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Lexus GS 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I'm about to lease a 450h and I know there is a special lease rate in effect until April 2, 2007. But the Lexus web site only mentions that there is a special offer, without providing any details. The dealer I'm leasing from says the special money factor is 0.00255, which translates into 6% APR, as opposed to the normal rate of 0.0028, which translates to 6.7%. The 6% rate does not appear to be special at all! Does anyone have any information on the actual offer?

    By the way, I'm getting a fantastic price on a demo vehicle with 500 miles on it. The MSRP is $60,200 and I'm getting it for below invoice: $53,000.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,692
    We have a forum just for lease questions.. If you post there, I think Car_man could give you a definitive answer..

    Lexus GS 450h: Lease Questions


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have the car now since Christmas (2007 BLK / BLK) paid $60K.Fully loaded, Run Flat, Mark L. Sound, Nav, the works. I also have a GS400 for my wife. We gave up the 1995 LS400 for this car. Now that I have over 2000 miles on it (Holiday Road trip and plenty city) here is my report card:
    Hybrid Tech A+++ - Works great - Seamless at any speed
    Looks: A++++ -
    Performance: A++ - Faaaaast is an understatment
    Usablity of Glass Dash: D to C- : Useless Voice input, poor help (no list of what to say on screen, manual does not even list everything?? I have seen it displayed but not listed..beleive me I have looked, lock out of features on most items, song list of CD's (Only can play MP3 CD's (255 song limit) NO DVD MP3 even though it is a DVD changer.) Radio list remains at speed (why is this so different than a CD list I have no idea.

    If there was a feature that is not worth the money it is glass dash with Nav. You can buy a NUVI for $400 that you can use when you need it. My Sister has a 2007 Acura MDX and they have it right when it comes to the Glass Dash. You can use the features as expected. Lexus (Toyota) has take conservative to a new level. I am VERY dissapointed with the usablity of the cabin features. I hope there is a software update coming soon or I will be an unhappy customer in the long run. I hope they take some lesson from Acura on this.

    As long as you just want to drive the car and know where you are going and know what you want to listen to on the 300W $2000 sound system before you start driving then this car is perfect for you. Until that software update arrives. The cabin usablity now matches the trunk.. short changed...

    LC - Boca Raton
  • I'm looking at a 2007 GS450h demo model with 3000 miles. Can anyone give me an idea as to what sort of discount I should expect to receive?

    Just hate the price negotiation game...
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I purchased a GS 450h from Rallye Lexus in Glen Cove, New York a month ago. It was a "manager's demo" car with only 495 miles on it. The MSRP was $60,170 and I got the car for $53,000, which is about $300 below factory invoice. As far as I know, they had more GS 450h that they were willing to sell for around the same amount.

    However, in my area (Washington DC area) dealerships do not discount 450h more than just a $1,000-$2,000 and have no more than one or two in stock.
  • What ever you do PLEASE do yourself a favor and REALLY understand what you are expecting for a user experience while using the Nav, DVD and other features of this car. They are AWFUL.. at best.. I have this car now and have put 3500 miles on it and every moment.. I mean every moment I try to use this stuff NOTHING is there as you would hope it. You learn how to use it while parked.. it is GREAT.. start to drive.. it all changes.. I drive my car to use it. I think most other people do too. Lexus has yet to address this and I will NEVER recommend these feature to anyone. The car in general is very cool. Hybrid REALLY works well. 23 city 33 highway.. but these lock out features detrack from the user experience immensley. Good luck.. and hopefully this will get fixed. I have promised myself to move away from this brand after this car. Too many other good manuf. are getting the message that we like to enjoy our cars and let us decide what we want to use after we paid good money for it. Take a look at Acura.. you will be pleased.

    LC Boca Raton
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Similar to "LC Boca Raton" I've been very disappointed with some of the user features of the GS, specifically the voice recognition, Bluetooth and Navigation lock-out when driving, and some others.

