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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I purchased a 2009 gl320 for my wife in october. we too came down to the audi diesel vs. the gl. the back seats in the benz aren't the easiest to get in and out of (both vehicles have to manually control the second row to access 3rd row) but the benz's automatic controls for 3rd row are superior than audi. you will see reference to the COMAND system in next paragraph and if you are going to spend lots of time in the vehicle, you will find the audi's controls and user friendliness of the system to be much much better. i found both vehicles to be similar in interior space and comfort and also found both to be fairly similar in price and available incentives. there is a great dealer in atlanta that was pretty agressive at the time.

    my one piece of advice is that you have to do the research and email/call the dealers yourself because the internet inventory reports are not always accurate.

    we also missed the MB incentives and my company (based in zurich) is a participbant in the fleet program. for more details on the fleet program, i suggest that you check with your company's fleet manager and he/she can research for you. unfortunately, demo vehicles do not qualify for the fleet program and i checked with the regional MB manager given that my demo vehicle had less than 5,000 miles. i live in ohio and used the internet to find an awesome vehicle in boston. my wife loves the vehicle . . . great mileage and most of all she doesn't have to visit the fueling station as often compared to the ml320 that she had before. the vehicle drives great. I will tell you that the COMAND system is not the most intuitive and has a long long way to go before it is a feature that MB can promote. the sales person will feature the voice recognition feature but that's only because the manual control is so difficult to use and virtually impossible to use when driving. i have a 2010 bmw 535 and the bmw's interface is far superior and more intuitive than the mb. that's the only negative i can offer on the vehicle and it wouldn't/shouldn't be enough to deter you from making the purchase.

    good luck
  • Car man, would you know when 2010 january lease rates will be out? any new incentives on the GL450? thanks
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    Thanks for the info. We tested the 2010 GL350 Bluetec and found that we weren't too thrill abt the lack. It hesitated for few seconds (what a long noticeable pause) before accelerating. For a diesel car, that's pretty dissapointing. But Q7 was not any better either. Second row seating was impossible. It seems that it's not a stadium seating. My 6' husband sat with his knees against his stomach and the front's seats. He was pretty dissapointed. On top of that, the dealer didn't want to budge over the price. The only car that they had on the lot was the one with P2 package and they weren't budging on the price although it had 3700 miles and a battery problem (they had to jump the car). They were going to "give away" the car at invoice. So back to the drawing board for us....

    Thanks for the info. Perhaps when they come back with the summer incentives, we may give it a second look.
  • interesting . . . i have to be honest in that we've now had two long drives with our vehicle on the interstate and have never found any hesitation with the diesel. first trip was Boston to Columbus and a more recent trip from Columbus to Atlanta. on both drives there were a variety of driving conditions and found the acceleration to be pretty good.

    if you're looking for a larger vehicle, have you tried the Tahoe? it's doesn't have the name or brand equity but i also test drove the Tahoe hybrid and found it to be a very very nice vehicle. my wife didn't like it at all (much to my dismay given that it was $15k less expensive) but it is equipped nicely and i actually found the drive to be ok, particularly for in-city driving. i don't know how it would fare on long road trips but it might be worth taking a look. it was my third choice behind the audi and the benz.

    good luck to you!
  • That's indeed interesting...I personally test drove both 09' GL450 (gas) and GL320 (diesel) model and found the GL320 accelerates well and more responsive than its bigger cousin. And that's to be expected when you see the spec.: the GL320 puts out more torque (acceleration) than the biggest GL550 offering:

    GL320: 210 hp/398 lb-ft
    GL450: 335 hp/339 lb-ft
    GL550: 382 hp/391 lb-ft

    I have owned the GL320 for about 6 months now and very pleased with it. The drive is super and refined, and the mileage is just amazing for such a big SUV: average 18 mpg city/24 mpg free way. I live in the SF Bay Area and had taken it to Emigrant Gap Pass,Tahoe and through Tejon pass, LA. No problem with passing power on I-5 nor handling issue in the middle of snow storm on I-80 either.

