been researching and deciding which truck to get??!!
    I think I am going to get the 4x4 crew cab with Trd-off road edition
    If I'm going to get a pick up truck, I'm going to get something that COOKS!!!

    I saw a lot of posting on this sites and other sites, I was at the toyota dealers on a sunday so they wont bother me and looked at the sticker price on that truck. Its around 30,000
    It went up from the last yr model!

    Anyway, I saw that one guy got the trd-sport for like $26500 with extra options
    do you guys think I can get it too???

    I did alot of research of dealer invoice cost of the trd-off rd.
    I dont know if I believe it or not what it says on the computer.

    What do you guys think? How much would you guys pay for a 4x4 crew cab trd-off rd
    $26500 would be great deal eh! I'll probably get the tonneau top too!
    I live in NJ guys. Need some insight and quidance!!
  • I bought a 2006 4X4 V6 Access cab, with the TRD off road package, Towing package and floor mats. (I did not want the floor mats but they are part of the Toyota invoice). In any event the salesman I used told me that the same truck as a 2007 was not much more ($100-$500) but they did not offer the $1000 rebate as the 2006 models. I see that 2007 models have some changes, while slight they do have some changes. They also get 1 MPG better city then a 2006, the other figures remain the same. You also have to buy a first aid kit for a 2007 that you did not for a 2006.

    List for my 2006 was $28,870 with all options
    I paid $25,266, plus $86 dealer profit

    Then add tax, Doc fee $45, DMV $258 and $9 Tire fee

    So use the above discount as a starting point, I would not think the 2007's went up more then $200 from that or 1%.

    Good Lick, im in California so it would not make sense for me to give you the salesman and dealer info to buy from them as im sure they could do this same deal for you. Email me via my profile if needed.
  • so how much was the truck total cost?

    tire fee? document Fee?
    I dont think I'm going to pay for that! Document fee is a BS fee where they got nothing else to do but charge us to do the paperwork?!!
    That would piss me off!!!

    how do you tell how much they are making on the truck on profit?
    I saw KBB and edmunds dealer invoice cost, but how do i know it is true and real?

    the truck actually went up like $2000

    I having research since 2006 comparing with Nissan Frontier Nismo

    It was above $28000 with the options i wanted in 2006 then in 2007 it was over $30000!! BS!!!

    I dont care too much of the 6 disc charge, but I do want the AUX so i can plug in my i-pod.

    They should give out the weather mat, they are like $20 at costco.

    my ideal truck is pretty much like yours but with crew cab!
  • We all will walk into a dealer and refuse to pay certain fees.
    You'll have to end up using the old "start walking out" when you refuse to pay one of the minor fees. When it came down to it for me I was looking at $26000. By the way my above post is what I paid, plus you have to add in sales tax, which was 8.25 in Cal. So I was OTD out the door tax included for $27,515 to be exact.

    Floor mats are in fact a rip off and a Toyota manufacturer rip off, I sold mine on Ebay and spent the $20 on the Costco mats. While they did fit perfect as opposed to the Costco mats they're not worth the invoice of $104 which by the way also includes some small door sil protectors. The dealer might deduct the mats if you held them to it. Ask them to keep the mats but they can't take out the door sil protectors.

    Im told that Totyota pays the dealer another 2-3% hidden profit we don't see. Im sure their are some other incentives for them besides that. You can take the INVOICE above $25,266 (which also includes the $605 destination fee) as invoice, then refuse to pay another penny and see what happens when you head to the door. Don't forget that the Tacoma is a popular truck, so they may not care. In fact some of their other products like the CJ and the Prius, you can forget about haggling since if you won't buy it the next guy will.

    You don't have to buy the 6 disk player, I saw it as an option and not part of the Off Road package. I did not have it in my truck, I'll replace the factory radio anyway, it does play Mp3's but is pretty much junk. Go to your local (large) news stand and I think Consumer Reports has an Auto Guide that lists the invoice prices. I also looked at the Nissan but it seemed cheaply made and did not have the resale or reputation of Toyota.

    When it comes down to it, they don't have to sell it to you.
    You don't have to buy it. How much should they make on a $27,000 truck? $100? I doubt that, even if I paid $1000 to-much as profit I did not feel cheated.

    Good Luck
  • TOYOTA has a rebate going on for all 2006 Tacoma's
    Get $2,500 cash back on a new 2006 Tacoma
    Till 02/28/2007

    If you can still find the 2006 you want this is a huge reduction.
  • Boy, the good old routine on walking out of the dealer to get the deals you want works most of the time I guess.

    It looked you got a signaficant amount of money off the access cab!

    What did you show to the dealer for them to say "ok I'll sell you this amount about invoice"?

    I know tacoma is a very popular truck, but i see them everywhere online and dealers,
    They still compete each other for the truck.

    NJ has ghetto cities where tax is only 3.5 % as opposed regular 7%
    It was 6% befiore until the governor raised it!!! DAMN U!!!

    I guess i also need to run this with my insurance to find out how much is this going to cost me!

    I dont think there's any 2006 tacoma around for the those rebates!
  • On the west coast (California) they charge sales tax depending where you live, not where you buy. If I were you I would start with figuring out which truck you wanted, what options and packages, color etc. Then try to find out the invoice. If you can post those details I'll try and post the invoice.

    Then contact some dealers via the internet in your area. I started with sending other dealers within 100 miles of where I live with my lowest price.

    I just saw a story on the web about how NJ had the highest car insurance in the nation.

    Some dealers won't want to give a lowest price until you commit to buy, which I found to be odd. For example in Ventura Ca the dealer came right out and told me "you need to commit to buy before I give you any prices". Who ever heard of that, being forced to commit to say YES you'll buy the truck and then they start to give prices. I walked when I got wind of this. Most dealers when contacted via the web gave me pretty low competitive prices and from those I was able to narrow it down to what was a fair price.

    Im sure their are still 2006's sitting out there, while not many this is why Toyota offers the $2500 rebate to clear these last remaining trucks. Any dealer can do a truck search and find that last truck, then do a dealer trade for it.
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