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Toyota FJ Cruiser Lease Questions



  • krw1krw1 Posts: 1
    I was quoted the following on 07 FJ:

    36 month, 12,000 miles

    MSRP- $27,624
    Invoice- $25,162
    Selling price $24,362
    Residual- $15,256
    Money factor .00285
    Acquisition fee- $550
    License/Reg fee -$799
    Zero down no money paid upfront
    Monthly payment of $447 plus tax for 35 months.

    Is this a reasonable deal?

    Thanks for any help.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 330
    I get 365 if you are paying the aquisition and license up front. Otherwise around 400-410. Are you sure that monthly doesnt include tax?
    Maybe they are taking a down payment but rolling it in?
    Anyway, common sense should dictate that 447 month is way too high to pay for a 24000 dollar sale.

    24000 at 6% would be 475 a month on a 5 year loan.

    I say they are trying to rob you.
  • Hi pss2. Do you happen to know this truck's selling price as well? It is probably the most important number to focus on when negotiating a lease. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without knowing what the selling price is, you don't know how much room you have to negotiate. Let me know what the selling price is and I'll tell you what I think.

    For now I can tell you that Toyota is not currently providing lease support on the FJ Cruiser in you area. As a result, if you were to lease one through Toyota Financial Services' right now you would have to use its standard lease program. Its buy rate standard lease money factor varies slightly by region, but it should probably be around .00275 to .00285 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • Hi krw1. A selling price of $800 below dealer invoice is an excellent deal on a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Plus the money factor that you were quoted is right in line with Toyota Financial Services' buy rate for this model. The acquisition fee is right, too. At first glance, this looks like a good deal to me. However, the payments that you were quoted look strange. I come up with a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $366 without the $550 and $799 fees added into the cap cost and a payment of around $408 with them added in. I doubt that sales tax amounts to $40 per month. Have the dealer double check the payments.

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  • I am new to the forum and after reading some of the posts, I am getting a sick feeling on a deal I thought was very fair. I leased the FJ Cruiser last night. It is a 2008 and what seemed to be loaded (front grill,brush guards, fog light, roof rack, side boards). It was leased in lake couny ILL. It is a 36 month lease, 15k miles per year, and no money down (except first month payment, title fee, and license transfer = $726). Tax's are rolled into the lease. Total tax was $2103. The agreed Gross Capitalized Value is $29750. My MONTHLY PAYMENT $570. Please tell me if this is a fair price? Even if it's a ballpark guess. I keep seeing in the forum here, payments of around $450?
    Final question. Is there any type of law that protects the consumer if after signing, they have like 24 hours or 2 business days to cancle?.
    By the way, the above is close end lease. Depreciation and any Amortized Amounts over lease term is = $16454. Rent charge = $4729. Total of base monthly payments = $21184.92. Thank you in advance for any help.
  • monkee08monkee08 Posts: 4
    Anyone that has leased an 08 FJ March or April 08 I would love to know what your numbers are as there are no incentives for this vehicle right now.
  • despydespy Posts: 1
    I dont get it..........when I look at the TMV (based on my area) on the prices on this website or like these the price for the vehicle is around 21 to 23 thousand and thats MSRP!!!....however when I got qouted from some dealers around here there charging full sticker as if the FJ would be brand spanking new (charging 27,835 MSRP best price I could get out of them after some haggling was 25,535 before taxes and fees) at this rate I told one salesman im just better off waiting until the '09s come out and walked away...I understand that it is a model year vehicle but still if I was to drive it off the lot tommorrow and paid that price I was offered in essence thats almost four grand I lost right am I right for thinking like that or is that just the nature of the beast living where I do...HELP!!!
  • So in May of 2008, I bought a pre owned 2007 FJ Cruiser w/ 16000 miles for around 24k plus warranty n stuff came out to around 27K. I had a $487 payment for 72 mos. A year later, i noticed that the vehicle had depreciated so much and that i was under and thought it wasn't worth it. in an attempt to get out of it, i leased a new 2009 yaris, which i am now paying $450 a month for 60 months, with $4000 down. Is there any way out of this [non-permissible content removed] lease? I thought of posting on lease trader but who would pay $450 a month for a yaris? any insight as to how i could've done this or what i still can do?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,918
    The reason your lease payment on the Yaris is so high, is you rolled in all of the negative equity from the FJ Cruiser.. That was a big mistake. You would have been much better off to keep makiing the payments on the FJ Cruiser. At the end of 5 more years, you would have owned it. What a vehicle is currently worth is of no consequence, if you don't sell it.

