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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I would like to know more about how one can purchase a new car below MSRP, especially an 09 GL. Perhaps if you're not fussy about the color and options, they may be willing to make a deal. I agree, high-volume dealerships are the place to start. Fletcher-Jones are known for great deals. There are three MBZ dealers in So Cal known for offering better prices: Walter's Mercedes Benz in Riverside, South Bay Mercedes in Torrance, and of course Fletcher-Jones, as you have mentioned. I might suggest obtaining quotes from all three at the beginning of Dec, then perhaps approaching Laguna Niguel and asking if they can offer a better price. With the Winter Event, hopefully they'll be offering factory to dealer incentives at get us below that MSRP. I'm planning on purchasing the GL 320 at that time. I would like to hear your views and experience on this topic. Thanks again and best of luck!
  • 738 for 36 mo lease, 719 for 48 mo lease, but this is a dealership in Atlanta, GA according to a MBZ salespersons' blog, which cannot be posted here.
  • Anybody got new 2008 GL 320. I just got an offer of 7K off of MSRP of 65380. I was looking at 12500 off of MSRP like someone posted here before. Pl advise how much under can we get it for.

  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Well I don't know how some of you got the spectacular deals you got. I shopped this around today and found dealers without a lot of stock and except for ray catena, there were no 2008's left. Didn't matter as I wanted the 2009. I put $1500 down on a $71,595 car. There's no security deposit and no lease acquisition fee so my driveaway costs are the down payment, MV fees and first month lease payment. My lease is $869 for 33 months and 15K miles per year. It's a good enough deal for me and I took it because the color (pewter) was what I wanted as was the interior color and it had rear seat entertainment. The deal works out to just over $900 when I take the down payment into consideration and I've never seen a deal that good on a near $72K MSRP vehicle on a lease that is less than the standard 36 months. I can still opt up to a 39 month lease at $839, a 42 month deal at $819 or a 48 month deal at $799. I'll decide that in the next few days, but in the meantime I deposited the car today. This replaces a GX470 which I leased for 2 and 3 year terms. Both GX's were great and as with most Lexus vehicles was flawless but 5 years was enough. I'm hoping MB reliability is a lot better than before as that always scared me off, but it's time to take a chance. This handles a lot better than the GX and is equally refined in ride and in inside luxury and I loved it the few times I've driven it in the past and on the test drive. I've just got to get used to all these MB placement of controls.
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 45
    Thanks for the detailed info. Could you please let us know what the Money Factor, residual and capitalized cost for the the different terms (33, 36, 39 months) of the lease were. Also, which dealer/salesperson did you use as I am also in the market and you seem to have gotten a pretty good deal. Did you have a previous relationship with the salesperson for gettng such a good deal?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    If you have another lux car - Lexus or BMW mainly - drive it and make sure the salesman sees it. They are always trying to steal customers from each other. The moment they see you as very serious they'll reach a good deal with you quickly rather than endless negotiation. I don't have time for the latter anyway as I'm a quick dealmaker in everything I do as long as I get what I want. I'm also not a nickle and dimer. My actual price is $840 (I ended up changing to $2k down on a 33 month lease) and with tax works out to $912. Mercedes of Freehold. The Pewter color made the deal and the SUV had everything I wanted (PO2 + RSES). They seem to be rare in that color (I haven't seen one yet) and the GL looked great in that color. It takes on different color variations in different light. The national price right now is $739 (+ tax) on a 48 month deal with $5K down and $7K driveaway costs and only 10K miles a year on a $68k MSRP. I didn't want a long lease or a high DP.

