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GMC Jimmy 4WD Problems



  • I fixed mine by changing the encoder motor on the transfer case. It sounded like it was going in but it didnt work sometimes, Hope you get yours fixed soon four wheel drive season is upon us
  • I was right. The new switch that I put in saturday was either defective or wrong. I just put in a new OEM switch and the 4wd works perfectly now. Apparently there are two different transfer cases mine is a 233-c I don't know the number of the other case. The part no. for the OEM switch is 89059420 . I will return the defective switch tomorrow for a refund. I hope that my experience with this has helped someone. Lesson learned, use high quality parts the first time. I don't know if the two different cases use two different switches or not, I'll find out tomorrow.
  • Check vacuum line coming off the PVC going to in front of the fire wall drivers side for leaks!
  • zorad1000zorad1000 Posts: 5
    Well the actuator has failed again because of trans fluid getting in it . I guess I should have blown out the lines the first time. However I have found a manual cable shift kit for the front axle. I will install this manual shifter cable soon. the kit is available at Summit. costs about $160.
  • I recently had some tires swapped over from winter to summer and upon getting a front end alignment I was told 2 bolts were rounded. One on each side and one front and one rear. Is this a hadr fix? Sould I just change the nuts rounded or just change all 4 bolts. How hard is it and what do I need. Thanks Mike
  • my friend trans fluid is getting in because transfercase seal is leaking into your transmission I had to fix mine hope this helps
  • The auto 4wd, the 4wd hi and the 4wd lo lights just blink until 2wd button is pushed. The drive shaft from the transfer case turns but the front differential wont engage. Have checked fuses and replaced actuator. The battery was disconnected for a good 45 mins while I played around with the actuator. The fluid level in the differential is good. Have tried to trace the vacuum line but I keep getting lost.
  • I have had the same problem. I just had both front wheel hubs replaced at 107K miles for $750. I had to have mine replaced because to anti-lock
    brake sensor failed in the left hub and the right one was noisy. I don't think there is a solution for this problems. Just like there seems to be no solution for leaking intake manifold gaskets or the flaky fuel gauges or the failing fuel pump. The is a nice "little" SUV, when it runs!
  • I have a 2000 jimmy and it is doing exactly as yours did. I was wondering if you ever got it figured out. If you have any advice that would be great.
  • shellstershellster Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I stumbled on to this site and found it to very informational. But have searched and searched and have not found the answer I'm looking for. While in 4hi, driving up a very steep hill (it performs better) the vehicle is fine. But when I turn the corner, it hesitates as if it's struggling about to cut off or something. Another time I forgot to disengage 4hi, I tried backing into a parking spot and the same hesitation occurs. Is my jimmy sick or just too old. Feel free to be brutally honest. Mind you I just purchased jimmy 6wks ago. Trip to the folks I bought it from is planned tomorrow.
  • Sounds like you need a tune up. But when in 4 wheel drive all axles are turning and make it difficult to steer. Try taking it out of four hi when you are parking or backing up. Just hard to get used to four wheel drive. It really makes a difference if the road is snow covered or not when steering. Hope this helps. When its hard to steer that means your front wheels are engaged.
  • jim579jim579 Posts: 1
    What fuse did u replace under the hood.? My works fine in 2w but when punch 4 w button ..nothing
  • Check your encoder motor it might be pulling power and blowing fuses I had to change mine working fine now.
  • Just found out my front drive-shaft is bad on my all wheel drive GMC Jimmy,can I just take it out and drive with out it- do I need it?
  • you can drive it but you wont have four wheel drive
  • My friend when transmission fluid is getting into your vacum acuator motor next to the batter case its because you need a new seal between your transfer case and transmissio I blew out two or three acuators before i got it fixed. Hope this helps
  • Usually with front hubs I found that the more expensive hubs are worth it I changed four or five hubs out before I found out that the cheaper ones didn't last more than a year or two. Salt and dirt mess up the sensors. Hope this helps
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