    Few areas that I think MB could have done a better job on this SUV are:
    1. A bigger side mirrows: it is relatively small for the size of this SUV
    2. The 09' GPS interface is not very easy-to-use, though it's feature packed GPS system, once you get through the nuissance of entering/finding an address. The input console is clunky, and inefficient. The voice recognition dial/input is 50% incorrect, which could have been a savior for the phone/GPS input lack thereof. (The free Google voice search on my iPhone is a lot better, I don't understand :-)
    3. My GL320 comes with leather package and that is great. However, the carpet/lining materials MB used for the carpet/linging materials for flooring,the back of the 2nd, 3rd rows, and cargo area is so thin, rough, and cheap-looking. For a SUV with a pricey MSRP, MB could have used a better material than that.
  • i agree with you on your suggestions for improvement, although the mirror doesn't bother me so much. i bought a bmw 535 with the new user interface and it blows the mb away in terms of being easy to use and intuitive. the examples are countless and i hope that mb focuses on that aspect of the driving experience. it really does take away from what is a fine vehicle to drive. it bothers me more than my wife who loves the vehicle so it's not a big deal overall.
  • Hi! Thanks for the response - I was just worried about any radiation or something going into my head since the DVD will be in my headrest. But after researching, it seems I should be ok (I hope!) As for the one that hangs from the ceiling - we had that in my MDX and it makes it very hard to see out the back, fyi. That is why we opted for the headrests. Also, wondering what carseat you use that keep the kids in latch mode til 65lbs? We have a new britax and the latch can only be used til 48lbs (then you use seatbeats to secure seat). Thanks for the info - and loving the car, btw!!

    Oy :)
  • Hi! I also seacrhed ALL vehicles for a comfy 7 passenger with needing the 3rd row for adults. Now I am 5' 9" and my criteria was that i needed to fit in the 3rd row comfortably - The ONLY 2 that met that criteria were the Sequoia and the GL450. The Sequoia lease however was like $900/month! no thanks! I did not try the MB GL320 , but assume it is as good as the GL450 so I would buy the GL if you can afford it. The MDX is a good car (what I gave up to lease the GL) but the 3rd row is small. I also drove the CX-9 and did not like the handling (can't even compare to the GL IMHO) and I believe you are right that the GL would be safer than the CX-9. I also loved the Audi but the 3rd row, forget it!

    As for the DVD issue with the CX, you can have them put in aftermarket and see if the dealer will residualize them (Mercedes did this for us)

    Hope this helps - i just took delivery of my 2010 GL450 and LOVE it!! Super awesome! Good luck!!
  • Hi there! You are right, we too have a Britax carseat and 48 pounds is the limit for LATCH connectors. I agree that these are the best carseats around, sturdy, comfortable, and the safest made. I had some other goodies that I thought about for your new GL and the carseat arrangement, if you don't have these already:

    1. seat savers, which prevent seat indentations and trap food and dirt. Easy to clean, and your child has a nice place to step up onto the car seat. The brand that I put in my GL is Prince Lionheart, sturdy and the seat does not move around. These keep the seating area clean, can be wiped clean and vaccuumed, just great! They come in black and grey. The tan is more of a grey color: I picked mine up at ToysRUs/BabiesRUs, but Bed Bath and Beyond gives you a better picture:

    2. Kickmats: These are installed in the back of the seat, and keep the back of your seats from getting scuffed by little one's shoes and/or dirt/grass stains; they come in grey or black, I purchased the grey as my interior is grey, exterior is Arctic White. Here they are at BabiesRUs:

    3. You might want to consider the all-season floormats, rubber and hexagon shaped, as these do trap liquid and mud, keeping the floors clean. In the cargo area, I was disappointed with the package offered by Mercedes, basically a small piece of fabric that fits behind the 3rd row seats, and a cargo flap that fits over the bumper. Not enough if the 3rd seats are down. So I bought a vinyl cover at Kragen, which keeps the back cargo area clean, can load luggage or any item and keep the back looking pristine as well.

    Again, congrats on your new GL!
  • Hi Tracy!

