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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi lansa. I don't believe that Audi is currently providing any dealer cash on the 2008 Q7.

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  • sky61775sky61775 Posts: 1
    Dear all, I just went to the Audi Dealer, and got these quote for a Q7 3.6/Premium, with Navigation System, along with 21" S-Line package, can anyone tell me if the deal is a go or i should look for somewhere else, since i live in Los Angles area, can anyone tell me which dealer i should go and the name of the sales person.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Vehicle MSRP $56525
    Cash Sale Price $54500
    Acq $575
    Cap Reduction $624.44
    ResFactor 48% (since 2 pts for S-Line)
    Residual $27132
    State DMV Fee $447
    TTL Cap Cost $55075
    TTL CC REduct $624.44
    ADJ Cap Cost $54450.56
    Customer Cash $2000
    Drive Off $2000
    Mthly Base $763.74
    Mthly Tax $59.19
    Mthly Paymt $822.93
    Term 36 Rate .00006
  • Dear All, I've just recently joined this forum and need some help. I would like to lease a 2008 Q7. I noticed a few days ago that Audi has a new lease special for the summer in my market area - 2008 Q7 3.6 Premium with Convenience Package ($51,075 MSRP)at $499/month for 36 months with the following terms:
    Down Payment: $2,699
    Refundable Sec. Deposit: $0
    Acquisition fee: capitalised ($575)
    1st month's payment: $499
    Purchase Option at end $21,537
    10,000 miles/year ($0.25/mile over)
    Disposition fee $350

    These numbers sound too good to be true. Has anyone taken advantage of this offer? If so what's the catch and what should I watch out for? I know for one that it does not include dealer contribution and other dealer fees. How much should these typically be? I plan to lease next week.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Welcome perosticks. Manufacturers' official advertised lease payments are definitely not too good to be true. On the contrary, savvy consumers who shop around in areas that have a decent level of competition are usually able to beat automakers advertised payments. Negotiate as low a selling price as possible on the new Q7 that you want. Chances are you will be able to beat this deal.

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  • cofla99cofla99 Posts: 9
    Hi guys, my VW trouareg lease expires on july 7 and I am planning to upgrade to a Q7 premium tomorrow (end of the month).
    Their summer special is 649 a month 0 down which i like a lot but the truck is missing nav, so I added a couple of packages, can you help me figure out whats the best deal I can aim for at the dealership.

    This are the specs:
    2008 Audi Q7
    3.6 Premium quattro 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
    Base price
    MSRP $48,350
    Invoice $44,965

    XTB Technology Package
    MSRP $4,300
    Invoice $4,001

    PPX Convenience Package
    MSRP $1,950
    Invoice $1,813

    3FU Panorama Sunroof
    MSRP $1,850
    Invoice $1,721

    Total Optional Equipment
    MSRP $8,100
    Invoice $7,535

    Destination Charge

    Total with Options
    MSRP $57,225
    Invoice $53,275
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    Howdy -- I'm iin the same boat. My Treg lease exires late July. Been going back and forth with my local Audi dealer. On a Premium with Convenience Package, Panorama and Nav (MSRP at $54,725). I've got him at about invoice $51,400). With $3000 out of pocket (this includes 3% sales tax which we pay all upfront in my state), I'm at $699/month 36 months and 10K miles per year. I'm gonna role the dice and hope the incentives get better in July (Audi Q7 sales have totally sucked this month -- so I've been told). I'm hoping they bring back the dealer cash they had this spring.

    Good luck and please post any info/results you get.
  • cofla99cofla99 Posts: 9
    We ae looking at almost the same numbers, I am down to 699 mo with 1109 due at signing for 36 months, conv package, nav, upgraded wheels but no tech package.
    If anybody has a clue of their july incentives please let me know I am kind of afraid to blindly rol the dice.
  • pnorton1pnorton1 Posts: 3
    With the summer event that ends on July 2nd, what are the cash incentives from Audi Financial? Also, a couple of Audi dealerships have stated invoice prices about $1k higher than what I see on edmunds (and claims will show me paperwork to verify those invoice prices).

    I'm looking at a Q7 3.6 Premium with convenience, navigation, sunroof, and 19" wheels.

    MSRP: $55,525
    Edmunds invoice is: $51,565
    Dealer said invoice is: $52,581

    What is a good offer price on this car? $500 below the edmunds invoice price?
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    yup, seams pretty similar. What's your MSRP? Is tax included with each monthly payment (a use tax) or do you pay it all upfront (a sales tax, like I have)?

    The money factor calculates to 1.68% with a 50% residual -- is this the same for you?