    The Yaris? You are stuck with that payment. Your mistake has already been made.. Anything you do, other than ride out that lease will cost you thousands more..

    I wonder what made you go through with that deal, once you saw the numbers?


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  • Thanks for the reply. I guess i was thinking that i was going to have a lower payment for the meantime and at the end of the lease, i'd be done and just walk away and start fresh. Only thing is, i feel like a base liftback yaris for $450 isn't worth it, but i guess i'm just paying off all the negative equity that got rolled over from the fj cruiser. The mistake's been made. I'll just ride it through. Great mileage though. ha.
  • gperrgperr Posts: 126

    Do you happen to know the Nov '09 RES & MF for '10 FJ cruiser, 4wd Auto for 36 months, 15k miles? Also any other terms have better rates? What effect does a 12k or 10k miles per year have on residual.


  • Hey gperr. Toyota is not currently providing support on the 2010 FJ Cruiser. As a result, if you were to lease one through Toyota Financial Services right now, you would have to use its standard lease program. The last time that I saw it, TFS's buy standard rate lease money factor was .00265 for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    TFS' 36-month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for the 2010 FJ Cruiser 4WD is 66%. The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher.

    The problem with TFS' residual value percentages is that it places restrictions upon what options can be residualized. As a result, its effective residuals are lower than its published percentages.

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  • gperrgperr Posts: 126

    Are any of these options/packages able to be residualized?

    Upgrade Package #2 UR
    Convenience Package CQ
    Running Boards RB
    Daytime Running Lights RL
    Roof Rack

    If not, then I assume I calculated the lease price based on the percentages you gave me and the Base model vehicle MSRP.


  • Hey Gregg. The problem is that very few people know exactly what option packages can be residualized. I suspect that at least part of all of the packages that you mentioned can be residualized, but how much is the question. I doubt that many people at individual dealers even know exactly how the residualization process works. TFS tells them what the dollar resids are for units that they have in stock and that's what they use to calculate leases.

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  • joepojoepo Posts: 10
    Hi, Car_man - can you please provide current lease rates/residuals for a 2010 2WD FJ Cruiser, 36 mons,10K miles/yr.

  • Hey joepo. Toyota is not currently providing any support on the 2010 FJ Cruiser. As a result, if you want to lease one through Toyota Financial Services, you will have to use its standard lease money factor, which is currently .00265 for consumers who qualify for its top aka Tier 1+ credit tier.

    TFS' residual value percentage for a 36 month lease of a 2010 FJ Cruiser 2WD with 12,000 miles per year is 66%. Having said this, as I mentioned in my reply to you in the 4Runner discussion it is difficult to use TFS' residual value percentages to calculate actual dollar residuals for Toyota vehicles because TFS places restrictions upon what options can be residualized.

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  • joepojoepo Posts: 10
    Car_man thanks for the reply.
  • No problem, joepo.

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  • t_ct_c Posts: 13
    So type of payment are you looking at with the above numbers?

    12k miles, 2WD, 36 or 39 months, price of 30-31k, upgrade #2, etc..
  • t_ct_c Posts: 13
    Can someone give me a hand and tell me what the lease payment on the FJ would be?

    12k miles, 2WD, 36 or 39 months, price of 30-31k, upgrade #2, etc..
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