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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yirekyirek Posts: 1
    Where are you located? That seems like a good deal based on the pricing here in Texas... but I don't know. All the dealers here are priced in the mid-50s.
  • Just closed a deal on a 2008 Audi Q7 4.2 Premium. Car was sold as new, check bounced (sounds more like a repo to me), back on the lot to sell as used. I ordered an independent inspection and the car was pristine.

    1555 mi
    Nav/Backup cam/Park Assist
    HID Lights
    Ipod adapter
    Panoramic Roof
    Adaptive Suspension
    Red/Blk Cricket interior

    List 46,900 Got it for 44250, they tried sticking a dealer processing fee of $689 and I threatened to walk away. Ended up compensting for the dealer fee in the price, so technically sold for 43500. I feel like I got a pretty good deal on a
    $70,000 car. Gives you an idea of how bad dealers are hurting out there. If you dont find what you want, wait it out!
  • This was at Bell Audi in Edison, NJ.
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 28
    Which dealership down here was that? Have my A4 coming off lease now, looking at a 7 seater. Might as well try to see if they are still being aggressive in their offers to what you were given in May.
  • n4roninn4ronin Posts: 14
    has anyone used overstock com pricing as a negotiating start point?
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Guys, need help here.
    We're contemplating on getting a new car. So far, the contenders are Acura MDX (waiting for the 2010 model since it may come with the bun cooler :P ), Audi Q7 TDI (not sure if there are any changes with the 2010 model since the dealers didn't have the 2010 model yet). While at the dealership, we peeped at the new Q5... what a sweet car. But we need the third row seating, so it's out of question for us.

    Anybody purchased the TDI yet? If so, what's the lowest price that you got? Any incentives? We prefer the one without panoramic roof. We're also thinking of test driving BMW X5 Diesel (it seems to have better value with free maintenance). If you purchased a TDI recently, what currents problems that you've encountered thus far (i.e: would you keep the car for a long time, recommend to a friend or trade in at the next available opportunity)? Anybody aware of the resale value of TDI?

    We're located in NJ. The dealership that we went to was Jack Daniel in Fair Lawn. The same dealership in Upper Saddle River is full of a bunch of snobs who told us that we should schedule/call for a test drive first. We did, to find out if the Q7 TDI was available for test drive. After waiting for 20 minutes at the dealership, the snobs told us that the car was out driven by their managers. :mad: Well, they just lost a customer.
  • Went to the stealer tonight, was told that for the vehicle I wanted, I could expect a three to four month wait for vehicle delivery (!) Demand is high on the 2010 TDI. The local stealer only had a 3.6 in stock,

    The company I work for is a supplier to Audi, and I qualify for the Audi Supplier Discount program which gives a 6% discount off MSRP. This equates to a price $3,880 less than MSRP. If you work for a big company and you have a discount program with other vendors, chances are pretty good you may have it with Audi as well. Really made it easy to not have to haggle :)

    2010 Q7 TDI, Prestige, S-Line, Towing Package, Warm Weather Package & Wheel Lock Kit

    Price minus discounts:

    MSRP: $64,680
    Destination: $825
    Audi Supplier Discount: ($3,880)
    Taxes: $1,848
    Tags: $55
    Port and Adv Fee: $459

    Grand Total: $63,987
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 204
    Is there a list of companies eligible for the supplier discount?
  • No, not that I'm aware of.
  • wesoweso Posts: 6
    Any Audi dealer has this info, just ask and they can check. Does anyone know what the loyalty incentive is for a 2010 TDI?
  • I just purchased a 2009 Premium Quatro with sunroof for $40,500. Seems like a great price considering the list is $49,560. Any thoughts?
  • I just purchased a 2010 Q7 TDI black on black with Premium Plus, Tow Package, Cold Weather & Wheel Locks for $55,279 at Inskip Audi in Warwick RI. I think this was a great deal as MSRP was over $58000 and all the other dealerships offered $1,000 - $1500 off. Drove it off the lot today but so far so good. We were leaning towards the BMW X5 Diesel but wanted a little more room. Not a huge fan of the LED lights think they are a bit much with the grill but very happy to see they got rid of the greyish bumpers and went with matching bumpers with chrome. Any questions on the 2010 let me know.

    And oh yeah when the salesman tells you people are buying them at MSRP please walk away.
  • The dealer we went to 3t weeks ago here in NJ told us that he had no idea when the 2010 Q7 TDI would come, thus he would have no idea the differences b/w the 2009 and 2010. He had several 2009 available and was willing to provide discount to owners of other luxury brands.

    Can you tell me which version of Q7 that you bought? Did you get the all weather mats as well? We were thinking of the BMW X5 Diesel as well, but it seems to be significantly overpriced. Now, the only competitor for the Q7 is Acura MDX (which we heard may come in Diesel for the 2010 or 2011 version). Thanks
  • Great price. which dealer? thanks.
  • ojuoju Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I have final quote for finance from a dealer in NJ $51,000.00 (MSRP is $55,000+).
    Do I have a great deal here? I have already paid deposite of $1000.00. They couldnt do loan application, so I dont have interest rate yet. Whats the ideal rate right now? I have good credit as per dealer.
    I will keep you all posted.
    Thanks all
  • Congradulations on your purchase of your new Q7!!!!!. I am in the market for buying a q7, so If you don't mind me asking you some questions? Is this your first audi? If so, how did you do your research on finding out the dependability of a audi? People still have some negative things to say about audi "high" maintenance and costly repair. Your feedback will grealy appriciated.
  • Which dealer? My dealer in michigan wants $43850.

    can you send me an scan or something so I can try to get that price..

  • I purchased from Jim Ellis on Peachtree Industrial (two locations in ATL). I don't think they have any left with similar features. I'll try to get my salesman to send you something.

    Please send email address or contact info.
  • We got the 2010 Q7 TDI Diesel 3.0. the differences from the 2009 the car has more chrome accents on door handles and bumpers which match color of car versus the greysih bumpers they had on 2009. Also the panaramic sunroof is part of premium package and the MMI nav system has been updated with 3d view and has diesel gas station listings which we like since we bought a diesel.

    We did not get the all weather mats. We really liked the BMW X5 Diesel, it was explosive off the line but yes it was more expensive. At the time they were offering $4500 off. The reason we didn't go for it we wanted a little more room. We looked at the Acura MDX, it drove well but honestly it had more buttons in the dashboard it was overwhelming plus the newer version looked like they tried to make it a superhero car.
  • Help would be appreciated ASAP. Going to the dealer in NJ tomorrow to cut a deal.

    First I looked at the 3.6 but still have not driven it, then drove the TDI, liked the gas mileage and the torque, but I need to lease her for 36 months for 800 and the dealer told me like 950 - 10K mi per year. I wonder if they can do it?

    I was told that I could get a 3.6 for that, and then I was told by another dealer that the residual on the TDI was better and it was only a few grand more so i should be able to get the same lease number.

    How slow is the 3.6? Should I go to the 8 cylinder if need be. Hate to loose the mileage. Also heard the TDI torque dies out after 45 mph - true?

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