    Wow! You are a great source of info! Thanks for the tips! I already ordered the seat saver - great idea! I am not sure about the kickmats b/c you can't use them with the rearseat pocket. As for the floormats, already have them from my BMW and they are mandatory (esp. here in the snow!).

    What type of vinyl cover did you buy at Kragen? That is an autoparts store? I was looking for a cover for my cargo area and used to use a blanket (not too nice looking!) - need something better!

    Btw, we moved here from So cal (Redondo Beach). Now it is snow, snow, snow for me! Feel free to email me at so we can chat!

  • Hi Oyvey,

    It is a small world, wow, all the way from Redondo! I know what you mean about the cold, we are in Northern Cal now and there is more rain and fog than I care to have! I have saved your e-mail and will definitely be in touch to chat.

    I am glad that I could be of help; as soon as I heard you had a carseat, I thought maybe the accessories would prove useful, as Mercedes hasn't come up with solutions for this. I had the Britax in an ML 350 that I was leasing, and was embarrassed by the seat indentations in an otherwise pristine car when I turned it in for the GL.

    Yes, Kragen is an autoparts store, and the cover is a vinyl, clear cover with little nubs for grips on the floor side, the other side is smooth, but holds cargo in place. It was rolled up in plastic and cost about $20.00, cheap and good. I went for this because a lot of online companies advertise expensive cargo mats with hexagons that can custom fit your cargo area, but the price, measuring and ordering online, not for me.

    Now you're really going to think I'm nuts, but I also thought of another product that might be of use. We take long trips, and with a preschooler, a travel potty was a must for us. I searched the net like crazy, and found the Fisher Price Potty on the Go. This is great, because it is a camp style potty, sanitary, and even comes with a bag for supplies: hand wash, sanitizer, Clorox wipes, etc: -Go

    We'll be in touch! All the best to you and yours.
  • Hi Tracy:

    Thanks again for the tips! Will look into the potty - my preschooler is a boy so usually the woods will do! The other 2 are older, so they can hold it!

    Does Kragen sell online? I couldn't find a site -

    Look forward to chatting soon!

  • Hi Oyvey,

    I tried the e-mail, but it wouldn't go through.

  • Sorry - wrong email (*they changed recently) Try

    Talk soon!

  • sw854sw854 Posts: 2
    Coming off a lease and look at a new one. My dealer in NJ is telling me a shortage of GL450 currently that will last a few months. Looking to lease the car to me at MSRP which is something I never encountered. It's claimed that this shortage is due to China grabbing all MB SUV productions which I can't find any reference from other source. Did anybody hear anything like that? Thanks
  • sw854sw854 Posts: 2
    Coming off a lease and look at a new one. My dealer in NJ is telling me a shortage of GL450 currently that will last a few months. Looking to lease the car to me at MSRP which is something I never encountered. It's claimed that this shortage is due to China grabbing all MB SUV productions which I can't find any reference from other source. Did anybody hear anything like that? Thanks

    P.S. mistakenly posted this question as a reply to a old message before.
  • tfinantfinan Posts: 13
    Look at overstock dot com with a North NJ zip code. The pricing seemed to be near invoice.
  • We want to buy 2010 GL 450 with following options (needs to be ordered):

    premium package 2
    full leather seats
    rear seat entertainment
    3-zone climate control
    running boards (I do not like the looks of these but need the feature)
    heated rear seats
    heated/ventilated front seats
    trailer hitch

    MSRP is 75,355; invoice is 69,267. Have been offered 69,000 - can we do better? Anything to watch out for with a factory-ordered vehicle?

    Not trying to gouge the dealer, just trying to get a good price for us and give salesman/dealer a decent profit.

    Thank you for your input!
  • Hi I live in New York area and is thinking about GL 350 or 450. Have not started the price talk yet but it seems like people are paying dealer invoice, rather than what Edmunds sugguested price, which is $1000 more than invoice. Is that right? Where should I start the negotiation?

    Thanks in advance for advice!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Have you made a deal yet?
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