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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • Thanks car_man. I'll take a look at the thread you mention, do some number crunching and check back with you later in the week since the odds of me going out today - before the deal is over - to get the Q7 are slim to none.
  • Thanks for your excellent advice. What are the new Audi Q7 lease terms (MF, residual), effective January 3rd? Is their 24month lease monthly payment less than the 36 month lease monthly payment>
    Too bad their residual is so low.
    But the car gets good reviews.
    We're trying to find a V6 with what we want, without a lot of other stuff. Gets very pricey.
  • (1) We're anxious to know NEW (Jan 3) lease MF and residual value for Q5 premium V6 for 24 month and 36 month.
    Looking for convenience, infotainment and technology packages.
    (2) Wife originally focused on new BMX X5, but BMW service on my 2006 530i is obnoxious, she re-focused on Audi Q5, despite its lack of free oil-lube-brakes-etc.
    (3) How does dealer make money on sale? Three dealers yesterday (Jan 2) easily offered invoice + $1,000, along with Audi subsidizied lease; I inferred I could get it for still less. But there are no Audi holdovers, and $1,000 for dealership+salesperson doesn't see much. What am I missing? Does Audi give dealership a big check at year end based on meeting a sales quota?
  • You mean Q7? The Q5 hasnt come it will be cool though...
  • Reminder for current info:
    money factor, residual, 2yr&3YR for Audi Q7
    V6 premium, V8 premium.
    Better terms with increased security deposit?
    Attractive pre-pay for 3-year service?
    (Any other info to know? Are mpg's dependable?
    Also, can you put regular gas in these cars?)

    Also, I don't understand-- with attractive terms last week, dealer still offered invoice+$1000. How do they make any money, if this is split between salesman and dealership? Does Audi give dealership a big bonus at end of year based on cards sold? If so, can you do less than invoice+$1,000?
  • Can you give info please on non-premium (if different) as well?
  • No problem, luvcarzrich. Talk to you soon.

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  • Hi asteinberg. Audi just introduced its new January lease program on the 8th. Audi Financial Services' new buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a base 2007 Q7 3.6L with 15,000 miles per year are .00038 and 65%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00038 and 54%.

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  • Hi asteinberg. Audi actually didn't introduce its new January lease program until the 8th. Audi Financial Services new buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2007 Q7 3.6L Premium with 15,000 miles per year are .00038 and 64%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00038 and 54%.

    As far as this truck's selling price goes, $1,000 over invoice sounds like a reasonable deal to me. In fact, I personally would not be surprised if community members in areas that have a lot of competition were even able to get one for slightly less than that. Make sure to stop by the following discussion to see how much others have paid for similar trucks lately: "Audi Q7: Prices Paid & Buying Experience". In today's competitive automotive market, consumers are often able to purchase new vehicles for $1,000 over invoice or less. Dealers just don't seem to make as much money as they used to on new vehicle sales. In many instances, used vehicle sales and service departments are much more profitable for dealers than new vehicle sales.

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  • Here's the info that you're looking for, asteinberg. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2007 Q7 3.6L Premium with 15,000 miles per year are .00038 and 64%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are .00038 and 54%. AFS' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month, 15k lease of a 2007 Q7 4.2L Premium are .00090 and 63%. Its 36 month numbers are .00090 and 52%. All of these money factors assume that you are paying a security deposit that is equivalent to your vehicle's monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $25 increment at lease signing. If you opt to have your truck's security deposit waived, its money factor would be .00015 higher. Audi provides lessees who pre-pay for scheduled maintenance with a 1% boost in vehicles' residual values.

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  • Thanks for your integrity and competence. You helped me when I did my 530I BMW. This car is for my wife, but we have trouble with Q7 availabilit.
    (1) What a difference in MF (and even residuals) between 3.6/V6 (.00038;64%/54%) and 4.2/V8 (.00090; 63%/52%)! (Were last month's residuals 66%/56%?)Makes V6 MUCH more affordable than V8. Are you sure about data?
    (1a) Does V6 have enough power?
    (2) Like BMW, can you give a higher security deposit to decrease MF?..
    (2a) Any other way to cut lease payment?
    (2b) Is there lease acquisition fee? Turn-in fee?
    (3) Prepay maintenance is only $500; this also includes one brake job!. What a deal -- since a 1% boost in residual value probably decreases lease by $10 monthly; if so, $360 saved means $500-$360 or net cost of only $10 for 3 yr maintenance, including brakes..
    (4) Final observation -- one dealer will do invoice+$1,000. Is that good deal?
  • We had a 4.2 loaner for a week (long story) before getting our 3.6 and honestly I prefer the v6 engine. There is less throttle response time (I'm assuming bc of the way it is geared) in the v6 and it's plenty fast enough for a family hauler around town or on the highway.

    I do definitely notice a difference when going up steeper hills, but then I just drop it into sport mode to hold the gear longer and it's fine.
  • Anyone able to dig up the excess mileage fee from AFS? Any stories about negotiation on that??
  • Thanks. I hope your comment will persuade my wife, who is concerned a V6 will not be adequate for climbing the steep 3 mile road to our home in the Santa Monia Mountains.
    It seems the lease terms (money factor/residuals) are not nearly as favorable for the V6; plus, it gets better mileage. Are you saying SPORT MODE for the V6 would do the trick for long, steep mountain road? THANKS
    (By the way, do you know anything else about my other inquiries? Do you think invoice+$1000 will work, or are dealers wanting more, given favorable lease terms? Do you know the acquisition fee?)
  • Not only is there a sport mode, but there is also a tiptronic mode that lets you select your gears. We drive about a mile up the hill to our house, but if I was really driving in the mountains I would probably use this to hold the gear vs. just sport mode.

    I live in the bay area and was only able to get invoice + $1500, but you might be able to get more. I think it depends on the inventory levels (which weren't too high around here).

    Acquisition fee is $525.

    Security deposit = 1st month payment unless you are currently an AFS customer, in which case it's waived altogether.
  • Thanks.
    (1) V8, due to lease terms, appears much cheaper; plus saves gas. I think you're saying that for our long (3 mile) continuous uphill drive to our house, you would use tiptronic or just sport mode; but, either way, that V8 is not necessary. I really need to sell my wife that V8 not necessary for driving up to our house in Malibu/Calabasas area
    (2) Inventory levels high, but dealers think lease terms are so advantageous that they may not offer less than $1000, unless you were buying the car. Did your "invoice" include any "advertising fee" or anything else not listed on Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book.
    (3) I assume acuqisition fee is really $525, so that I would not accept dealer mark-up beyond.
    (4) Used to be AFS customer; don't mind security deposit; I'd prefer BMW approach -- multiple security deposits yield lower MF.
  • sachsisachsi Posts: 13
    The local dealer here (Livermore, CA) offered me $500 over invoice on any vehicle in stock.
  • 1/ A guess the key is 'in stock'; because at either $1000 or your $500, the dealer won't take the trouble to get one in.
    2/ To clarify, is that IN ADDITION to the favorable lease terms now being offered. That's the key.
    (PS I still can't figure out how they make any money -- $500 for the dealer and the salesperson? Not very much money.)
    3/ Still don't know what to do about V8 vs V6 --lease terms on V8 much less favorable.
  • I purchased my 3.6 premium for $500 over invoice, and I couldn't figure out why the dealer even considered it. They must receive incentives from corporate on total # of units they move.
  • I wonder if they will SELL it at $500 over invoice, but they won't lease it based on that capitalized price????
    On the other hand, they get the $525 lease acquisition fee (or a portion of it?.
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