    I understand where you're coming from about not wanting to wait. This is my 2nd Treg and I've been leaning toward the X5. If I'm going to have a third VW/Audi product (and more ups and downs) it's got to be a super sweet deal otherwise I'll cough up a few more bucks and go for the Bimmer.
  • On the Audi Vehicle Invoice the Dealer adds certain charges to inflate the invoice amount. For example, in Southern California they add these additional charges:

    "Southern California Audi Ad Assoc.": $449.65
    "SCADA2 Audi DAA": $272.75
    "Preparation and Inspection": $195.00

    So that's $917.45 of added charges that Edmunds doesn’t show.

    Audi is currently offering $1,000 Customer Cash, so $500 below the Edmunds Invoice price would be a good price in my opinion.
  • pnorton1pnorton1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for this info on the added charges.
  • cofla99cofla99 Posts: 9
    hi guys Using edmunds guide to calculate bottom line monthly payment ( ) I came up with this numers using invoice as cap cost.
    Please let me know if my calculations are correct.
    10k miles, 36 mo Q7 premium nav, conv & panoramic roof.

    MSRP 53825
    INVOICE 50111
    Residual Factor 50%
    Residual Value 26917.5
    Money Factor 0.00006
    36 mo depreciation 23,193.50
    Lease Terms 36
    Monthly Depreciation 644.2638889
    Cap cost + residual 77,028.50
    (cc + res) X MF 4.62171
    MF pmt + mo dep 648.89
    Tax 6% 38.9
    Bottom Line Mo Pmt 687.79

    Is this the lowest possible monthly payment on this truck with 0 down just tax, tag, title and dealer fee due at signing?
    How much more would it be for audi care?


  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    I am interested in possibly leasing a Q7 this month. Does anyone have the various lease factors for July (money factor, residual, etc.)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    In response to my previous post asking for July lease factors, I spoke with a local dealership in Upstate NY who told me over the phone that the July money factor and residual value for a 12k/36mth lease on a 3.6 Premium was .00297 and 42%, respectively. They also told me that there is a $5,000 cash rebate available. The lease factors seem awful. Even with the $5,000 the numbers are awful. Anybody else have any recent experiences to share?
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    Yup, I really wanted a Q7 but was also not impressed with the numbers. Got a great deal on an X5 ($2k below invoice). Overall, for the about the same MSRP, the X5 was less, with the same lease terms (with MF@ .0024 and resid @ 56%). Plus, free maintenance.
  • anj2anj2 Posts: 4
    Try this dealer in PA - Audi of Willow Grove, they offer $10k off msrp on 2008 models right now. Good luck!
  • Currently nearing the end of the Land Rover LR3 lease and have decided that the Audi Q7 will work well for me. Talked to the dealer and got the following offer on a 24mth/15k lease:

    MSRP = $46,175
    Sales Price = $43,900
    Initial Payment = $3,000 towards first payment, etc.
    Residual = 58%
    Rate = .00036

    Payments worked out a $766.21 which worked for me BUT here comes the kicker....they said that this was based on lease rates before July 7! Evidently since I don't need the vehicle until the end of July these lease rates cannot be applied. The dealer said they would contact the Regional Manager to get more info on future lease rates but they called me back and said they could not get those rates for leases during the last 3 weeks of July. According to them Audi has NO lease deals for the last 3 weeks and they don't anticipate getting any more deals until August when they will start selling 2009 models. Does this seem kosher? Should I try another local Audi dealer. My problem is that the money factors for 24mth leases seem to be really bad this year and Audi was one of the few that had a decent offer. Land Rover didn't have anything due to their purchase by Tata and BMW, MB, etc. have HORRIBLE rates for 24mth leases. Yes...I know I should look at other terms but my company allows me to get a new lease every two years so why should I agree to a longer term? Max payment can be $800 per month.
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    This sounds legit -- I was told the same thing (before leasing an X5). They want to sell, not lease Q7s. My guess is due to the declining SUV resale market they don't want to be stuck with overpriced vehicles down the road.
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 33
    meant to add...
    my understanding is that there is a large ($5K amount, I've heard) of dealer cash available on sales, not leases. Maybe you want to look at third-party leasing companies (try leasecompare*com) who would buy the car (so you can take advantage of the dealer cash) and then lease it back to you. Not sure if this makes sense, but you can look online to check it out.
  • tlecotleco Posts: 34
    Residual value - for 24 months is 58%? I had mine with 36 months 15k at 59% and 50% with Audi care.
    Money factor was .00006
    Things changed but one thing for sure should get more discount on the car. AT least $5000 Off
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