    I want to report that I've come to live with these quite well. Here's my current opinion:

    1. Voice recognition. Since the accuracy of the recognition software is so low that it's unusable, I now come to think of GS as not having ANY kind of voice recognition at all. This is disappointing given the state of voice recognition software used by Acura and Infiniti, but it's just as crappy as BMW, which was my second choice for a car.

    2. Navigation system lockout while driving is still a nuisance, but I've simply learned to stop to program the destination, or do it before I drive off from home/office. The fact that the Navi offers several presets for commonly used destinations (home, office, etc.) that can be accessed with two button clicks while driving, is a mitigating factor.

    3. Lockout of the dialing pad of the Bluetooth system while driving does not bother me at all anymore. The reason is that I can bring up the Speed dial screen with a touch of a single button on the steering wheel. I can have 18 speed dials programmed, which is more than enough for me. Another nice feature is that I can dial on my phone, or use its directory to bring up a name, and as soon as I hit the Send button on the phone, the call goes through the car's Bluetooth system automatically. In my previous car (Acura TL) I had to say "Transfer" several times to handle the call this way.

    4. Since I pretend that there is no voice recognition, I am no longer bothered by the fact that Lexus failed to include a printed list of voice commands with the manuals.

    5. I've eventually found all the features that I need in the Navigation system, including the ability to review the route directions before setting off or during the drive. I find the Navigation to be of very high quality and accuracy, and the maps seem quite good. The screen resolution is fantastic.

    The above statements go to my previous complaints. As far as things that I love about the car: the power, the refinement, ergonomics, etc.; I'm falling more and more in love with this car. I feel I made a great choice and got a great value.
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    I have been looking for a fully loaded GS350 RWD but decided to wait for the 2008 GS350 RWD.

    But this afternoon I was offered a new 2007 GS450h for $67,000 (OTD- Southern California)- Smokey Granite Mica w/ Black Interior.

    2007 GS 450h

    Exterior Color: Smokey Granite

    Interior Color: Black

    MSRP: $66,842.00
    Chromes: $3,995.00
    Black Kit: $695.00
    XM Radio: $1,695.00


    $73,227.00 Plus Fees

    What shall I do?

    At least I know it is under invoice and into that coveted "2% Holdback".

    San Pedro, CA
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    You must be looking at a different vehicle than the GS450h I looked at. You would be hard pressed to get much more than $65K MSRP with all the options.

    What does the $1695 XM radio do that the $496 Lexus factory model does not do?
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Well I just copied this from the Lexus Website and it doesn't include:

    *Lexus Chrome Wheels
    *Black Kit
    *XM Radio

    Base MSRP* $54,900.00

    Available Package $11,227.00

    Accessory Options $0.00

    Lexus Link® Included
    Rear spoiler Included
    Trunk mat Included
    Wheel locks Included
    Cargo net Included

    Delivery, Processing & Handling Fee † $715.00

    Total MSRP** $66,842.00


    Available Package

    Active Stabilizer Suspension System (with summer run-flat tires) with Additional Options
    - Active Stabilizer Suspension System (with summer run-flat tires)
    - Lexus Pre-Collision System (PCS) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
    - Lexus voice-activated DVD Navigation System
    - Mark Levinson® 14-speaker 330-watt @ 0.1% THD Premium Surround Sound Audio System
    - Lexus Link®
    - Rear spoiler
    - Trunk mat
    - Wheel locks
    - Cargo net
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Don't they show the XM option on the Lexus website? Edmund's shows it at $496. What kind of wheels could cost $1000 each? I would not want to take it out of the garage for fear someone would steal them. You have duplicate options on your list. The most I can get the car up to with Edmund's is a TMV of $63,400. That does not include $4000 chrome wheels. You should spend a couple bucks more and get the LS600 hybrid when it comes out. That should be a traffic stopper.
  • Sounds like you're talking to an overly aggressive (and optimistic) salesman. Everything you listed above, with the exception of the active stabilizer suspension and dynamic cruise control, was part of the fully loaded '07 450h I bought last year for around $60k, give or take a few hundred. The price you were given seems steep for those two additional options.
    When negotiating, try to get them to throw in the $1500 government rebate that is now (I believe) unavailable for this model. Go in with a copy of the article circulating in the news yesterday about slow hybrid sales. That oughta help.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Actually, the price he's offered is great, *if* he wants those options.

