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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tradergotradergo Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,
    New to site, but really appreciate the excellent info on the GL 450.
    I was about to pull the trigger on a 2010 yesterday but saw the post about cash incentives, so I'll wait.
    The deal was for:
    MSRP $67,135
    Buy $60,615

    I feel that's an ok deal, but with the 11's on the floor it may not good enough yet..

    Any feedback about incentives for august is needed and what or f any opinion on the deal above if you have time.

  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Hello Tradergo,

    Same here, still waiting for the new rebate. Can you send an email to me for more information?

  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    edited July 2010
    Are we sure there'll be 2010 rebates for the GL450?

    Also the listing of 2010 GL450s seems to be fast depleting or are the dealers just pulling the 2010 listings and putting up new listings for 2011 in order to create a sense of false scarcity for the 2010s?

    What do you guys think?

    Thank you.
  • mike670mike670 Posts: 6
    alexbi - Not sure what shows but take a look at the inventory feature on Navigate to the beginning of the pricing section and then click on the inventory tab. You can change the parameters to search for 2010 GL450s within a 50 or 100 mile radius of your home zip code.

    I searched my zip code (90503) and there are well over 100 GL450s and over 60 GL350s in inventory within 50 miles of me. I think this the edmunds inventory feature is pretty accurate.

    I don't know what the inventory number has historically been but 160 plus 2010 GLs sitting on the lot within 50 miles of me sure seems like a fairly large number. I would certainly think Mercedes would offer their traditional incentives starting in August to make way for the 2011 GL models. I think the real question is going to be the amount and not if any incentives will be offered in August. I would wait until early August to decide as the savings could be substantial if they offer a $10k incentive like they did last year. That's just my two cents!
  • mike670mike670 Posts: 6
    Tradergo - I was trying to compare the quotes I have been getting to what you received but I cant seem to get to the MSRP that you detailed. Could you double check your options? Do you mean P01 (not PK1)? Does the vehicle have the full appearance package or just the running boards?
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Thank you Mike670 for your insightful comments. I pray you are right and we get hefty 10K incentives come 1st week of August.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Hello Mike/Tradergo,

    I went to the dealer. They can offer over 15% off the msrp for R350. Looks they did not try to do too many for GL450 yet. I am waiting for the new incentive program in aug. If MB will not have any better program, I may do for 2011. Hope we can make our deal.
  • tradergotradergo Posts: 2
    Yes its the standard electronics P01
    Running Boards (Not full appearance Pkg)
    Trailer Hitch

    Hope this helps,
  • mike670mike670 Posts: 6
    Hi Tradergo,

    Thanks for clarifying the options. The price makes sense now. I think that $60k would be a good price for July with those options as its about $2k under invoice, which is what I have been offered with some negotiation, as well. Again, in August you might be able to get that price less any incentives that are being offered so it might pay dividends to sit tight until August. Black on black is a very common color combination so I am sure it or a similarly equipped one would still be available if you decided to wait 2 more weeks.
  • rush1169rush1169 Posts: 15
    Gearing up for the hopefully generous August incentives. . .I did a local search of Inventory (within 200 miles of my city using Edmunds) and had about 20 to choose from and only 1 was close to the color/options I want. . .

    So, I'm thinking I'll probably have to make a long distance deal and have the car shipped here. Does anyone have experience doing that? Any snafus to watch for?

  • any news about the incentive? contacted 2 dealers in socal and same answer: nothing has been announced yet.
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Hello Myeclipse,

    I got my GL450 in Socal yesterday. Looks the incentive is $2700.00. The best dealI could find yesterday was 10% off MSRP +$2000.00 and plus fee. Hope you can make your decision asap since there is not so many GL450 2010 out there as I knew.

    Good luck
  • Hello Dragongz:

    Thx much for the info. I will check out with the salesman today for that 2700 rebate you mentioned. I was actually offered about 2000 below invoice on a 10 GL450 (msrp at 69000, invoice 63000, sales 61300) about 2 weeks ago. seems the 10k rebate won't be there this time. :-(
  • rush1169rush1169 Posts: 15
    Did a CarsDirect price today and there is a new checkbox for "Special Pricing" which takes $2,700 off. . .
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    Hi myeclipse,

    I got 10% off 3 weeks ago. Since there is less cars out there. They offered less than that to me on aug 3.
  • Do you mind posting some more details of your purchase/lease on the 3rd? I am still negotiating the selling price with the internet manager. trying to get a P1, running board with appearance package. thx a lot
  • dragongzdragongz Posts: 19
    P01, Parktronic, Pre-wiring, Black/Black. Good luck.
  • lbo3lbo3 Posts: 5
    $2,700? That is hardly an incentive for an outdated asset. The difference between the value of a 2010 vs. a 2011 will be much more than $2,700 in three years (even considering a lower mileage 2010). Mercedes can keep their 2010 GL's and their $2,700. Go with the 2011 model!!!!!
  • rush1169rush1169 Posts: 15
    edited August 2010
    Not only is $2,700 pretty paltry, but it's not combinable with 1.9%. So, if you get a 5% loan your interest will be >$3,000 more over 36 months. It's still very possible MB to Dealer marketing cash could come into play. If not, maybe September will offer a real incentive. . .or I'll end up with an MDX :)
  • that's not good at all. I think it might be better to go with 2011 model or switch to Cayenne, :-)
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