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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    Thanks Izr. I pulled the trigger. $7000 off MSRP is very good (for July). Those cars in naples were recently advertised for $8000 off MSRP on ebay. I used those prices during my negotiations. From my experience, if you can get a 320 for anywhere near $7000 off, you are doing well. I didn't want the naples cars because they had too many options.
  • MB C-300, with multi-media package (includes iPod connection), arctic white exterior, tan interior, 10,000 miles/yr, 39 mo lease - $2000 out the door and $390/mo (before tax); sunroof and bluetooth standard. So, any comments? - it's a beautiful ride.
  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    Hey - have you bought GL? i'm in Seattle as well, could you provide more info?
  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    I'm in market for 2009 Mercedes-Benz GL320 BlueTEC, if you have bought it recently, please tell me what you have paid for it. The shows MSRP/Invoice/Target $69,135/$64,957/$59,135, for following configrations, I'm just wondering if anyone had got deal close to that.

    Premium I Package
    Full Leather Seating Package
    Running Boards
    Trailer Hitch (Class IV)
    Pre-Wiring for Rear Seat Entertainment
  • I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Waiting for 2010 model to hit the showrooms and then see how much dealers are willing to go down. From what I observed from this forum MSRP - 8 K is possible now.
  • collmancollman Posts: 22
    I'm in market for GL450 at seattle area too. Have you got a quote recently?
    It looks like GL has 10K marketing support from MB to the dealer for 2009 models.
    In my opinion, it is possible to get invoice - 9k~10K if a dealer still has many inventories.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Hey guys, I myself am now in the market for a GL350 due to my jeep being totalled. There is a 10k rebate from MB, plus a 2k fleet incentive rebate, and you should get close to 8.5k off msrp. So if you can get them to around 18.5k or 20.5k(with fleet rebate, if u qualify) off, then you should be happy with that deal.

    There are somewhat of a bloated inventory on 09 GL's, thats atleast what my dealer told me. i haven't settled on a price with them, but they know i'm looking for about 20k off sticker.
  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    THANKS! collman. Make sure keeping us posted!!! I will keep you guys posted as well!
  • kennyyukennyyu Posts: 16
    vchad, i find your estimating $20k discount off 09 GLs to be quite unbelievable. if it can be acomplished, i would fly in to where ever the dealership is for that deal. now i'm not calling you a lier or anything like that, it's just sounds very fantasy like to me of getting $20k off on $70k benz which works out to be like almost 30%off..are 09 GLs not selling to that extent...?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    kennyyu, I think you should read the forums more often, and you'll see what kind of deals mercedes is doing righ tnow. Check out the E-class forums, i just bought my 2009 E-320 bluetec for 20,300 off sticker. This is all made possible by REBATES from mb and fleet rebate.

    now my jeep was totalled this week, so now i'm in the market again, for another car.

    MB has a 10k rebate, on the GL- series, so right off the bat, you should get 10k off at a minimum. Now, there is also a 2k rebate if you can qualify for Fleet discount, there is a long list of companies that do. THEN if you check ebay, various dealers are posting 8k off msrp, so I took it to my local dealer, asked them to match it, they intially said 4k off msrp, but they have 5 GL's sitting on the lot. They went up to 6.5, i said no thanks.... Finally they agreed to 8k off msrp, plus all my qualifying rebates. I haven't finalized the deal yet, so hence I didn't post my sale or dealer name yet.

    There is no need for you to fly somewhere, know your facts on rebate, approach as many dealers in your area, some will balk and laugh at you, but jokes on them, they wont be getting a check from me.
  • kennyyukennyyu Posts: 16
    vchad, first of all let me thank you for explainig in detail of rebates and discounts and how they add up to just that your the first one i heard saying anything about 10k rebate on 09 GLs and to imagine dealership passing all of it to customers on top of 8k dicount is just too good to be true..oh yeah and that fleet rebate of extra 2k thrown in too..but if its true then well i guess before this Christmas i will have a shining silver 09 GL parked in my garage thanks to you..
  • rayleiwurayleiwu Posts: 18
    Hi - vchad, please send me your dealer, I'm more than willing to fly over to grab one if they want to sell to me.. Thanks in advance!! my email:

  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Hey guys, yeah I know it seems too good to be true, but trust me, they want to move the GL's.

    My wife and I are debating on gong with a GL320 bluetec or a Toyota Land Cruiser. We had a cruiser before our jeep, loved it, never gave me a problem, I curse myself everyday for trading it in.

    Once I make a decision, and the deal has gone through, ill be glad to share that information with you. The only thing that concerns me is, the 2010 they said has been "updated" and I cant seem to findout what upgrades were made.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Kennyyu, I dont know how long these rebates will stick around, but most dealers will "punch in" these vechicles, to lock in those rebates. So the sooner you act, the better. Honestly, in your local state, email every dealer you got, with that offter saying you'll buy within 24hours. once they know your serious, they'll make do with little profit....ESP end of the month.(thats what I did for my e-class)

    now....I looked at GL's last summer too....same story as this summer. Most people got anywhere from 15-20k off sticker on 08's sitting there, while 09's were coming in. So its a seasonal trend.
  • kennyyukennyyu Posts: 16
    vchad, you are on the mark my friend. just got an e-mail from local dealer confirming the 10k rebate on 09GLs (although he said GL450). since you are so knowledgable and up to date on these thing, do you mind telling me exactly how one gets the fleet rebate in detail please?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    hey Kennyyu,

    thats awesome, glad they acklowedged it. But he's not being totally truthful, ALL the GL models have rebate, id personally go for the bluetec, the mileage is great, for such a big car.

    There are two ways to get the Fleet discount. one is to go to mercedes fleet website and seeing if your company is on the list of fleet incentives. Second way well....a small loophole, which I dont feel comfortable sharing on public forum. post your email, and i'll share information. Its not illegal by anymeans, I just dont want everyone to take advantage of it.
  • nkolenkole Posts: 18
    Kenny, please e-mail with the fleet discount details. I'm planning to buy a GL tomorrow.


  • would you mind sending me those details as well? my company is in the fleet program but i couldn't find the details on the intranet and would like to purchase one tomorrow. my email is
  • collmancollman Posts: 22
    kennyyu or vchad,
    Could you email me too? I'm going to the dealer tomorrow and my company isn't on the list. Please and thanks.
  • loday22loday22 Posts: 2
    Kenny, please email me the fleet discount details, I'm going to the dealer this afternoon to purchase the car. Thanks!
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