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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Is it Brand New/No Miles?? If so, sounds fantastic to me!!

    But take into account, with such a deep discount, you may not be able to attain a best friend "relationship with your salesperson"..... Are u really willing to sacrifice missing out on a B-day card from your beloved salesperson just to save almost $10k.....
  • Hello, great forum. I am interested in getting a highly spec'd 2008 Q7. My confusion stems from the fact that when I use the "build your vehicle" configurator on the Audi USA website, I generate a MSRP of $64,600. Then I tried the same exercise on Edmunds using the TMV tool and the same content jumped to over $71,000.

    It looks like a lot of the equipment listed as standard for a 4.2 premium is showing up as additional price options on Edmunds. Is this typical, and which is more "real world" with respect to what I can expect to see as a starting point from a dealer?

  • I'd miss out on a life time supply of b-day cards for a deal like this. :blush:
  • q7 08 3.6 premium in nj

    i just picked up the q7 08 3.6 premium
    with navigation/20" wheels/audi care/panorama roof
    54,349 msrp 51,600 sell
    36 mo 12k mi lease 0 down 776mo including tax
    .00075 mf and 53% resid
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48

    that sounds great to me! Very similar to what Audi was offering months ago but more options and more miles per year as well!
  • I don't need a relationship with my dealer, I need to pay as little as possible, this is the reason why I call and ask for the sales manager. I don't need to sit and haggle for hours so I can make a new friend. Relationship with the salesman? Are you freaking kidding me? Pay more money so you can send me a B-Day card? Keep it and I'll take the savings, thank you. :lemon:
  • I am interested in purchasing the Q7 3.6 with the sport package has anyone come across a really good price on this car? Can anyone suggest another avenue other than buying from a dealer to get the lowest price possible. I am talking with CarsDirect....any luck with this group?
  • 08 Q7 4.2 Premium
    MSRP $66,575
    Sales price $62,538 ($761 over invoice) + $590 for Audi care
    36 month lease @ 10K miles per year
    Money factor at Buy rate .0014
    Residual 53%
  • So... what does the payment come to?

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 08 Q7 4.2 Premium
    MSRP $66,575
    Sales price $62,538 ($761 over invoice) + $590 for Audi care
    36 month lease 10K miles per year
    Money factor at Buy rate .0014
    Residual 53%

    Payment is $993.21 ($911.20 plus $82.01 PA sales/lease tax).

    Startups will be first months payment, $575 acquisition fee, plus $167 registration/doc fee. Security deposit waived by AFS due to being repeat customer (last Audi I leased was back in 1998).

    I think this is a good deal, but I probably could have gotten another $261 off the sales price had I tried a bit harder.
  • Which NJ dealer give you this Prive. Pls let me know
  • maui19maui19 Posts: 31
    Just got a 2007 Q7 4.2 Premium, with Side Assist, 20" wheels, Side Airbags.

    MSRP $62,325
    Got $6,000 off due to an Audi incentive (ended 9/30) and KBB wholesale value on my trade.
    My cost: $56,325.

    I think I could have gotten a little more out of the deal, but wasn't prepared to go to the mattresses for a few hundred bucks. Besides, this dealership has been very good to me over the years.
  • How can you get the Got $6,000 off due to an Audi incentive??
    Can I get it in Tri State Area which is NY, NJ, PA..I am ready to get the car in this I want the Price to be good
  • maui19maui19 Posts: 31
    According to the dealer, the Audi incentive ended 9/30. Sorry.
  • olmaolma Posts: 3
    It was on September 21 & got mine a 2007 Q7 4.2L but , with 19"/ 5 spoke wheels .
    MSRP 53,898 for 45,256 ( with 16 miles on odometer ), they tried to buy my Lexus for nothing , but I sold it to Carmax for real fare price ( was crying to let it go and tears stays on my eyes ).
    If anyone interesting ....Valley Motors in Baltimore has few more with redused price !!!! Good dealership :)))
    Len Stoler / Baltimore has 4.2 L Calla White MSRP 53,842 for 45,000 and it has interteiment system with TV/DVD on it , but car has 200 miles :)))
  • rh235rh235 Posts: 2
    Mediaman1 .. do you which dealership you dealt with in NJ?
  • urojoeurojoe Posts: 3
    just bought 2007 q7 3.6 premium

    infotainment (nav etc)
    tech package (side assist, rear camera etc)
    convenience pack
    adaptive air suspension
    20 inch wheel
    4 climate zone
    cricket leather
    3rd row seat

    $51060...good deal?
  • That car sounds like it has a price tag close to $60k??
    If so, your price at $51k sounds good... jump on it!
  • I am in the process of negotiating a deal to pick up a 2008 Q7 3.6 Premium (Metallic Grey with black interiors) with the following options:
    Panaroma Sunroof
    4-zone climate control
    Convenience Package.
    The MSRP on the car is $53,875 and I worked the dealer down to $50,500. The invoice price as per Edmunds is $49,725. The dealer said that this is not the real invoice to them and showed me an invoice which was almost $1,750 more ($51,500). This is with Jim Ellis in Atlanta. Could anyone please comment if this is a good deal. I am scheduled to go do the deal the day after tomorrow. Also what is the current money factor if I were to lease it (10K/36 mo) and what would the monthly payments work out to? If I were to buy it (60 mos) what is the current APR with AFS. I have a 740 credit score.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to share my experience with you all. I bought a pre-owned 2007 Audi Q7 in Beige color yesterday. Picked it up in a dealership in MD for 42,994 plus tax & title. It has 7000 miles on it. It has infotainment, convenience & heated packages on it. It also has the panorama sunroof. MSRP on this originally was 54,990.

    I know pre-owned has its own unique pricing which you can't erally compare to others, but figured I'd share my experience and get your thoughts.

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