    As far as your point about the rebate, I have no idea what you're talking about. If they're selling the car for less than the dealer invoice, how do you figure they would want to discount by another $1,500??? By the way, the rebate is still available, but it's only half the original amount for 2007.
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Thanks for sharing your opinions all.
    2007 GS450h


    $66,842.00 $58,789.00


    $3,995.00 $1,900.00


    $695.00 $325.00


    $1,695.00 $760.00


    $73,127.00 $61,784.00 Plus Fees

    I just got off the phone with the Lexus Dealer and I told them I wasn't happy with $67K OTD. I preferred $66.8 OTD-
    they countered back at $66.9 OTD- Said no- and they said
    you are going to say no over $200- I told them yes- Like so many things granted it is only $200- but on the other hand it is a $66.8 OTD Deal. I was supposed to stay on the phone while they asked the GM again but I had to leave my cellular to take care of some business. I missed their call but I think they took my
    $66.8 OTD. Now I have to figure should I grab it- or - wait for the 2008 GS.

    They reminded me that it is under invoice and into the coveted "2% Holdback".

    Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • I guess I'm out of touch with what those options cost then. I was just comparing to what I paid. I'd have to go back to my paperwork to be sure, but it sounded high to me.
    For example, I have the Lexus XM radio and only paid $450 or $460 for it. Maybe they're putting different ones in now, but a satellite receiver is a satellite receiver, right? It's still playing through the MH amp system.

    In any event, enjoy the car!

    (PS: drive it at night before you commit --- the low beam headlights suck.)
  • dabears1dabears1 Posts: 1
    I am going to purchase a GS and was all set to order my 350 AWD until I saw a 450h today. It was the silver with the special 450 rims and chrome around the door frames and at the door plate. What a nice looking car!! I now understand why all of the 350 buyers are trying to get the 450h rims.

    My main question is how does it drive in the snow? The other question is whether the chrome accents are only available on the 450h? I do a lot of highway driving so the performance side will just be for the kid still left in me.

  • No RWD car will perform as well in ice & snow as well as one with AWD, but I was pleasantly surprised that the 450h did pretty well in the couple of small snow storms this winter in the NYC metro area. We're not talking a ton of snow, but the roads were well covered. I had heard that the stiff and wide run flat tires were going to cause the most trouble.
    In fact the car did quite well (better than my old 5-series with less sporting tires). I credit it to weight distribution. The extra weight of the batteries combined with a full tank of gas, kept the back end of the car in good shape. The traction control worked well to minimize wheel spin and fishtailing.
    Unless you live in a area with truly bad winter weather, I wouldn't be concerned about the RWD.

    I don't know about the availability of the wheels and chrome. I suspect Lexus tried to keep a few styling touches unique to the 450h.

    One comment about the wheels (which I also love the look of): because of the low side wall and lack of any lateral bulge of the run flat tires, the wheels are easy to scratch against curbs when parallel parking. Unfortunately I've done that a few times.
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Well I still haven't decided but I did get revised pricing from Lexus of Glendale, CA- which was matched by Lexus of Cerritos which included the 10K Mile Service in the price.

    MSRP of $66,842.00 plus tax/license and fees.

    Again I have not pulled the trigger yet but emails from both dealerships are for "$62,983.00 OTD". So if you pay no more than MSRP out the door- you have a good deal- this
    comes out to basically once you include the 10K Mile Service
    $4000+ Under MSRP- But OTD.
  • bturkebturke Posts: 4
    Ok this was my deal - $60,992 MSRP - $54,778 traded my 545 BMW 2005 with 25,500 on it and got $41,000. Had to buy XM for $465 installed. What do you think?
  • Hi Bturke,

    if the Xm is Factory Installed its a Good Deal. aftermarket put by a dealership is about close to $900.

    You got your self a Deal.

    Thanks and Good Luck.
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