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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    MSRP $47600, paid $41600. Only $6000 off but perhaps not the worst deal.
    Car is very basic but has the Multi Media Interface (MMI). It also has the Bluetooth phone interface, which is just amazing. Also 2-zone AC is included with 12-way adjustable front seats. No seat memory.

    Was lucky to find one of these big cars without the panoramic sun roof. Dealer said this one was the last without it so got lucky there.

  • oju, Dealer is offering me 2010 Prim plus with 19" wheels for $51,925. By looking at your quote I feel I'm not getting a good deal here...
  • oju,
    Where did you get your premium plus ? is it TDI ? what dealership in NJ did you purchase your Q7 from?
    I'm about to get 2010 3.6 prem plus non-TDI in NY area.
    I'm still not sure if I should get TDI model. Do all gas stations have diesel fuel available? is it cheaper than gas?
    your feedback would be appreciated

  • ojuoju Posts: 3
    I bought it from Bell Audi. It's 2010 Q-7 3.6 Premier Plus. I just dont like the diesel engine. According to my calculation gas or diesel both cost same. I made this deal in just 20mins.
  • thanks for your reply.
    Do all gas stations have diesel fuel? I don't think so...
    Did you post that price before loyalty $1000 credit or after?
    If you don't mind can I ask who was your salesman?
    Is there any other info that you could share before I visit Bell Audi? I'll try to go there this weekend. Thanks man...
  • ojuoju Posts: 3
    His name was Ryan. Look if you go at the end of the month, you will get the best possible price. In my case, I still believe they would have gone down by around $500 more. But I didn't have time, my 3 yrs was waiting for me. The price $51000.00 is without any rebate or loyal customer reward. Finally after the deal was over, Ryan told me I got the best possible deal, as I paid below invoice price. I wish you good luck.
  • Excellent. Thank you. I assume you financed your Q7 that's why you did not get $1000 loyalty rebate.
    based on your packages Edmund's invoice is $51558. So you got $558 bellow invoice. Good deal. Car_Man suggests to shoot for $500 -$1000 over invoice... I think it was ok to do that 3 years ago when I got my 1st Q7 but I would not do it right now in this economy.
    $1000 bellow invoice sounds like a good deal to me :)

    Good luck to you too and enjoy your new Q7
  • mcroa7mcroa7 Posts: 1
    Looked at the Q7 premium 4.2v8 with bang and olufsen sound and s package, dealer seemed pretty firm on 68 tax title and throwing in maintenance package for 4 years which seems high for a last year car, thoughts? Fyi no financing paying all upfront.
  • Not sure why some people are interested in diesel engine. So far I do not see any advantages vs gas engine
    fuel cost the same, diesel engine has less power 3.0, not all gas stations have diesel proper pumps - need to search gas stations via navigation :-) need to make sure you get proper fuel in winter and summer and finally diesel models are more expensive. Also heared diesel drivers keep some gloves in the glove box compartment like a truck driver :-) The good thing about this - it's ecologically clean....
  • anyone can share recent lease deals?
  • I'm European and it still seems weird to me how Americans don't understand diesel. It is economic choice. Engine lasts twice as much as gas. You put 150k miles in gas engine, you will put 300k miles in diesel engine. Long term it is much greener engine too. Easier to maintain. Diesel is also fuel that's easier to manufacture, so if 70s happen again you can be pretty sure you will be able to fill your tank. Diesel engines are also known to run just about on anything... you wanna throw vegetable oil and drive on it. Go for it! Dielels are also less complex engines, hence they brake less often. And if they do they're usually cheaper to fix. This is why 70% of all BMW sales in Europe are diesels! Becuase you buy a car and can drive it for 10 years and not 5, save money and save the environment. Easy? :-) Plus you get great deals on diesels in US. In Europe they're on average 30% more expensive than their gas counterparts. Here you get them for cheap. No brainer to me...
  • actually, the 3.0 diesel has quite a bit of power compared to the gas 3.0, perhaps not on the HP department, but check out the torque.
  • Hi,
    WOW that is an amazing deal. What dealer did you go to please?
  • A reporter is looking to speak to a recent buyer of a new Audi vehicle over the past year and get comments on why they chose their vehicle over a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus. Please send your daytime phone number and the car you purchased to by Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

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  • I've signed a purchase agreement for a new 2009 Q7 TDI.

    MSRP is $57,875.
    My price is $53,875.

    So the deal is about 7% below MSRP (just under "invoice" as far as I can tell).

    Is this a good deal?
  • Can someone comment why there is no much activity going on on q7 model? As far as I see people more interested in other models like Mercedes, BMW and etc.. WHY?
    I'm the owner of Q7 . Is it to expensive? bed design? any comments?
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Good Question. I have no idea. Aside from complaints on brake wear I do not read a lot of negativity. I love this vehicle. It is expensive but so are comparable BMW, Mercedes, and Cadillac Escalade. I think the design is the best looking out there. Not enough advertising maybe? Q5 sure has a lot of commercials etc.
  • 7% below MSRP???
    I heard that audi is paying dealers about 3k on leftover 2009s... and additional 1-2k if you are current owner of audi.....
    so not a great price... and TDIs are in short supply now... very short supply...
    2010 mostly they are offering 1000 over invoice or MSRP...
  • I have been told by two different dealers, located in different regions in the USA, that basically Audi is not offering any extra incentives to move their cars/SUV's. They supposedly lose money on every sale because of the horrible exchange rate. BMW does not suffer this same fate because the X5 is assembled in South Carolina, thus BMW can offer the "eco-credit" etc. I would love to purchase a Q7, b ut in this economy I expect some type incentive to purchase a car.
  • I see. Audi deals are horrible right now compare to Mercedes and BMW. For instance
    Mercedes offers $2000 cash on leases low rate and reasonable residual values on ML350. Also I think one of the important factors that Audi do not provide dealers cashabck . At the same time sales people are claiming that the Q7 inventory has been reduced drastically and the demand is way up which I think is BS.
    In my opinion It reduced because very few people get Q7 at this rate and I think dealers stop ordering them in big quantities like they used to..
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