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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I finally picked up my brand new 2008 Silver Q7 3.2 a couple of days before the end of the month (timing is key) for a price of $47,225 (MSRP of 53,875). Vehicle was as described in post above. Got this for a 10K/36mo lease with a monthly payment of $663 (which includes tax) $620 w/o tax. I think I got a great deal!
  • Looking to buy a 3.6 Premium.... with Tech, Conv., Cold weather, and Sunroof.... Got quote for 55,700.... Got it down to $53,500... MSRP is $57,775... Good deal?
  • pbelspbels Posts: 8
    Tech package

    Dealer Msrp $65,525

    Will sell for $63,000

    Is this a deal?

  • Recently, a few posters have reported pricing below invoice. Standard "fleet" pricing on the Q7 seems to be about $1000 over invoice. I'd start at $500 back of invoice, with a cap of $500 over invoice. Between that range and you got yourself a great deal IMO.

    Lot depends on how competitive your market is, though. Ask the dealer to fax you a copy of his "factory invoice" that itemizes all options and fees such as regional advertising fee and dealer prep fee. There should be roughly $4000 in front-end profit between MSRP and Invoice, if I'm not mistaken.

    Good Luck!
  • Hi i have a q7 with the towing package, and the rubberized cover that pushes into the tow hitch slot fell out or got stolen or something, and we cant figure out how to get another one. i asked our dealership if they had extra ones in their parts department, and if we could buy one, and he was trying to tell me that they werent from audi, and that i could find one like it at an autozone or some place like that. but all ive found there are the massive silver oval covers with chevy and ford symbols on them. can anyone help me out on where to find just a plain, small black one?
  • I also have one more question about the tailpipes on the 3.6 q7. On the 4.2 the tailpipes are thicker and chrome, and on the 3.6 they are more raw looking and black metal. I asked someone at my dealership if i could buy the thicker, chrome tailpipes as an accessory for the q7 (they have accessory tailpipes which are flat-bottomed like on the cayenne, but i wanted a pair like on the 4.2 q7) and he told me that because the exhaust systems are different, the 4.2 muffler tips wouldnt fit on the 3.6 exhausts. But i found an ebay listing with them as an accessory and it said that it would fit the audi a6 and q7. - g&viewitem=&item=130185888986&_trksid=p3907.m32 Just wanted to know if the info i got from the dealer was right, or if these would fit the audi q7. thanks for the advice
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    excellent deal; take it.
  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my experience...I just took delivery (12/26/07) of a 2008 Q7 4.2 in Quartz Grey Metallic with the following options:

    - Quartz Grey Metallic Paint
    - Adaptive Air Suspension
    - Panorama Sunroof
    - Technology Package
    - Towing Package
    - 19" Wheels (no cost option)

    MSRP of 66, it for $59,988 + tax, lic...they also included Audi Care (retail $590) and the Audi Towing Hitch Ball Mount Set (for the towing package, retail $211.87). Financed at 4.99%.

    $2,260 below invoice...not a bad deal. I think it REALLY helped that I was buying at the end of the month AND the end of the year. Also, they are a new Audi dealership (located in Southern California) so that may have helped.

    Of course, having 4 Audi dealers within 20 miles of one another makes it easy to play one off of the other!!!

    And for any of you on the fence about the Q7 vs. 2 cents is GO FOR IT!!! I love this car...easily the best SUV I've ever owned.
  • docrwdocrw Posts: 94
    That sounds like a great deal. The invoice price is $53,741. I am looking for the same car, where are you located and what dealer are you using?

  • I'm back on the market but this time for Audi Q7 3.6
    Lease on my XC90 is up in less than few month and I decided to go with Audi Q7 3.6
    I have started shopping and doing my homework which includes reading on this amazingly helpful forum and calling few dealers, but so far I'm not getting any attractive offers.

    Cars I'm looking at 2008 3.6 standard with Comfort & Panoramic roof (Which I don’t care about, I've been told that it's going to be hard to fined one without it since this is common configuration for Base + Comfort Q7) MSRP 48.025, INVOICE 45.151
    I have been offered $800 over invoice price by 2 dealers, they told me that they might be able to do better.
    I have also seen recent post when 2008 3.6 Premium Q7 was purchased @ $2500 under invoice.
    Are the deals on Premium differ or in other words can I get better deal/discount on Premium vs. Standard?

    Anyone with recent prices or deals on 2008 3.6 Q7?
    Your inputs are greatly appreciated.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I just bought a 2008 Q7 3.6 S Line with tech, roof, comfort, AudiCare & convenience for $3900 off MSRP; they were also very aggressive on my trade me retail. List was $61400.
  • Huh?? They gave you "retail" on your trade??? If they gave you full wholesale, I'd be surprised. What exactly did you trade in?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    2007 A6 Avant; they were $10,000 higher than other Audi dealers. The A6 was very clean; almost new with 13500 miles.
  • Congrats! You did awesome with that!!
  • Looks like you got excellent deal!
    Can you post what is the dealership name if this is on the East Coast?
    How much was it below Invoice?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Flow Audi in Winston-Salem, NC
  • Located in NY, but using New Country Audi in Greenwich, CT...
  • nami3nami3 Posts: 2

    I am planning to purchase Audi 3.6 FSI quattro 2008.
    Did anyone purchase in the New England, New jersey or NY city. I am looking for the best dealer.

    Thanks in advance.
  • hi, congrats on your smart buy. I have just sold my Q7 3.6 S-Line bought last year at Prestige Imports in Miami and looking now again for a 2008 fully loaded. If you know a dealer on the East Coast that has such a car available and are fllexible on pricing, please let me know. The car will be shipped to Europe..Prestige Imports does a lousy job coming back to me with any offer on these specs. I am buying a car each year, cash, no trade ins, etc. Thanks
  • awedioawedio Posts: 46
    What dealership in So. Cal did you use?
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