    Good luck with your shopping.
  • Just picked up a 2008 GL320 with ipod, P1, and hitch with some dealer-installed accessories (mudguards, chrome door handles, rubber mats, tinted front windows) for $48,000 plus tax. This is 13,500 off MSRP and 14,500 off if you include accessories. If you can still find one, most dealers are really trying to move these things.
  • I live in Southern California and just picked up a fully loaded 2009 GL 450 with premium 2, leather package, rear DVD, GL appearance package, and tow hitch from Mercedes of Long Beach. Real leather is hard to find and the dealer was happy to trade for the vehicle. MSRP was $75K and sales price was $68K. On a 36 month/ 7.5K mile per yr lease I am paying $835 a month (before tax) with $1500 drive off (includes first month payment). Extra miles factored into the lease were about 20 cents more per mile per year. I highly recommended the dealer. You can do the entire transaction by email and they have no problem matching and beating prices even if they don't have the car in stock.
  • bxm11bxm11 Posts: 1
    Congratulations on your purchase. What do you think of the leather vs. the MB-tex?
  • This is easy to do. Send out price requests for your car using "free price quote" . Your emails are automatically routed to the internet sales departments at your local dealers. Be sure to use a few zip codes (San Fernando Valley, South Bay, Orange County, Padadena) so you can get most of S. California. At the present time you can get just about any car, any color, with any options for a discount. I just leased an 09 GL 450 for more than $7000 below MSRP. There are great lease deals for 3 reasons: they are selling the car below MSRP, Mercedes iis setting a high residual lease value (so you pay less depreciation), and they are offering amazingly low interest rates on leases (about 3%). Be sure to include all of the specifics in your email to the dealers including color(s), options, and whether or not you are leasing or buying. If you are leasing, include the duration of the lease and the mileage per year. If you have excellent credit, let the dealer know that as well. Also be sure to ask the dealers to contact you by EMAIL ONLY or your phone will never stop ringing.
  • I don't think you can feel any real difference between the leather used in the GL 450 and the MB Tex. The 09 GL 550 has napa leather which is defintely softer. Why leather? I just have a hard time spending this kind of money for vinyl. In addition to leather seats, the full leather package also gives you a wood steering wheel and dark burl wood trim. The burl wood in my opinion looks nicer than the standard maple. In addition, the stitching especially on the dash and door panel inserts for some reason looks better with the leather package than it does with the MB tex.
  • In process of buying a GL450 in NorCal (San Jose) at Smythe European. I'm considering the prepaid maintenance, if the price is negotiable. Does anyone have any experience cutting deals on the ppd maint. "MSRP" on the 36 month/39,000 mile ppd maint is $1,319, which is way overpriced. I'm thinking around $750 may make it worthwhile, but wonder what others are paying, and how tough the dealers negotiate on this.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    I was looking at your posts at lexus forum.

    So you finally decided to forget the LX and go for this 1.

    Good luck. Which GL is it? GL550?

    I hope you won't regret later.

    When is the delivery?
  • Thank you; this is helpful information. I'm interested in the GL Bluetec. I want to buy since the car qualifies as a hybrid and buyers are eligible for the $1800.00 tax refund (first 60,000 sold in US). I also like the higher torque, better gas mileage and cleaner emissions. I will try MBZ of Long Beach and definitely take your advice on the e-mail contact option. What are the leasing options and/or finance options available for the GL Bluetec?
  • ryan79ryan79 Posts: 10
    Been reading that last 5 pages or so of this thread. I'm just wondering if those of you that got a price in the low 50's had significant incentives involved.

    For example I think someone said 15k under MSRP. Was that like 10k of incetives and 5k of talking them down? Or is that w/ out any incentives??
    I'm looking at the above vehichle at the moment with an MSRP of 68k and MB has a 10k incentive. I was told 52,000 by one dealer yesterday and am going to start shopping around more now.
    Should I be aiming for the high $40's?? That would be phenomanal for this SUV.

    Any advice or thoughts is greatly appreciated.
  • We we just purchased a 08 Gl320 with msrp of around 66,995 and purchase price of 50,995. We were also quoted on a 08 GL350 with msrp of 68995, 52,995.
  • ryan79ryan79 Posts: 10
    For anyone else that is looking at purchasing an 08 -- I have 3 dealers at $18,000 or more off MSRP.. still undecided on the GL450 though.
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    $20,000 off MSRP and 2.9% APR for up to 66 months i think i'm in like Flynn! :shades:
  • 330iii330iii Posts: 71
    ryan79 may i have the names and contacts of those three dealers? Pretty please?! ;)
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 45
    Can I also please have those dealers' contact info that are discounting.
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