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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • Hi wlrdlr. Audi Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Q7 3.6 Premium with 15,000 miles per year are .00108 and 46%, respectively.

    I don't think that Audi is providing lease support on the '10 (it looks funny to write that doesn't I feel old) Q7 3.0 TDI.

    It is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a dealer that will sell you a 2010 Q7 for less than dealer invoice. If I was in the market for one right now, I personally would shoot for $500 over and see what happens. Dealers might not even go for that.

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  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 203
    Interesting. I got my 2007 3.6 Premium exactly 3 years ago (lease ends in 2 weeks). Let's use this current MF and residual, along with the Edmunds TMV price, less my $1500 loyalty credit. When I plug these numbers into a lease calculator, the resulting payment is 26 cents less than my current lease. Since the '09 is identical to the '07, it would be like having a 6 year lease, with new paint and new car smell half way through.
  • Car_man kerryjth rbirns1

    I have a 2007 4.2 non premium with third row Panorama heated seats and metalic gray/black. It has 37K. I am over by 1000 miles (.25cents per) on my lease ends in three months. I am paying $699 a month with $32,000 end of lease option to purchase ( I see ebay prices are lower more like 29K) Please advise what to do? shall I go ahead and lease a new 2009 Q7? I would rather have the 4.2 because for me it is much better than the 3.6, I do not care for all the bells and whistles. Few notes: I installed four new tires ($1000) and four new rotors and brakes ($2000) last year that still can go another year, not sure if I would still have audi care for that long though. The car runs great but I have few electrical issues (lights and bulbs) that never seem to go away.

    thanks for any help
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    The leases on Q7's and most cars are not attractive now nor in the forseeable future. You could inquire about extending your current lease. Postponing the decision. Don't know if audi does that.
  • I am looking at the 2010 Q7 TDI Premium Plus now, but I was looking at a 3.6 before and got a lease # of $800 per month on the gas model for 36 months 10k mi per year. Then I was told by one dealer that although the TDi cost a bit more (I see 4K from the Audi site) that since the residual was better than the 3.6 I probably could get the same $800 per month lease on the TDI. Then one dealer told me it woudl be 950 for the TDI.

    How much better is the residual on the TDI? Should it not work out to the same as the 3.6? THX
  • Hi, What was the outcome?

  • Seems it was not apples to apples and the TDi lease is much more. They were willing to come down to 850.

    Are you a dealer?
  • Has anyone yet turned in a Q7 from lease? If so, what were your experiences? What did they try to charge you with? Did the dealer try to get you to buy it?

    Did they offer a good deal for buying or leasing a new one? I saw that Audi is offering $5000 towards the purchase of a 2009 Q7, plus $4000 manufacter to dealer cash (this is on the Edmunds site as well).
  • Did you return your Q7 yet? If so, what did they charge you for? Did you need an independent inspection?
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    I returned my '07 3 months ago.
    1. Audi FS REFUSED to extend my lease on a month-to-month or for a set period - they told me they "were not in business of doing that". I checked my Lease agreement - it was marked "Close-Ended", plus my monthly payments were SUPER-LOW - don't know which one of these factors (or a combination?) affected their decision. Good luck selling it for $35K :) If I REALLY wanted it, I probably could have followed it to the auction and get it for about $20K tops.

    2. I called and scheduled EoL inspection in my office. I think they give you 30 or 60 day window. Took about 20 minutes. Car was spotless. He checked paint levels, I guess couldn't believe the condition. Tires right at the border-line - thank goodness - another $1K+ would have been thrown out the window if I had to install BRAND-NEW tires for someone else to use. :mad:

    3. Inpsector paid EXTRA attention to brakes - mine were "relatively" new

    4. Returned to the servicing dealer by my office - all done in 20 minutes as well.
    Overall - PAINLESS as it can possibly be.

    Had to pay miles overage @ .25c per :mad: + Lease-End fee - I think like $300 WTF! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • Hi dennischris. Let's compare the lease residual values for these two trucks. Audi Financial Services' current 36 month, 10,000 mile per year residual for the 2010 Q7 3.6L Premium is 49%. This compares with 53% for the 3.0 Diesel Premium. So yes, the TDI's residual value is much better...alas, the fact that Audi is not providing any lease support on it makes its money factors much worse.

    I would be very surprised if the 3.0 wasn't cheaper to lease than the TDI.

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  • Car_man,
    I was at multiple dealerships and their residual value for Q7 2010 premium plus /36/10k is 47% (MF 0.00108) and not 49%. If you add Audi care then your residual goes up to 48%. ( Is 49% for September?).
    Do you think you could post complete table with RVs and MFs for all Q7 models/options for this month? It would be much easier to compare and decide what to get.
    Also, are there any other credits available besides loyalty $1000 lease credit? Are there any rebates for finance?
    And last question: Do you know why salesmen are negotiating with you monthly payment and not the sales price of the car? What am I missing?
  • Car_man never mind about residual values. I found the answer.
    Can you please answer on loyalty and my last questions.

  • Hey audi_man. the only ccash incentive that I am aware of on leases of the 2010 Q7 right now is $1,000 loyalty cash.

    It's in salespeople's best interest to keep consumers in the dark about the actual selling price of the vehicle that they want. If they just talk payment, they can play all sorts of games with the term, mileage allowance, etc to make a deal look more attractive when it really isn't. To me, knowing the selling price of a vehicle is the clearest way to find out of good a deal one is getting. Salespeople what to keep the picture cloudy.

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  • Thanks Car_man

    Does anyone know if someone could out bit Q7 2010 Premium plus with 19" wheels deal $690/month incl taxes - $1500 due at signing. I'm ready to rap this up this week..

    let me know:
  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    That sounds virtually impossible. That is a 55,000 car. What is the sales price going into the lease, the Money factor and residual. Thanks
  • if you are saying it's virtual impossible then you must know mf and rv.
    What is possible? What numbers do you have in mind?
  • tlecotleco Posts: 34
    It is not possible
    I leased my 08 Q7 for $630 a month NO $$ down with Audi care 15K miles per year. Of course at that time the MF was 00006 and $5000 off discount
  • Can someone recommend any dealer? looking for Q7 2010
  • Hi,

    I originally leased a '07 Q7 3.6 with 12K miles/yr. A year into my lease, they swapped my car into a brand new '08 Q7 3.6 Premium with extra options that my original car did not have. The sticker was close to $8K more than the original Q7. Audi USA said that the '08 would be only a substitute of collateral and that only the VIN# changes in the lease agreement, but the lease terms remain the same. I have about 32K miles on the car and am in a dilemma because my lease is up in early next year. The dealer is offering to pay the 2 payments left on the car and offer it as Certified Pre-Owned if I agree to pay extra $2.5K and finance the car. I have $29K left in residual value. What can you Audi gurus suggest in my situation? I have brakes that are squeaking and need replacement and the outer edges of rear tires are balding. Is it a good deal to pay the CPO fee and finance the car and move on? Or is it better to just return it? Please help!
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